Mixed Bag Stuff

Hello hello hello. Today I have a little mixed bag of stuff for you – after all those discussions and the visual feast of Flat Richie in Hollywood. First on the agenda…

1) Next Re-Watch

With ITS now under our belt, the commentary also turned to the question, which master piece from Richard’s oeuvre should grace our screens next. A few suggestions were made in the comments. CraMERRY said she would join the conversation after a long, long time if we were to discuss North and South. Kate suggested Golden Hour, and SueBC threw The Impressionists in the mix. The latter suggestion was quickly seconded by Mezz and by Kate. So I am going to autocratically decree that The Impressionists is our next Re-Watch. A good choice, imo, because not only has Richard top billing in this mini series.

Don’t know about you, but any show that has a train over top-billed Richard in the credits, is good by me, if you catch my drift…

But also because the show in its entirety is available on Youtube in three one-hour parts. Here is the first part. I suggest we get the whole series done this month. I have my mum coming for a 6-day visit from Saturday, so realistically I need until Thursday, 11 April for the first episode. Hope that is alright with all those of you who are interested in following along. Let’s tackle that moustache and periwig!

2) From Mina Tander’s Photo Album

Mina Tander posted a few pictures on her Instagram as a reaction to the news that BS has been cancelled. I thought her accompanying message was really sweet. I was flicking through her pictures and stopped on this one.

Anyone else think that this looks like a little family album snapshot of a sweet teenage girl, flanked by her (rather austere) mommy and vaguely camera-wary dad? 😂 Maybe it is just because Forbes and Armitage seem to mirror each other with their clothing choices… (A thought that immediately led me on to the next step…

I know I know, extremely (and deliberately) shoddy and unconvincing photoshop work, but heck, just for the silly fun of it…) Ok, quickly moving on.

Eh, actually, change of plan. I am not gonna link to my latest YT video here, merely because on second thoughts I decided to spare you 10 full minutes of me droning on about lots of fabrics and wallpaper samples that Kate had recently sent me for my junk journaling purposes. Just to say thank you this way…

Over and out,





97 thoughts on “Mixed Bag Stuff

  1. Yay for The Impressionists!! I also loved the title sequence. His name looks really good there.

    Yes, the shirt thing was a bit strange. And RA looks ‘unbegeistert’ in the photo. I wonder if him and MF agreed to pull a face while Mina smiles for contrast. 🤔😉

    You are most welcome about the junk! Höhö. I personally enjoyed watching, but of course that’s different. 😁

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    • He looks good on green.
      IDK, I don’t think he looks as if he is deliberately pulling a face. Looks more like an involuntary reaction/near blink because of the flash to me.


      • I actually thought it was that he and MF were supposed to look serious and he couldn’t quite hold the pose. But it’s all speculation anyway. 🙃🙂


        • You’re probably right. Anyway, that’s what snapshots are – they catch a moment and sometimes they are *not* what they look like. It goes without saying that he was delighted to be there with his two co-stars.


  2. Count me in, please! I love The Impressionists, too.

    Have we ever seen RA in a print like that? I know there’s the outrageously expensive elephant shirt in O8, which I love, but I’m not sure if this one kind of overpowers even him. I must contemplate after finally getting a few hours kip.

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  3. Ok Ladies, this time I‘m out .😊 Even in my wildes fangirl(girl????)-ecstasy I wasn‘t fond of this moustache. Geht garnicht für mich. Doesn’t work for me. But anyway: have fun rewatching it 🤗

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    • 😂Suits him.
      (PS: He does occasionally sport some jewelry… there are a couple of mysterious leather (?) necklaces, and a bracelet iirc… And then there was the Gucci gold disc and the other spikey piece of jewelry that he wore in that green shirt shoot yonks ago…)

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  4. Yes, it’s one of favourites. When I want to be cheered up, young Monet makes me smile. It genuinely looks as though everyone is enjoying being on location.


    • It was one of the last projects of his that I ever watched – I was put off by the moustache and goatee, too. But hell, the laughter makes it all worth-while. It really looks as if they all had fun making it.


  5. i watched it fairly recently for the first time, the goatee is fairly terrible but seeing RA smile so much in a piece is totally worth the sacrifice, lol
    also worth watching the outtakes of The Impressionista to hear RA giggling like crazy as he’s wound up by one of his fellow actors and calling them a twat 😉

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    • Yes the smile! 😀 And I think all the enthusiasm is just spot on. I’ve always loved Monet’s paintings in the museums because of all that colour and all the feelings that they contain. And compared to other artists of that period I can very well imagine the enthusiasm the real Monet must have felt for nature and light and colour! I’d love to watch the outtakes too – can they be found online? The DVD is currently priced over 100€ that I don’t have to spend… :-S


    • Yes I agree about the straggly goatee, but his beautiful eyes and smile detract from it, sort-of. Looking forward to the re-watch – and RA’s helpless laugh in the outtake is one of my favourite things, I wish there were more outtakes and bloopers with him. LOL the interchangeable shirt-twins Guylty!

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  6. Oh I’m looking forward to rewatching The Impressionists. I enjoyed it the first time.

    Not a fan of the print shirt. It is remarkably similar to MF’s!


  7. I’m off on a road trip interstate with my mum for a week, so probably won’t have a chance to watch TI until I get home, although on second thoughts I might be able to catch up with it on YT on the smart TV in hubby’s apartment. 😊
    I’m not a fan either of that print shirt – too fussy.
    I’ll always be thankful to Mina and Michelle for their candid photos of Richard.

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    • Don’t worry about not watching next week, Mezz – we’ll only be doing episode 1 next week, anyway, so there will be more opportunity the following week,
      Yeah, agreed, it was nice to see some photos from bts courtesy of MF and MT.

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  8. Er sieht in dieser Serie einfach so goldig aus und so jung. Ich hab mir das alles bereits sehr ausführlich angesehen, auch weil mich das Thema wirklich interessiert. Außerdem sieht frau ihn in dieser Rolle tatsächlich häufiger mal lächeln, was ja leider eher selten der Fall ist. All das lässt mich über die wirklich recht lächerliche Gesichtsbehaarung gnädig (wenn auch mühevoll) hinwegsehen.

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    • Goldig ist ein gutes Wort – ja. Deutlich auch noch ein bisschen jünger. Die ganze Figur des jungen Monet ist dazu natürlich auch so enthusiastisch und lebensbejahend. Das macht einfach Spaß anzusehen. Und wenn der Schnurrbart wackelt dann trägt das einfach auch noch zur guten Laune bei 😉

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  9. Ni “Into the Storm”, ni “The Impressionists”, ni “Between the Sheets”, ni “Berlin Station”, ni “Robin des Bois”… et que sais-je encore? Il ne me reste pas un grand choix plaisant à revisionner. Suis-je encore une fan? J’ai hâte de voir autre chose de nouveau et surtout de digne d’intérêt. Peu importe que ce soit sur petit ou grand écran. L’idéal serait une pièce de théâtre.
    Ces revisionnages sont comme un linge décoloré, tout usé, par trop de passages dans la machine à laver.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_zTEHa0Ikw Alain Souchon – L’amour à la machine (Clip officiel)


    • I completely agree – I’d rather have something new, and preferably a play. But well, in the absence of that we have to make our own entertainment. And I confess: I have only watched The Impressionists once, and that was about 6 years ago… So it’s about time…


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