RA Pocket Shrine 94/? – The Great Big Armitage… Picnic!

This post is catching two birds with one stone. Not only can I present you a new shrine, but I am also submitting this post as a contribution to Herba and Die Poe‘s “Shared Blog Project”. These two (German language) bloggers are still ploughing on with their creative project for which they call for submissions every month. This month, the theme was “Culinary” – and as soon as I heard it, I knew that I had an idea up my sleeve…


I am afraid that Guylty’s RAPS’s are not yet available in edible format. But what you are getting here today is…


Wasn’t he particularly yummy there at SDCC 2015, especially when he fooled around with that cutesy dragon toy…? Well, to tell you the truth, I have stolen adapted the phrase from my dear fandom friend Abby/AwkwardCelebEncounters. She coined the phrase “great big Armitage buffet” [sic] in a private conversation with me, once, pointing out that the best thing about celebrity crushes is that you can pick and choose what you love about them – and safely ignore the rest. Not that Mr A has *any* characteristics that are NOT entirely adorable… *sheeesh* So here is the great big Armitage picnic:


A little bit of stubble, a bit of smoulder and a smattering of beard… Oh, and a secret ingredient on the picnic blanket there on the left. It’s actually really hot and spicy, so much so, that my camera was unable to handle the heat and completely blanked out that little picture.

Those “best of”-bits of Armitage, btw, are magnetic, as is the “picnic blanket”, so the RAPS comes with a variety of cuts that you can arrange on the spread as to your own taste. You can see a few more choice cuts in this next image.

IMG_4732There we are. Are you hungry now? Want a nibble? Or really rather a hearty bite into the juiciest bits???

Ok, I better stop the bad puns. However, just to say that this little RAPS will go into the forth-coming #cRAftingForCharity auctions, starting next Saturday. So this little appetizer can be yours, if you decide to bid for it in the auctions.

There will be more delectables in the auctions – and tiny hints can already been seen in my auction announcement from yesterday. But more hints soon – I hope, because I am still travelling and online only intermittently. Forgive me if I am slow with replies – those roaming charges are daylight robbery, so I depend on hotel wi-fi (which I expect will be bad in wi-fi desert Germany…)

36 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 94/? – The Great Big Armitage… Picnic!

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  2. Hi S. You have been shrining at such an amazing rate I was wondering if you needed a resupply of tins or anything else. I just got back from my trip a couple of days ago. Finally saw the rest of Hannibal. Loved RA, rest of it not so much. The plot holes were just too annoying for me. Let me know if you need anything.

    Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 22:53:23 +0000


    • [In case you received notification: I edited your comment because your e-mail was in it ;-)] I still have a few tins but I’ll have a look at the whole stash when I am back home – thank you for your offer, though xxx


  3. I absolutely love a hot summer picnic! !! And with all his bits bring best bits it’s an all together delicious menu… those cupid lips are smiling at me so wickedly i know i won’t be able to resist bidding! And it will go a long way in appeasing my guilty conscience about all the unfaithful behaviour at the weekend. Blush

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  4. Halb 7 in Deutschland, höchste Zeit für ein Picknick. Da sind wir wohl ein wenig Post-Hannibal, was? Allerdings auf ein höchst erfreulichere Art. Wobei…… Aber lassen wir das. Konzentration auf das Wesentliche, Stichwort Prios. Bärte z.B. …… 😀
    (Hinweis: dies ist keine Provokation, sondern lediglich das Abspulen einer hinlänglich bekannten Phrase seitens der Kommentatorin).


    • This would certainly be a different type of shrine for your existing collection – the action here happens in the “horizontal” because I decided to leave the tin the way it usually comes, with the deeper bit at the bottom. I don’t think you have a shrine like that, yet 😉


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