Keep Your Sham Rocking: RAPS Raffle Results

First things first: The raffle results are in. The shams to be rocked by the Paddy’s Day shrine are…

So, Sue, hope the bright green shrine will bring a little bit of spring flair to you! I am not really sure whether I have your address, so please send me an e-mail to guylty(at)photographer(dot)net and a little Irish package will make its way to you, asap. [Edit: Forgot to embed the draw protocol.]

Talking of “little bit of spring” – no such thing for us here on Patrick’s Day. It was bitterly cold, and there were snow showers of tiny little, dry flakes of snow on Saturday while the traditional St Patrick’s Day parade was taking place. I watched the spectacle from the comfort of my living room, and noticed that the crowds looked a bit thinner than in previous years. Seems I was not the only one who preferred the warmth of the house to the cold and miserable streets.

However, things got even worse on Sunday. When I got up at about 8 in the morning, it started snowing. Blizzard conditions like two weeks ago, and within a couple of hours, everything was covered in snow. In between snow showers, I braved the outdoors for a little spot of panic buying. Just kidding, no. I just wanted to get a litre of almond milk for myself. We had a quick look into our park and enjoyed the pristine snow. So pretty.

And then, on my way back from the shop, this guy overtook me:

Jogging. In three-quarter length pants. Bare-ankled. In winter. You never beat d’Irish…

Anyway, suffice to say the white beauty was gone by 4pm in the afternoon. It’s still pretty cold here, and it was suspiciously quiet on the streets today. Mind you, it was a bank holiday Monday, and apart from me nobody had to work. The weather is set to be better from tomorrow, reaching 8 degrees in the afternoon. 😅 And to whom it may concern: The outlook for the weekend is for mostly dry conditions but with mostly westerly winds there’s likely to be some showers at times. I think we can deal with that.

Congrats to SueBC again and thanks to everyone for taking part. Next RAPS will be a non-raffle again.


23 thoughts on “Keep Your Sham Rocking: RAPS Raffle Results

  1. Yep, das Wetter wird besser Richtung WE ….
    Derzeit nur noch Regen am Freitag. Aber das kriegen wir auch noch in Sonne mit Wolken gedreht 😉
    A. sah sich schon Howth mit Schwimmflügeln umrunden 😀


  2. Whoo-hoo!! So excited! What a great way to start the week…. Wolverine episode for my drive to work and a RAPS in the afternoon! Thanks, Guylty.
    (P.S. What is the pink door? An entrance to the flat from Wanderlust?)

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  3. Congrats to Sue! The snow pics are lovely but oh such fleeting beauty. Hopefully you’ll still get some late bloomers later in the season. I especially like the street scene with the jogger. I love the iron railings/balconies and the ornate lamp post.

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    • Did you notice the shamrocks in the lamp post? That’s Ireland for you – the shamrock is everywhere 😉 – This is a street (a square, really) in the Georgian heart of the city. The houses are all about 200 years old.
      The daffodils in my windowbox have miraculously survived once again. I am not so sure about the flowers in the garden… 😥


    • The jogger really made me laugh out loud. It was somewhat slippery under foot, but that didn’t deter the man…
      And yes, the snow disrupted the traffic. The airport in Dublin was closed for a while, too.


  4. Congratulations, Sue.
    Such great photos. Those poor beautiful flowers. The pink door immediately reminded me of Wanderlust which I actually enjoyed as light reading. Now every time I see a pink door (they’re very rare), I think of that.

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    • I am surprised how hardy these little plants are. This is the second time they have been through a blizzard, buried under snow. They’re still going strong.
      And now that I have had my share of snow, I do want spring, too. 🌷

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