RA Challenge ♡ #26: Favourite Costume

Hello dear readers and welcome to a  scheduled post. I have been a busy bee during the week and am scheduling the continuation of my daily posts for the next couple of days. While you are reading, I am hiking – wi-fi is half-willing, the apartment block I am staying in has some free wi-fi, so yay! I am once again travelling in Pilgrimage country, btw, with yet another RL friend who also happens to enjoy RA (but without affiliation to our fandom).

For today’s question, Guy has been at me. He insists that it must be his head-to-toe black leather look that I find most attractive. Ok, I will give him that. I mean, look at this bad boy biker:

For full enjoyment, please turn over:

The funny thing is – I am actually not very much into leather pants in RL. And leather jackets can easily go the wrong way in my book. So if I were to ignore the precious Sir Guy, there is one character who really had a fantastic costume dept at his disposal. So much so that I actually once put him on the cat walk, myself.

Lucas North’s costume was fail-safe gorgeous at all times. Snug jeans combined with dark shirts, Belstaff jackets or peacoats. Loved how the jeans stretched across his strong thighs while the hip-length Belstaff jackets emphasised his shoulders. Those shirts were great, too, no matter what colour, as long as they left the top button open for a glimpse of that tantalising hollow at the base of Lucas’ neck. Man… *sigh* Honestly? I think that is my favourite costume.

But wait, honorary mention goes to Francis Dolarhyde for his form-fitting underwear. Don’t say you didn’t think it yourself…

All gifs by mzperx0506universe

Your favourite costume? And no cop-outs! Birthday suits as worn in BTS do not count. Even with socks…



48 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #26: Favourite Costume

  1. Mr. Richard Armitage does looks very sexy in the leather( guy of gisborne). my favorite is Francis. I do love the gif that you are showing of Francis, but my favorite with his underwear costume is when he is in the attic exercising


  2. I really like all the costumes Thorin wears including the armor. The detail is just stunning. Also, though I’m not a fan of RA in a full beard I do like the beard and the braids on that character. I find his whole ensemble to be very sexy.


    • That is a very good point. In terms of workmanship, Thorin’s costumes were quite something. I can vouch for it, because I saw it up close, in RL life. (Unfortunately without RA in it…) There was nothing haphazard about it – looked real and detailed. And particularly the big belt buckle made it a very sexy costume, despite all the layers…


  3. Favourite costume? Easy. Thornton in Train Station scene, in that absolutely shocking state of undress, aka sans cravat with open necked shirt. That white shirt with the billowing sleeves suits him to perfection. I find him far sexier dressed in that than in his bday suit in BTS, or snug black boxers in Hannibal…. I know, I’m strange like that also maybe a little Victorian myself. Hehe


    • Ja, oder? Ich muss sagen, dass ich ein kleines bisschen erstaunt bin. Ich hatte irgendwie angenommen, dass die da ein Foto machen, damit sie wissen, wo sie beim nächsten Mal das Tattoo wieder hinbappen müssen… Dass ihnen das nicht gelungen ist, finde ich ein kleines bisschen nachlässig… Aber ok, ich geb’s zu – außer uns Fans fällt das natürlich keinem Schwein auf…

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  4. Can I categorize ‘horses’ as a prop? I like Richard on a horse. He looks so majestic, like he’s got everything under control.


  5. Hmm, I’ve been pondering this all day. I’m sure Danny Boy rocks those shorts as well as Dolly. I do appreciate Lucas’ Belstaffs and moody blues, but what about Pete the banker and his very sharp suit?

    On the whole though, it has to be Guy and his leathers for me. The jerkin and pants wouldn’t look out of place on our main drag, believe it or not, but what I really go for is that swirly full-length coat.


    • I have noticed that Pete the Banker is quite a popular choice… that’s if you are into formal attire. (I am more into casual stuff… But I get what you mean)
      The full length coat? That is an interesting choice!!


  6. For me, it is John Thornton with his top hat and the side burns. Never saw a period drama with such a sexy lead. And when he looses his cravat and rolls up his sleeves I am done.


  7. My favorite RA costume is BY FAR John Thornton and his cravats. *Sigh*
    And his haircut and sideburns are perfect.
    JT is what turned me into an Armitage fan in the first place. 🙂

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    • I completely agree with you Nat- in my humble opinion he’s far sexier fully dressed as Thornton than when he’s running around in his underwear as Dolarhyde or Lee Preston. Not that there’s anything wrong with his body, he’s one fine, fit specimen but I think Victorian clothing looks super flattering on him and the thought of peeling off all those layers is very enticing. *off to naughty corner I go*


        • I would have killed for a “Margaret and John’s wedding night” scene where she would have been shown to undress him slowly. Nothing too explicit, mind. Oh I know there would have been a huuuuuge outrage because not in the book, inappropriate, anachronistic etc. Hey a girl can dream, right?


            • Yes, I’m sure it would have annoyed A LOT of people, probably myself included. I know it certainly annoyed the heck out of me when they added a bedroom scene to the Topy Stephens version of Jane Eyre. Although had it been RA playing Rochester I may have been a bit more lenient, who knows LOL.


    • It just goes to show that no one needs to wear revealing/tight-fitting clothes in order to exude attractiveness. Even with his stiff collars up, there was a promise of something spectacular underneath the layers. And when we got just a small glimpse of that neck, it had a more devastating effect than being faced with Paul’s peaches in BTS.


  8. Oooo that’s a toughie. I was going to pick Thornton. He looked so good in that white shirt and vest. And when he took off his tie….woof! But then you brought up Dolly’s short tight shorts and now I’m torn, especially since Dolly in those shorts is my computer screensaver. Funny how I never got around to adding Daniel’s black undies. I may have to redesign my screensaver.


    • Those tighty pants are a bit of a recurring theme, too. I remember seeing it on Porter, too. Does that mean they came from Armitage’s private collection *coughs*???


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