Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/22

This weekly round-up nearly didn’t see the light of day. It’s not that there wasn’t any material. There was. It’s more that I am struggling to find the time for anything beyond work at the mo. A propos – let me take this opportunity to thank Mr A for lying low at the moment. Jeepers, if he was producing “gigs” or firing off tweets every day, I’d be ****ed. Heck, I don’t even have the time to pursue one of my favourite hobbies, writing invoices 😉 Or finally getting the project together that I have been planning for the blog. Let’s just say this much: It is now 8 months since the last charity auction…

Anyhow, nonetheless you shall have the pleasure of a Saturday round-up. Here we go:

roundup header v3

  1. Starting with a splash – the great imaginative humour of this piece by northern trash only revealed itself when I read the little text underneath the picture set. Priceless: A review of “Durin Castle Hotel” by Bilbo Baggins. Read – and imagine the possibilities
  2. Thumb porn lovers rejoice – clematis70 has the material to feed your fetish
  3. Not really sure what’s up with Armitage in Oriental garb, but it’s kinda good. Source unclear but posted by armitageadmirer
  4. Hands up who seconds this richardarmitage-confidential?
  5. Not sure if we had this piece of Bagginshield fan art before. Personally less enamoured with mermaid theme, but pandamani has caught Thorin pretty well
  6. Nicely designed picture set of Gary Fuller by riepu10
  7. I’m currently in a Porter state of mind, so I am selfishly including this Porter profile pic set by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  8. Kathy!!!!!! This one is for you. Well, and I am sure others take it happily as well. Circusgifs has put together the ultimate neck porn gif set. If that doesn’t inspire an ode, then what will?
  9. Armitage and climbing rooftops – he’s got something to show and tell. Linking here to Jahoe1960’s post, but includes gif and edit by clematis70 and richardarmitagequotes
  10. Armitageadmirer has posted a load of caps of King Oleron. Nicely caught!
  11. Sinnaminie has made a darling King Oleron plushie – here to be seen with the amazingly detailed Mad Hatter
  12. These are NS Onion Headlines. You’ll see what that is when you click the link. I had to LOL. By kcinpa
  13. Helstone has designed another NS quote – love it
  14. Wow – here’s the first proper painting of King Oleron. Fab. By yennefer-ice 

Poor me will be working all day today *shamelessly tries to evoke pity*. Maybe I’ll amuse myself with some Richarding. (Sidenote: Little Miss Bling aka my MacBook autocorrects “Richarding” to “recharging”. Spot on, baby, spot on!)

Enjoy the weekend!

Guylty ❤

25 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/22

    • Indeed she does. Although I am surprised she hasn’t learnt yet that “Richard” is more frequent in my vocabulary than “recharge”. It should really be the other way around…

      Liked by 3 people

  1. My IPhone autocorrects any word beginning with “Ar” to Armitage and occasionally ArmiPlushie. Think it might be trying to tell me something….

    Thanks for the shout out to my Mad Hatter plushie. I love him SO!


    • It tells you you have too many Armitage Army customers *haha*. Although – never too much of a good thing…
      That Mad Hatter is just wonderful – typical of your attention to detail.


  2. Das OdB sieht aus jedem Blickwinkel bezaubernd aus. Hals und Nacken bilden da keine Ausnahme. Noch lieber ist mir der Nacken allerdings, wenn möglichst lange Haare darüber wallen…


  3. Ode to Neck Porn and Circusgifs

    What kind of neck porn is best?
    Does an Adam’s apple beat the rest?
    Some with stubble, some without,
    All are lovely, without a doubt.
    Thanks to Circusgifs for the fine collection,
    Not one view has an imperfection.
    But so many necks are such a distraction,
    Brain freeze is my pitiful reaction.

    Ode to No Words

    Beautiful necks galore,
    I can’t easily ignore.
    But I’ve run out of luck.
    My porn odes doth suck.
    So sad they’re strictly for the birds,
    Because I cannot find the proper words.

    Ode to Neck Porn Critical Mass

    Can a brain explode,
    From neck porn overload?
    I wonder as I fondly gaze,
    In a Circusgif induced haze,
    And imagine a tender kiss or touch.
    Do you think we would like it much?
    I believe I can confidently guess,
    The answer would be a resounding “Yes!”

    Ode to Neck Porn II

    I’d swim a moat,
    To lick the throat,
    Of such a handsome guy.
    Or crawl through mud,
    To kiss this stud,
    With a neck as sweet as pie.
    Who needs lips,
    or snaky hips,
    When there’s a neck on which to suck,
    But I must conclude this porny ode,
    It’s fast approaching muck.

    Kathy Jones

    OMG, Circusgifs blew me away and all my ode writing along with it. I hope I made up for quality with quantity. Here they are. I was too busy to write them until today. Thank you Guylty and Circus for such a fun project. RA necks have never looked so good.


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