Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/39

Phew. That’s it. I am done with flying this year. Counting all, it was even worse than 2015 where I racked up a massive debit on my personal carbon footprint by flying to NZ. But this year – jeepers, I am keeping Ryanair and British Airways afloat. Mind you, complaining on a high level – I love that I am getting ’round because my camera is getting use 📸 *click*.

The last few days I spent in London where I attended my company’s Christmas do (playing junkyard golf – fantastic fun!), heard the London Symphony Orchestra in the Barbican and tried to keep up Hariclea‘s spirit, who thought that she would not be able to go to NYC this weekend, due to various administrative obstacles. However, rejoice and jubilation, Hari is in NYC as we speak, joining Jenn of Preoccupiedwitharmitage, probably sitting in the matinée of LLL right NOW. It’s really neat how you can actually locate people just based on “that little play”… Unfortunately I hear that the major production outside the RTC was cancelled last night. Stage Door Running must be exhausting… especially as it gets cold in NYC… However, let’s just wish Hari and Jenn better luck tonight. That failing, I rest assured that the lovely NYC fan contingent around DaphneHS, Armitagebesotted and Pat is going to entertain the f*** out of J & H…

Meanwhile sad fans at home need entertainment, too. So be it. Tumblr last week – dominated by the new video. You’ve seen it. I spare you the repetition. Enjoy!

  1. LOL – an explanation what the disease commonly known as “RAfrustration” manifests as. An ad for rasexualfrustration, actually
  2. Seen before pics, but nicely B/W and put into a set by ninapenyap
  3. A richardarmitageconfession that pretty much reflects like I also felt in the presence of his Royal Armitageness… 
  4. I am temporarily unsure whether I have already linked to this, Zeesmuse’s The Shepherd, ch 7, on rasexualfrustration. If so – apologies
  5. Charity!Armitage a little bit closer up. Cropped by zhitaavok
  6. Does that ever happen to you? A statement by listenhereyoungblood
  7. Here’s a short response to seeing LLL on stage by readingeveryday
  8. Thanks for concentrating on the essentials, clematis70. I just can’t stand the rest of that shoot
  9. Less Bagginshield and more Harrybo, if you know what I mean (and no, despite the sweetness, I don’t mean the German brand of jelly sweets…). Drawing by consbastony
  10. LOL. Well, I am ready when you are, Guy 💋💋💋. What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  11. Ohhhhhh… beautiful… straight in the heart. I love this fan art by tallian, so apologies in case I have posted it before
  12. Thanks to circusgifs I can now watch Daniel Miller emoting and breathing all day long… sigh
  13. RICHARD in characters. Sweet. By xxchaddxx
  14. Customary link to drldeboer’s summary of a BS scene. Ep 7 – Daniel. Who else?
  15. Ooooh, con-tro-ver-sial! What do you think? Has he had injections? Post by rekallthirteen
  16. It’s easy to see Richard in anything. At least in anything that wears sideburns and top hats… Spotted by maryjanezigzag
  17. Fannibalsfromrussia have wrapped up a nice Francis gift for you… Hellishly hot despite the snowflakes…
  18. I have no idea who Lucien Lachance is, but I like this edit by heiouch
  19. This is a really interesting concept. I like it. Fan art by myrichandleefanart

I am waiting with bated breath for news from NYC. Meanwhile, I am getting the second candle ready for tomorrow. 🕯🕯

Love, Guylty ❤️


25 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/39

  1. Lovely Roundup. Thank you so much for this.

    #11 told me no. 😦

    @4 – Thank you. As RASF posted on Tuesday, I’d say you didn’t post this one before. (It did go up everywhere else about a week ago around the time of my son’s bday. There is a snippit in the ficlet that actually happened Those words were spoken.

    #6 – I either love it or hate it. I’ll always feel SOMETHING. For instance I HATED the DeMan shoot, but adore the Jane Hotel shoot and vid that you seem to hate. 😦

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  2. Great stuff again, Guylty, my grateful thanks. Love the b&w in number two. As for number four, TS 7 is well worth reading twice.

    LOL indeed @ number ten. His wish, our command. The ‘whatever was Marian thinking’ moment # 98731.

    About the new shoot, I’m on the fence. Some I loved, some I didn’t. Hands up all ye who checked the location out. There were a lot of people looking at their website, or so it said. 😀


  3. Thank you again for this lovely round-up.
    My favourite is definitely number two, the first picture. Awww, I haven’t seen this before…This hits me right in my core, all the crinkles, the scruffy beard and the slightly amused expression. Shows perhaps a glimpse of the real person. I dislike most of the recent Daniel Miller stills, especially the latest one with the extra blue eyes (creepy…!).
    I spent a thought about no. 15. Not sure about it. Sometimes I’m pretty convinced that he has had injections, sometimes he looks quite as old as he is (or older, see the latest vid).
    Anyway, in persona (yessss, I attended LLL in NYC, my first encounter with the man himself) he looks even better AND seems to be quite nice.


    • Your welcome, Camassia. Glad you found a new picture there. I like those, too, and I am a total sucker for b/w, anyway.
      Thanks for mentioning that creepy DM still that has been making the rounds. Not sure whether it released like that by Epix, or whether it has been photoshopped. (I actually think the latter is true – those blue eyes make for an unnatural piercing stare that I find really uncomfortable.)
      I have to agree with you on no 15. Tbh, I was actually shocked by his look in both the pictures and the video. Some of that is due to the photographer choosing a *very* unflattering angle to shoot from, some is probably due to cross-lighting that makes his sitter’s skin look pasty-white. The styling to me didn’t look elegant but old fuddy-duddy, but that’s a personal preference, I guess. RA certainly looked younger in RL at the SD.

