RA Pocket Shrine 191/? – Can’t Keep Away

A travel day – I thought I would a scheduled post to keep it going. But then I suddenly felt ill last night and had to abandon the plan. So now I am sitting at the airport gate, waiting for boarding. I am on my way to Germany.

Talking of Germany… maybe a little shrine post comes to mind. Forgive the thumb- related typos but here goes.

Berlin, capital of Germany. Who’s there?

that’s right, Daniel! Spying out the Brandenburg Gate.

just can’t keep away.

that’s it. Berlin spy at his best.


Oooh my phone gas run really hot!!!! No wonder. I feel hot, too.


Have a great day all!


48 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 191/? – Can’t Keep Away

    • Thank you – it all went very smoothly. It’s only 1.5 hours from Dublin to Hamburg, and it was a quiet, smooth flight. Then it was a couple of hours by train. From the train station we went straight to a cafΓ© for a cappuccino and some gorgeous German cake. Good to be home πŸŽ‚

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    • Hehe, holiday… we’ll see. I’ll be doing my normal journalistic work albeit via my mum’s wifi, and at the same time we’ll be preparing the move.


  1. Guylty, that is a wonderful RAPS of Daniel is it going into the auction?
    On a side note can you give us an update on Flat Richie? He left Kathy I think was the last chapter written here..

    Have a peaceful and hopefully smooth move with your mum. Happy crafting if you can!!

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    • Thank you – and no. This is really bad, but I am not 100% sure where this RAPS is. I think I put it into a surprise parcel for someone in the US – and it never arrived.
      Flat Richie appears to have gone AWOL again. I’ll send an e-mail.


  2. 🎼 It sure looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes… 🎢🎡🎢
    Another great RAPS there. ❀️

    Joining with LoLo to say I hope you feel better now. And enjoy your time in Germany. I really hate plane journeys when I’m feeling off.

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  3. As soon as I saw the word Berlin and the young boy on the front, I think that this RAPS could only belong to Daniel. There is so much of the story that has been left unsaid. Love this honoring of Daniel and the boy who was lost.

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    • THat is such a good point, Dele. And I have to admit I wasn’t even thinking of little Danny Miller in the 1980s in Berlin. But you are so right – there was a story there that was strongly hinted at and then never resolved. One of the reasons why BS never fully convinced me. There were too many story lines that were started and then went nowhere.

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  4. Ode to Spying

    Daniel’s fate in Berlin,
    Was really quite grim.
    I’m very sorry to say.
    But there is no denying,
    He looked lovely while spying,
    We miss him still, today.
    Kathy Jones

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  5. Hope you got through the flight okay and are feeling better.
    Another great shrine, and it suits Daniel perfectly. There was so much potential in exploring his backstory, but the ball was dropped and the rest is screen history. Like Lucas, Daniel is still very much alive for me, the last season of BS nonexistent along with S9 of Spooks (#who’sjohn bateman?)

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    • All fine here. Two days in Germany under my belt at this stage. Still all smooth sailing.
      I am usually not a blinkered person, but when it comes to Lucas and Daniel I will happily put my blinkers on and pretend certain things did never happen.


      • I quite happily watch that scene in the first BS3 episode with Daniel and Esther in bed – their playfulness and how loved up they are. Between that and them walking off hand in hand at the end of S2, that’s it for me, that’s my happy ending.


  6. Love the new RAPS, but I LOVE these tins. I never find tins like you have over here. The best I can find are Altoids and Sucrets. Leaving for the UK the Tuesday. Hoping to find unique tins. Have a ball in Germany. Still hoping you’ll turn up in Cardiff.


    • I was shopping today in the local supermarket, and I noticed they were selling these novelty tins there. I should’ve taken a photo to show you.
      When are you setting off to Cardiff? How long will you be over there?


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