Distraction Challenge 3 #ADC

A sunny and quiet day where I am. I live in the “professional” centre of Dublin, a historic square whose houses are mostly offices nowadays. Only very few residents in the 69 houses here, maybe 10 of them are occupied in some form. This is usually a bustling square, and since one of the intersecting streets is a national road, there tends to be a never-ending stream of traffic. This morning and all day it has felt like a Sunday here, though. Here is the view from my window at shortly before 10am.

I can’t say I don’t love it!

Mr Guylty can’t sit still, and he has decided to paint our top floor windows. I can’t very well let him work while I am doing nothing, so I have devised a list of “household entertainment”. Not entirely true – I have just relabelled the chores as entertainments, so that I am more motivated to tackle them.

As you can see, I have ticked off the first item on my list. But boy, it literally took two hours to clean that fridge. Says a lot about the size of my fridge. Or rather the state of it 😱 I took all of the shelves and baskets out, washed it all, cleaned all the inside and reassembled it. It’s spic and span now, and I hope it will last a little while. – A yeast loaf is currently proofing in the sunshine on the (inside) window sill, and later on I will have to make that birthday card for my god daughter. I’m leaving more ‘entertainments’ for tomorrow. By the end of all this, I suspect I may have the house gleaming and clean. And I will probably have to start at the beginning again…

Right, on to today’s *real* entertainment. Question 3 of the #ADC


3. What’s your current favourite show?

Boring answer, but that would have to be The Stranger. By virtue of being the last show of RA’s that I have watched – and not only once but 2.5 times. The decimal points to the fact that I have not gone back to the episode-by-episode community watch, yet. But I will do. As for reasons – well, even though some of the shortcomings of the show became more obvious on second watch, I still think it is a great vehicle for RA. He looks so convincing in it – and for once in a role that is actually quite “ordinary”. Not a spy with superhero qualities, and not a psychopath murderer, either. Extraordinary circumstances but an everyman who doesn’t actually go beyond his strengths to save the world or something like that. I did enjoy seeing his plot evolve – and I am thinking of doing a fourth rewatch with the finger firmly on the fast-forward button, ignoring all the secondary stuff. I wonder how the show works then, and whether it would’ve stood up better – or at all – on its own. But yes, it’s my favourite right now because there is so much Richard in it. I love that he has top billing on this.

As for the Paddy’s Day RAPS Raffle…

I have just run the raffle through randompicker. And Lady Luck has decided on…


Congrats, Zee. This will go in the post to you, soon.

Draw protocol:

Currently my craft room is a no go-zone – because Mr Guylty is painting the window in there. But I can already disclose that I have two more shrines in production. Hurry up, Mr G. I want to go back to crafting.

Stay home – stay safe, everybody!


23 thoughts on “Distraction Challenge 3 #ADC

  1. I fast-forwarded through all the stuff about the teenagers on my second watch of TS and can report that the RA portion of the plot holds up just fine. No, full disclosure. Actually, I fast-forwarded through anything that didn’t have RA in it and can report that the plot holds up…um, what plot? Do we ever care about the plot, honestly?


  2. Congratulations Zee, the RAPS is a thing of beauty, like the Man Himself!
    Guylty, I am liking your sunshine, the Sunday atmosphere and your long ‘To Do list’. I think I will copy it and give it to Mr and Master Clanger (apart from the Birthday card) as the house needs a good going over! Here in London we are closing the schools tomorrow afternoon, so it is still busy with alot of traffic. As I work for the NHS we are frantically busy, particularly with quite a number of colleagues being off and self-isolating. Hopefully we will get some test kits soon so we can get some people back to work. In the meantime we are doing loads of telephone bookings for the Antenatal clinics to help keep pregnant ladies safe and reduce their exposure and giving phone and app advice – just hope that comms and broadband can cope! Sadly I have no time at the mo. to participate in your challenge, but I do keep dropping in to see what everyone is doing. Keep up the good work and keep me smiling please! 🙂