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    • It is so exciting to follow Jenn and Hari’s time in NYC. Partly because the run-up was so nerve-wracking, and partly because I can picture everything so clearly, having been there myself. And it is just wonderful to know they are having a great time… Living vicariously through fellow fans – a familiar feeling for many of us, I guess…
      Thanks for looking at the pictures. You mean the one with the Ginkgo leaves? Looks so fresh and summary, I like it, too…
      And yes, it’s funny how travelling can simultaneously be so enjoyable and exciting, yet somehow exhausting. I would have thought that I would be uncompromisingly exhilarated by it. In a way, travelling so much, is something I always wanted. And yet, it is connected to some guilty conscience in my case – being away from the family, neglecting my husband – and so it gets tinged with a bit of regret. But psssst – don’t tell him, but I am already looking at all the destinations I could explore next year ;-). I doubt there will be a long-distance trip in it, though. Unless RA decides to take on a role in Singapore… 😀

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  4. ah, thanks so much for the spirit uplifter!!! It was much needed on the day as it looked like i was going to drown 1 meter before the spring so to speak. Wish we’d had more time to talk about the play and the city and stuff .. but i guess we will have a few veeeeery long winter months to feel once this overdose ends abruptly and he leaves us all alone again sniif sniiff…
    Need to go through all the links but afraid of clicking on anything not viewable at work.

    I was so so so happy with just the play that anything else was just a bonus, there is so much of him to be had on stage in technicolour so to speak and in all his glorious acting skill, it’s the best an quite enough 🙂
    More later 🙂


  5. oh have only looked briefly at the new photo, need to check out again but bad choice of lighting when a person with ‘celtic’ complexion dresses on top of it in black all over. But make up would have been very tough indeed due to same circumstances. Maybe softer light? Even if it would have lost all the texture in his clothing and made it one big black mass. Sorry i love the shoes :-p My only new acquisition for the year is something v similar but ankle high boot in dark denim with leather brown laces and thick white soles. 🙂
    Not a fan of rollnecks… it’s a sin to hide that neck under anything!!!! but… he is one of the few able to pull it off because of that swan neck 🙂
    But i think i would photograph him in dark clothes during the day and no black during night and with something with a bit more texture. or … a lot less… how about a wine red or well even black nightgown or such. LOL Sorry… i suspect the side effects of recent trips will last for a while… Slap me if i loose control! x


    • I don’t really think that the dark clothes are a big problem. In fact, I tend to love the dark-on-dark shots of him. The darkness adds drama, and I like that. But ok, I don’t like the styling in this shoot at all (turtleneck? Excuse me? Are you 80 yo?) and I think the majority of shots are actually quite unflattering. The video is nicer to watch – as it’s shot from a different angle, most of the time.
      Textures are interesting, indeed – but in his case, I probably wouldn’t necessarily bring that in. His facial architecture (characteristic bone structure, nose, stubble/beard) is interesting and actually quite strong. Extra texture distracts from that. (Depends, however, on whether you’re talking a headshot or a full length. A dark red satin house-coat might make for a nice bit of decoration *smirks*)

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  6. ok, done the lunchtime treats thing 🙂 and yes lip-lock with Guy? Anytime! 🙂 And no, he hasn’t done any injections or anything of the sort. It’s the kind of thing which can end in nerve damage and definitely impairs the muscle movement and that would be silly for an actor with such talent for expression subtlety like he has 🙂 And in all honestly his face has aged, naturally like everyone else. His skin is fabulous and he is very lucky and i am sure takes good care of it and so he should, but the changes in face structure cannot be hidden. And i’m fine with that 🙂


    • I agree with you – meddling with the face (by way of Botox etc.) is dangerous for an actor. At least for those who actually *can* act and don’t have to rely on looking pretty… I can’t really tell whether he looks significantly different in that video shoot – partly because I only looked at it twice and have no intention to look at it again. But the changes that may be happening, are totally in tune with what happens at this age. (Unfortunately. Speaking from experience.) Since I am sitting in a glass house, I naturally can’t really criticise that, either 😀

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      • I am not keen on it at all either. He looks a bit tired which is natural given play schedule. Nothing to write home about. He is who he is and looks it and he’s an amazing actor and on stage he can and does look 19 and when energised, switched on looks still younger than his age 🙂 i sort of don’t care either way, ie if he looks his age or not, i love his looks and the way he is ageing, he is very lucky 🙂 I think he is for real much better looking than he appears in this shoot. But i have a feeling, if he keeps acting like he does i’ll love him as a white-haired/bald 80 years old as well 🙂


        • I suppose my issue with the shoot is, that he really looks like a polished version of him that isn’t really congruent with my perception of him. Even when nicely scrubbed up and kitted out in suits, he doesn’t look as senior and “elder actor” as in this shoot. IDK, it’s probably the editing choices, too, which depend on how familiar the photographer is with his subject, and his subject’s look of the past and of now. It’s quite possible that the photographer rejected lots of shots that I would’ve loved. *shrugs*

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