RA Pocket Shrine 123/? – Through The Looking Glass

Amazing! Such is the power of The Armitage, that we are discussing at length a mere three minutes of footage of our favourite man in a film that really strikes me as a niche appeal sort of feature. And with Servetus chipping away at my resistance to seeing the film – you *must read* her “Top 10 reasons to see Through the Looking Glass even though Richard Armitage only has 3 minutes of screen time” – I think it is time to present RAPS Inc.’s latest shrine creation. Their marketing department allowed a member of the press exclusive access, and this is what was found in the wastepaper basket of the world press (right-click on the text body below to open bigger in a separate tab):

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.11.35

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.13.41Ever the bandwagon jumpers, it appears. Improving on the small pictures in the article and in a bid to entice and convince the blog readers, RAPS Inc. have supplied me with larger imagery of their Luxury Stealth shrine which I have been bribed am happy  to present here. The stealthy shrine in its luxury environment:

IMG_6162 smOpened up, it reveals a majestic sight:

IMG_6166 smTake the insert out and you see this:

IMG_6167 sm For your private pleasure, the sweetest picture reveals itself if you turn around the insert:

IMG_6168 sm

RAPS Inc. tells me that the impression of RA/Oleron wearing a laurel wreath was entirely intended!

And now picture yourself, gazing into that mirror – side by side with Oleron…

IMG_6170 sm

I confess, I really like that selfie of RA. Despite the beard! He sports a really nice smile. That bloke is really the death of me…

Thank you to “angel investor” Mimi of Nfcomics who sent me this compact two years ago! I immediately saw its potential and was intrigued by it for a long time. I considered Mr Thornton for it, or a RLRA shrine, but Through the Looking Glass was the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use – even though I haven’t seen the film yet. I hope you like it, too.


62 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 123/? – Through The Looking Glass

  1. Fabulous post Guylty! Your spoofs are always a terrific read. 🙂 And the shrine is gorgeous, I love it! A compact is the perfect discreet droolage facilitator (have you trademarked that term? 😉 )


    • I love those spoofs, too, and I had been planning to write another fake press release for this one. Not for today, actually, but then Servetus’ hilarious list post inspired me and I could not resist.
      Hehe, “droolage facilitator” is such marketing speak. I really *should* trademark it 😉


  2. I love this one! I see this as the ‘portable’ RAPS version. Fits nicely in a pocket or handbag, easily accessed on a bus or train when the stresses of commuting call for a dose of RA on the sly, can be used at work, home, church, or where ever one feels the need for a quick ‘hit’ and others will think you are checking your makeup. Ingenious!


    • Spot on, Queen 🙂 That’s exactly it. And I confess, I am not entirely immune to the lure of a brand name. I am lucky in that I never need to powder my face, but oh, that beautiful soft round shape of the Shiseido compact really appealed to me. And I would so love to have an excuse to carry it in my bag with me… Plus I like how this item is completely inconspicuous. I must find someone else who carries such items in their bags and give it to them.

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      • Well I don’t powder my face either but that wouldn’t stop me carrying this majestic compact around me and pretending I did, rather often! Fabulous! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    • Oh Queenoferebor1204, you have described us all so well.
      G: it never occurred to me you could use cosmetic cases. Hmmm. Shall I start saving them? The cavity capacity has to be, what, at least 5 mm high? 10?


      • Yup, some cosmetics cases definitely work for this. I have not tried anything else apart from this one, but my hunch is that it only works with such compacts for instance, that have a replaceable powder tray inside, i.e. compacts where you can be a re-fill. The cavity needs to be about 10mm, yes. I am always up for the challenge 😉


    • I have it on good authority that the CMO has been spending far too much time in the company of marketing executives. Oh well, or you could say she is merely doing her job. She seems to know the trends – and how to misuse them for her own, ulterior motives. Advertising, eh? *huffs* Mind you, she is virtually superfluous. Those shrines sell themselves, by virtue of including Mr Tall Dark and HOT!!!