    • That’s an even better option – writing the chore list and passing it on to other householders *hehe*. I spent another hour this afternoon cleaning the “pot shelves”. Jeepers, the time it takes… Maybe if I cleaned more often, it wouldn’t take so long?
      I’ve been wondering about the implications for pregnant women. A friend of mine had a baby last week, and I felt so sorry for her – in the sense that having a baby is a somewhat frighteningly life-changing experience, anyway, but to know that your baby is born into this current situation… frightening indeed.
      Thanks for all you do there – keeping the system going, making sure that the women are getting the expected standard of care etc.


      • My youngest daughter is expecting first baby in 3 weeks. No visitors allowed, only her spouse. I will have to wait a few days to see her. Good news is there is no traffic between here and L A. As for fav show has to be Strike Back for me. Takes first place in viewings of shirtless RA.


        • Such a difficult time to have a baby. A strain on everyone, especially as you want to be near and support. So sorry that the situation doesn’t allow for that right now. But congrats on the impending growth of your clan 🤗


  3. Not all this choice, currently, so TS. But recently I re-watched the episode of Miss Marple in which RA plays on a wheelchair, luckily one of the less awful of that very lame show. I like It more because The Nose.
    My husband is a family doctor (a GP?) and I’m worried about him, though he’s very careful.


    • Oh yes, Miss Marple… and now we hear that RA’s choice of book to write would be an Agatha Christie style who-dunnit! I guess that means the man has imagination 😉
      Best wishes for your husband – he’s at the frontlines, and he is more needed than ever before. I am sure though that *he* knows how to protect himself. Nevertheless, I totally understand your worry. All health care professionals are heroes!


  4. Every cloud! It is very satisfying to have a clean-house and what a lovely view you have. Yes I agree about fast-forwarding The Stranger to the ‘good bits’ – it becomes a fantastic watch then and oddly full of Armitage, although I do like the Siobhan Finneran bits too.
    Congrats Zee!


    • I have to admit that it is somewhat gratifying to clean – and then see the results. I’d like to impose a complete ban on touching the fridge right now – to keep it clean. Not happening, I guess.
      I’m getting quite keen on the FF Stranger now.


  5. “Entertainments” instead of chores. I am going to see if repositioning these activities in my mind motivates me to do some of them. So far, have cleaned out one closet only. Then needed two days to “rest” from that exertion ha ha ha!


    • Well, I am telling myself that I am staggering the execution of the chores because I want to have a project every day. But you should’ve heard me groan with the strain of deep-cleaning on my knees, at the back of the shelves… This cleaning business is high-performance sport!


  6. It’s been a good week for Richard on the UK Drama channel first the pilot episode of George Gently so I saw sweet Ricky then last night the cad Philip Turner in an old Inspector Linley.
    He was hurt in both lol why do producer want to hurt him are they just jealous of his beauty lol


    • I wonder whether his renewed presence in the UK via theatre and Netflix has brought his name back into circulation – or it might just be a coincidence that those GG and IL episodes have been repeated…


  7. The quiet looks nice in your area.
    I’ll do the Richard parts rewatch for this as well. I agree that I liked he was ‘normal’ in this.
    Congratulations to Zee on winning that shrine! (Lucky duck)


  8. Perhaps “The Stranger” because I like both: Stephen Rea and Richard Armitage facial expressions during their dialogs.
    But I prefer the first French movie adaptation of Harlan Coben book: “Ne le dis à Personne” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0362225/ It was an excellent film! Go see it if you haven’t already!


  9. NO! I didn’t see this!!!! I need to check my mail filter! (Also, packing to leave at this time. We moved inland to cooler and safer climes, although I don’t think much of anywhere is safer!)


      • Yes, the heat should kill this thing and where i live, it is about 20 degrees warmer than where I am now.

        However, up here, along with cooler temps is rain. Rain which washes away the pollen that makes me so ill. It’s a no-win.


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