Necking. Lyrically Speaking.

There has been some heavy necking going on here over night. That demands a post of its own.

Inspired by a brilliant gif set by tumblr gif queen Circusgifs, Kathy’s creative juices got flowing. Since I can’t embed Circusgifs post here, take this screenshot for illustration and follow this link to see the collection in full, moving glory.

Circusgifs neckporn

Ok, and now, if you have caught your breath again,  Kathy’s reactions, as usual with added visuals. (Sorry for repeat images… but then again, close-ups are much appreciated for this detailed meta-study on the reciprocity of neck imagery and lyrical representation).

Porter neckDolarneck


Guyneck I guess I should have preceded this post with a warning… If you have caught your breath again, give Circusgifs and Kathy your love 😉

33 thoughts on “Necking. Lyrically Speaking.

  1. I laughed so loudly, my aunt who lives in the cottage next door asked me what TV show I was watching. Thank you Kathy!
    PS: There is tea dripping down my laptop screen!


  2. Actually I thought I never was a sucker for that vampire thingy!!!! But does that man know he lives in jeopardy?? Mouthwatering is def an understatement! You ladies are playing with fire….arousing my inner daredevil (!!) Where is THAT MAN??? (Dreams are permitted, as you said before, Kathy!! Or could this possibly be real?? 😉 )


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