Two-Post-Day Because New Penguin Snippet

Yay, another little snippet. And oooh, I am so curious now…

Two scripts???? Ooooh. Could it be connected to the Jackman and Evans series which he has optioned? Let the guessing game begin.

Great question – well done, pinky girl!

And because *I* like audio books now, I am including this, too:

An audio book whose author says that Armitage was an inspiration for her character… That sounds promising, right? Plus, what a dream for an author to have the inspiration actually take part in the audiolisation (word?) of her work? Every fan fiction writer’s dream, right? Suffice to say, I am pre-ordering this tout-de-suite. And hope that it will come out of post-production vite vite!


8 thoughts on “Two-Post-Day Because New Penguin Snippet

  1. I vaguely remember Richard tweeting to ask someone (must have been Natalie Jenner) to DM him re #The Jane Austen Society and I was hopeful then that it was about an audiobook. Pre-ordered!
    I’ve been enjoying these little snippets of him, and have my fingers crossed for a Jackman and Evans series or three.


    • Yep, that’s right, he did tweet @ her and asked to get in touch via DM. (Funny though, that they had no other way of communicating. E-Mail???) And now: “scheduled release: in 69 days”. Boo! Gee, that takes long. So much for Richard’s “I’m here” 😂


    • I might try this one, I have lots of Audible credits but nothing has interested me lately. The last book I enjoyed was The nearly normal family, I am still listening to The Other Queen but it’s so ‘dry’
      Shame the children’s book seems to have changed to Toby Stephens as the reader, that might have had some excitement in it.


      • Thanks for saying that re. the children’s book. I received that in my library yesterday and was wondering why the hell I ever bought it, seeing that it was not read by RA. Hmph.


  2. Does anyone remember Phillipa Ashley ? She is an author. When she started out she would preface her books – My toughest mission involved phoning up a hot actor called Richard Armitage. Good job it was only a phone interview, because I’d hate to meet him in the flesh….especially if he was wearing black leather. …
    She is still writing, I am reading one at the moment (left over from my book club which has sadly been suspended for now) but she no longer makes the same statement, sadly it appears her crush is over lol.


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