Bureaucracy Update #2018RABirthdayAuctions

Hello everyone,

I am acutely aware that everybody who has participated in the birthday auctions, is awaiting news of the final donations. I owe you an update, especially as I have been away travelling the last four days.

First of all: All monies have now been received and the final donation is would be ready to transfer. Upon returning from my trip early this evening, I did the final balancing of all the incoming monies – auction proceeds and donations – and have found everything matches up. However, when I tried to transfer the sum just a few moments ago, I realised that the Margaret Armitage tribute page for LOROS on much-loved only accepts the payment through a credit card. I had hoped to pay via Paypal (where the donations and proceeds came in). So unfortunately there is a little further delay while I transfer the funds from Paypal to my bank, in order to then make the transfer via my personal credit card. Paypal informs me that it will take between 1 and 2 business days for the funds to appear in my bank account. So the upshot is that I will only be able to transfer on Wednesday or Thursday.

Linda60 has been present while I have organised all the financial transactions and has seen my book-keeping. She’s acting as the eye of the fandom and auditor.

I will transfer the donation as soon as the money comes available in my credit card. I am really sorry for the delay – I was unaware that donating was only possible via credit card otherwise I would’ve made alternative arrangements earlier. I will inform you of the final transfer of the donation as soon as it happens. Apologies for the delay!


27 thoughts on “Bureaucracy Update #2018RABirthdayAuctions

  1. What you have done is incredible and the auction/donation amounts collected happened on HIS Bday so this end is just a formality. LOROS will be grateful for the donation amount period. ..
    Hope your trip w/Linda60 was great! You’re an amazing, amazing person for organizing, engineering the play by play of the auction (my fav part) and coordinating the end result in your own private time. You rock!!!


  2. I don´t think the delay will make such a difference ir any at all, you´ve already done so much, you just can´t keep an eye on everything… Thank you!!!


    • I agree – the money will go to them in any case, so a couple of days doesn’t make a difference. It’s only for ourselves that I would’ve liked to transfer the money on or around RA’s birthday. Ah well…


  3. What everyone else has said! You have nothing to apologise for and we are all very grateful for your efforts and organisation. xx


  4. ^^^^^^^^^ it’s just a hiccup, no apology needed. I tend to expect payment by PayPal most times these days, it’s much easier. The delay isn’t going to change the fact it’s an awesome result.

    You visited Achill Island?! So many places I wanted to see in Ireland and not enough time – that was one of them (just realised it’s ten years ago this week that we began our dream trip around Ireland, the yearning to return hasn’t waned *sigh*)

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    • That’s it, Mezz – somehow I had expected Paypal to be an option. (And strangely I seem to remember that I donated via Paypal when I sent a donation privately when RA first posted the link to the tribute page… Maybe it depends on the amount of money that is being donated.)
      Yes, we did the whole loop around Achill. I just love that part of Ireland, even when the weather is not ideal. Very bleak, not pretty-pretty, but beautiful in an intense way.
      Ten years ago? Shuggs, I was in Ireland at that time, too. We missed each other. 😦


    • Thank you S! ❤️ You know, I am quite aware that I am entrusted with a large sum of money, and I can’t wait to pass it on just because I find it unnerving to have all that money sitting in my account…


  5. I’m sure the donation will come as an extra-special surprise for them, coming as it will after the general influx must have died down.


  6. I hope Mr. A is aware of how much has been donated to LOROS in his Mum’s name, and how much from this auction alone. And it’ll remind him that he’s never alone, that we are out here and we care about him and his family.


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