2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

Small print and date announcements out of the way, we can now come back to the regular schedule. The round-up!

  1. Middleearthpixie’s Thorin Modern!AU goes to chapter 26
  2. TBT to 2013 with mezzmerizedbyrichard’s set of RA pictures from the Madrid premiere of TH
  3. Richardarmitagefanpage posted a comment made by one of Richard’s old teachers from Pattison College on the occasion of his degree conferral
  4. Puppy eyes as casting requirements for period drama leads. An idea by kajaono
  5. Betrayal by fizzyxcustard, a crossover story with Spooks and Pilgrimage, goes to chapter 5
  6. Yay! Riepu10 has giffed some scenes from the graduation ceremony. Worth it just for the eye crinkles!!!
  7. This is a fun picture edit by olya-dwarf
  8. Oooh, Guy is angry. Not exactly What a Guy Wants, is it? 😉 Posted by nfcomics
  9. Not usually a fan of second-person fan fic, but I could not resist this one. A crossover with John Porter and Guy. Written by middleearthpixie

Oh, oops, that’s all for today. But just as well as I have a bit of a chore list to work through. Before I continue with fundraiser organisation, I have to clean the bathroom, the fridge and a guest room. We are hosting a young man from Germany for a month – the poor guy had no idea how expensive rents are in Dublin when he committed to staying in Ireland for three months… So Casa Guylty aka Heartbreak Hotel is taking him in.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Sonja ❤️


16 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

  1. Has anyone else been totally done in by the contrast between RA’s impeccable shrubbery grooming at the Doctor of Lettuce grand affair and the small, gloriously adorable cowlick at the back of his head? 😳

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    • Aw, thanks :-). He’s a very nice young man and he apparently enjoys chatting with us and learning more about life in Ireland. Which is good, because I am a chatterbox 😂


    • Thank you 😘. Did you see that before this young German, we hosted a young French woman here. She was absolutely delightful, a really lovely young woman.


  2. I hope the young man will be a lovely house guest,
    Thanks for the round-up Guylty
    2) All those Hobbit promos pics, all those different outfits and styles – that was a great time for RA content, sigh.
    6) How handsome Richard looked at the ceremony,


  3. Sounds like fun house cleaning and guest hosting G! Back from Comic-Con in San Diego this week and been buried in work, thought I’d take a minute to indulge and check out some fun here.
    🏡 Think I’ve decided house work isn’t so bad right now. Laundry’s no biggie. Why? When I do these chores I don’t have to make decisions. I think I like that (more than like) sometimes. 😄
    Looking forward to your August fundraiser. Hope there are some Guy items to tempt me too. Heh 😈


    • Well, after SDCC you sure deserve a bit of downtime now, Mimi. Hope you also had some fun, not just work.
      And yes, there will be some Guy content in the fundraiser… I was putting sets together yesterday and there are some gems…

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      • Guylty, will there be also T-shirts that were not sold in December? The ones I have are really nice. I remember there was another one with the inscription Guy’s girl (maybe this time I would take that risk 😉 and I would buy it).


      • Looking forward to the fundraiser! Thank you for all the work you put into this offering for us all. You are a saint girl!💕

        I was listening to an editor friend’s podcast on Sandman today while packing up mail orders and was tickled to hear her blurt out in the middle of it how she was listening to RA’s narration of Robin Hood on audiobook and she thought everyone doing narration should have either a Scottish scent or sound like Richard Armitage. I literally laughed out loud at this unexpected admission! Heard hubs exclamation, (from another room) ‘_Now_ he knows why she and I are friends.’ (I really don’t know her all that well.) She was one of Neil Gaiman’s editors on Sandman and she was his main support and editor on his Norse Mythology book. So our common ground to begin was Sandman comics. No ulterior RA motivation at all. 😄

        Anyway, I can’t wait until the fundraiser starts! 🌷☀️🎈🎉


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