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    • Thanks :-).
      I used to wear CK one all the time, but nowadays I have a custom-made scent that a friend of mine created. The CK lipstick is actually brand-new. I won it in an auction, and it’ll go into the package whenever I decide what to do with this shrine 🙂


  3. Loved the spoof and the shrine is gorgeous! And the mirror is the perfect solution if one needs to dab away a little drool when taking a sneak peek in public. 😍


    • Hehe, it’s a bit of a catch-22, isn’t it – need the mirror to dab away the drool, yet shrine induces over-proportional drool production. Well, we are just defenceless when it comes to the power of the Armitage…


  4. Love this idea. Thanks to Mimi for sending compact to you and thanks to you for creating it. A wonderful collaboration. I love that the compact was deep enough for you to fit the disco ball into it. I do not wear powder, and avoid looking into mirrors as much as possible, but I could change with the proper motivation. Like having the shrine in my purse. 😉


    • Same here, Kathy – apart from a beautiful silver powder compact which my grandfather brought back for my grandmother during the war, I own no compacts and don’t really need them. Same here re. mirrors – the fewer, the better. Hence I will have to get rid of this thing. I don’t want any coincidental glimpses of myself…


  5. somebody will be powdering their nose.. A LOT!! 😀If only i’d thought of this lovely idea, just trashed my old one 2 weeks ago as i dropped it and scattered powder all over the place, now have a new one.
    But this is sooo beautiful and elegant, very regal indeed! And it even has a glittery ball! Never thought you’d manage to fit it in but you did, how brill!
    I’m afraid i’d have lipstick all over my face if i used this as i would keep smiling like a silly goose at the kingly pictures 😍 and that selfie will forever be one of my favourites too!


    • Aw, damn, was it a really classy, expensive one? I often feel that it is a real pity when items of daily use get broken. There is actually a lot of great design out there, and cosmetics containers are often really pretty. Well, next one 🙂
      Yeah, the glitter ball fitted in – I was surprised by that, too. I suspect that only works with the slightly more upmarket compacts though, where the powder insert is replaceable.
      And haha, I am suddenly picturing the future owner of this shrine as “The Joker” after having used the compact for applying lipstick 😉

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  6. No words. Absolutely no words can express how much I love this. Except I think I’m going to start investing in compacts. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from His Royal Hotness in that doublet. I’m in love with that doublet. The back of it is as gorgeous as the front…well the backside I could see. Whenever I see that recent selfie, time slows down and I’m completely hypnotized by his bearded visage. I would never get any work done. Good thing I’m retired.


    • LOL – I am picturing you spending your retirement staring at pictures ;-). Not the worst occupation, I must say, and certainly mood-boosting. Glad you like this idea – the selfie really was too good not to use. I rarely like his selfies, but this one really hit me because the smile looks so sweet.
      Is Oleron’s back visible in the film, too? In that case – another reason to go and see the film…


    • 🙂 Oh thank you, Austoz! x I feel very much encouraged by all the nice feedback. I hope I can get my hands on another compact and try making a shrine again.


  7. Just went to see “Alice…”. You’ll be pleased to know Depp isn’t in it as much as you’d think. Other characters take center stage, so GO SEE IT.
    I don’t know why the critics don’t like the movie unless they’re just jumping on the “let’s hate Johnny” bandwagon. It’s a very good story (except for His Royal Hotness’ brief time on screen, but DAMN! does he look good in a doublet) and a visual feast thanks to the talented Production Designer Dan Hennah of LOTR and Hobbit fame.
    Speaking of RA, there’s a conversation between Hatter and Alice which really resonated with me. Hatter: “We’ll see each other in our dreams.” Alice: “But dreams are not reality.” Hatter: “But who’s to say which is which.” Suddenly I feel happy for reveling in my RA fantasy 24/7. Who’s to say you’re not all a figment of my imagination and I’m happily cuddled up with RA…if wishes were horses…


    • Having a few very stressful days here, so only getting round to replying now. Still haven’t seen the film… at this point I *would* like to see it (I don’t really mind Johnny Depp), but I just don’t have the time… Looks as if I am seeing the film through your eyes and your memorised bits of dialogue ;-). And that is a really nice quote from the film!


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