RA Pocket Shrine 97/? – Emergency RAPS: The Crown Jewels

Remember the time when there were “emergency *ooof*s”? The first one was this, I think, and it was a first-response picture analysis, made necessary by the emergence of new visual material. The *ooof* business is quieter these days, but instead RAPS Inc. has been hit by the emergence of some interview material that demanded a fast response. I guess you could call this the first “emergency RAPS”, then. Because, honestly, references to what goes on in the Armitagean trouser pockets do not go unnoticed. Richard, you will never live this one down!

Cheeky!Richard is totally headcanon, and so I had hoped that the talented artists over on Tumblr would come up with a flurry of chibi Richards, getting up to cheeky things in their tiny pants. So far I have not come across anything. I reckoned, that meant *I* had to step up to the plate. And since I seem to be on a roll again, something happened there on the shrining board…

IMG_5022 smBit of blink bling there… (I love these tins, btw, they have a really nice outside design that needs no further adjustment…)

IMG_5019 smIn a rather surprising turn-around, RAPS Inc. stays on the rather more delicate side and only shoots veiled hints at what the relaxed celebrity droolage star might be up to in the comfortable environs of his fancy-pants pockets. “Ring-a-ring-a rose’s, a pocket full of…” what? The answer is in the picture. It’s a bit of a rebus, but I am sure you’ll get it…

IMG_5020 sm

Well, and that’s the reaction of the fan girls then – “we all fall down”. A common enough experience, generally described as a “thud”. No wonder, look at those cheeks!!! Shaved, stubbled or bearded, they are always a pleasure to be-hold. *ahem* Alright, alright, I leave off the puns.

So that’s Armitage’s autobiography in a tin.

IMG_5018 sm

Not sure yet what I will do with this concoction. Any takers for this? I have a vague idea that this could be for someone who is long due a shrine, but I better ask her whether she wants a cheeky pocket reference pocket shrine…


118 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 97/? – Emergency RAPS: The Crown Jewels

  1. Love it! And CLEARLY, someone needed to step up to the plate! You do crack me up. I have to say though, that while I’ve always enjoyed stubbled cheeks as much as the next fangirl… your reference here is disturbing. LOL


  2. I will take this from your hands and deal with it. It’s a hard, difficult task, but I think I’m up to it. Or he’s up to it… well, someone will be up to it. I can HANDle it.



  3. Wunderbar schnelle und tolle Umsetzung. Wie gut, wenn das nötige Material vorhanden ist. Die gibt’s übrigens auch hier. Braucht man nicht extra aus Schweden importieren. 😉


  4. There once was a man with such class,
    Hair could never be grown on his ass.
    While playing with his jewels in his pocket,
    He never was never asked to please stop it.
    So he continued to fondle his toys,
    And demonstrate boys will be boys.

    This was done in a hurry. Apologies, written while husband is a few feet from me reading newspaper.

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  5. I am crying with laughter here. These comments could well match his..innuendo for innuendo 😂
    (The teacher becomes the student?) The shrine is a “gem”, Guylty..love it!


  6. Ladies, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. If the waist of the trousers, hence the top opening of the pocket, is low enough…and if the pocket is long enough…the bottom of the pocket could reach the…. Do the math.


  7. Too funny! Richard the Muse strikes again. I like how you devoted one half of the shrine to his front and one half to his backside. I don’t know whether to laugh or lament that you and Empire have got him fully covered…


  8. Remind me next time not to long on at work, trying very hard not to snort, will be caught soon though! Will try and think of something but the buns (puns) keep on coming.


  9. Oh, then I read the hilarious comments, puns, poems by Kathy, first thing in the morning as I stand in the cold waiting for my Pekingese to finish their business and now instead of wanting coffee, I’m wondering if something taller is a better way to warm up my morning? Thanks for the jump-start to my day grrrls 😀


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