Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/25

First of all – thank you for the kind messages yesterday to my whiny post. Of course you are all right – memories will stay in my heart; things are just memory triggers… But your sweet comments really soothed the aching heart. Thank you!

This weekend I am going on a little trip. I had been invited to a reunion of my teacher training class. We graduated in 1999, and we are meeting for a 20 year anniversary in the South of Germany where we did our teacher training together. The reunion is on Monday and Tuesday, but seeing the prices for train tickets for the 500km journey, I felt it needed a longer stay to justify the expense. Cue my lovely fan friends Kate and Cramerry who immediately stepped up to the plate. Today I am making the journey a bit further than I need to go, meeting Kate in the town where I lived for 8 years as a student. In the evening I’ll jump on the train again and go back North a little bit, visiting Cramerry for the weekend before I head to the reunion on Monday. Now, this is going to be another antidote to morose thoughts.

Talking of antidotes. Here is another: This week’s round-up.

  1. We’ve heard this before. Is this role still up for grabs? Not sure how I feel about it. You? But in any case, the pretty pictures posted by the_enchanted_quill are always welcome
  2. Snarly Guy of Gisborne at his very best. I mean, truly, that left corner of his mouth couldn’t rise any higher. Thank you riepu10
  3. I am wondering whether mezzmerizedbyrichard was focussing on Daniel’s delectable derriere as much as I do
  4. Now we know what Richard does during breaks in filming. Checking on what his fans are saying on Twitter? Smartphone-addicted like everyone else. Posted by deepestfirefun
  5. Posting this for the comment by gingerteaonthetardis
  6. Jassy2101 compiles a few stills from the Stockport shoot
  7. I met aninomori at RDC5 but had no idea that she was a great fan artist. Look at this. I think it is gorgeous!
  8. Waiting for that call. Since 2012. Edit by deepestfirefun
  9. Hooray – and now we have a backgroundless Thorin. Thanks to riepu10
  10. No idea who Rodolphus Lestrange is, but this is a nice fan art on the basis of the Crucible poster. By nadiapolyakova
  11. A lesson in microexpression, captured by riepu10. Also – since this is all we have so far, we’ll have to base our current The Stranger fan spec all on this

Short – sorry. I am setting off for the train station soon, so I need to wrap up. I am planning to spend my time on the train by replying to your comments from yesterday.

Have a nice weekend, all!

Guylty ❤


29 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/25

  1. Yay!!!!! I’m so excited. (Btw, by ‘stepped up to the plate’ in my case G means pestered and hounded her for months to meet me.)

    And now for the roundup:

    1. I thought that ship had sailed. Isn’t it RPattz?
    2. Snarl!Guy is the best Guy
    3. Ummm what?
    4. No, he’s doing research! (Look, I need him to NOT read what I’m saying, okay?)
    5. Hard agree!
    6. I love the strolly one. He does that so well.
    7. Very cool art.
    8. You know what? I had that (figurative) call and it came from you. “Hey, I went and did it. I bought a ticket for this con thing. Go with me?“ and boy, that was one of the best calls you and I ever made! 😘
    9. I bow to riepu. If I could do that, I’d have my ancient project licked.
    10. Clueless with you.
    11. That’s not a bad staring point.


  2. “delectable derriere”???!!! Those gifs are all about the suit! *cough* 😉😁 (thanks to Serv’s tailoring posts in the past, I’ve learnt that a double vented jacket better fits his build!!)

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      • Rodolphus was married to Bellatrix. He was a pure-blood wizard who fought in the First Wizarding War on the side of Voldemort. Was considered one of Voldemort’s most loyal cohorts. Took part in the torture and mental incapatization of The Longbottoms. Very nasty dude.

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          • I became a Potterhead right before the 4th book came out. I had seen them in the stores and thought they looked interesting, but then some idiot on the NW side of Atlanta decided they were ‘evil’ and set out to stop her 5th grade daughter’s teacher from reading it to the class. She was denied at every level, so she tried to have it banned through the higher courts, and they refused to even listen to her whine. She was pretty well mocked nation-wide, especially when it came to light she had never read the books!

            So of course, I had to read them!

            The neat thing is, my son was in 4th or 5th grade and struggling with reading comprehension. So I gave him the first book and told him – if you don’t understand, come talk to me.

            Now, we’re talking a classic Asperger with no make-believe skills; everything is literal! IT took us forever to get through that first book. But after that, he took off and his reading comprehension came up to his actual reading level! I will always love Harry Potter for that!


            • I heard about the books when my first child was still a baby. Initially I was really suspicious of the hype. Then two of my friends were reading the first Potter book while they were on holiday with me. They were gushing about it and pushed me to read it, too. I never got beyond the first chapter, which I found really strange and didn’t like – so I put the book away. Eventually I continued – and got sucked in. I loved reading all the books. But I never took it as far as fandom. I love that the HP books made a lot of kids interested in books and reading, though.

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              • I wrote a little bit of Snapey goodness. Actually, I have a HUGE WIP that I dropped some years back and this spring, while at the hospital with Spawn, I picked it up and started reading it – disgusted how close to the end I am. Not that much left. So it’s back on the rotation. Actually, I’m just going to finish it, send the whole thing to my very patient beta and then divide it into chapter (maybe 2 or 3) and call it a night.


  3. Please give Cramerry a hug from me and one for yourself as well. I would love to have her drop by for another visit. Good times.


  4. Thanks Guylty. 1) I’m not really into superheroes but Richard would have been perfect as Batman: his build, steely jaw, intensity, subtlety, hawkish good looks … but I would love to see him play one of the villains (typical me) and am holding out that he will play the Penguin until the casting is announced for someone else.
    3)Re, delectable derrieres! I’m not mad about bums either- I was drawn more to his splayed beautiful hands in those gifs, captivating.
    Sounds like your trip will be a right old tonic, have a great time and good chats with RA chums.


    • Yeah, I am not that big into superhero movies, maybe that’s why the Batman connection never really occurred to me… I’d rather like to see him in TV/Netflix shows that run longer.
      What – not mad about bums? Not even the Arsitage????? I am appalled!!!!
      This is a real fan trip for me. Kate yesterday, Cramerry today… If truth be told, I was much more interested in meeting them than in attending my reunion…

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      • Well obviously his Arsitage is more beautiful than anyone else’s ((lol) but it’s faces that do it for me, his in particular and his height. Hope you’re having fun and enjoy the reunion too.


  5. Sorry I didn’t reply much to this yesterday. Was a busy one.
    Can I just say…your post wasn’t ‘whiny ‘ and there is no shame in feeling sad or sentimentl and you should never apologise after the fact.
    Batman has gone to sparkly vampire chap…I think he’ll do a good job thiugh…he’s quite a determined young actor from what I’ve seen.
    Aninomoris artwork is splendid!

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