Provisional Landmark 3 – #2018RABirthdayAuctions

You are making my dream come true. I think I can already say that because even if there aren’t any further movements, I will personally bump up the figures to reach the number that I threw out here in my last post last night. You have responded beautifully to my begging challenge, and overnight the auction + donation total moved by 214 EUR and has now reached 1,499.48 EUR! Amazing! Thank you! ❤️

Well, scrap all that – I can’t write as fast as things are moving. And this is only 6 hours *before* the end of the auctions!!! But you have done it. The magic number has been reached. As of 9.42am, the 1,500 EUR landmark has been reached!

Smile, Lucas, smile. It’s all good!

Whoaaaaaaaah!!!!! Thank you to all who have heeded the call and pushed the bids overnight and during the morning. You are awesome!!!! I am keeping tabs on the bids for the raffle. That also includes the custom RAPS from the e-mail auction which received two more bids and is now at 88 EUR. Hooray! Likewise, many thanks to the donors who sent donations overnight. The funds are growing – thank you for your generosity! I am trying to send a thank you/acknowledgment of receipt to all of you, but bear with me while I juggle auction fun with work.

So, we are into the last 5 hours of all of the items. For an overview over the items and when the auctions are going to finish, check out the list view on my seller page HERE. As usual, today is a day with a heavy workload (2 more articles to write and a text to translate *ugh*), so probably I won’t be updating here until after the auctions. However, I will be monitoring my e-mails for donation notifications and potential custom RAPS bids. Before 3pm BST this afternoon I am planning to make myself comfortable in front of the screen and watch the last few minutes of the auctions. Get the popcorn and join me! 🍿 Live tweets over on Twitter, work permitting.

Whatever happens, people – this is gonna be great. Because we have already preempted RA’s appeal.

UPDATE: Custom RAPS now at 110 EUR 115 EUR.



37 thoughts on “Provisional Landmark 3 – #2018RABirthdayAuctions

  1. His tweet was very bittersweet and I too cried when I read it on Servetus’ blog. Just outstanding coordination, the RAPS, donations, the up to date postings. I could just feel the energy and enthusiasm emanating from this auction starting on Sunday! Much kudos to you Guylty for putting this all on your plate.

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  2. I cast my entire budget at your feet for this, (and let my boss think I have a UTI because I kept nipping off to the loo).

    Fab work for the auction, so pleased that this much fun can have such a positive effect too. It is so great to be involved with such lovely people with the common cause of the gorgeous Mr. A and all his works 😍


    • LOL – had to look up UTI but applaud your willingness to risk ridicule in order to take part. Much, much appreciated.
      And yes, I think it is a total no-brainer to make use of the reach we have among fans, and put it to good use. It gives us the opportunity to put our fangirling in the service of something good. Win win.


  3. I’m having a problem paying. Ebay won’t let me pay because “This seller didn’t include shipping costs to your location. Please request total to ask the seller for shipping costs.”

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