2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

It’s Saturday! I have a a round-up for you. This is basically the fourth round-up from quarantine. And yesterday we were told by our taoiseach that the lockdown – due to end on tomorrow’s Easter Sunday – has been extended until May 5. No surprise, really. We may have flattened the curve, but the virus is still raging, and I am actually horrified to see the infection numbers now going up by the hundreds every day. It feels a bit discouraging, considering that we have scaled down our public lives so much, and yet the virus is still spreading. I guess it will remain like that for a while. So ‘Project Spring-Clean’ can go forward, as can the experiments with my left-over stash of marshmallows – whatever can I do with those? Hot chocolates not an option – our milk is precious enough.

But first, let’s look at tumblr this week:

  1. Here is gimmethehobbit again with one of their adorable sketches… toilet humour of a different kind
  2. Mezzmerizedbyrichard captioned this “sunshine courtesy of…” – apt! That smile really makes everything better
  3. Did you see Jacob Dudman’s Q&A the other day? Mezzmerizedbyrichard has combined the tweet that refers to Richard with the corresponding scenes in TS. Love it!
  4. Drledeboer has screencapped a heart-breaking/warming scene from TS for anyone into daddy!Armitage
  5. There is a bit of an “Ask” back and forth here between fizzyxcustard and dabisburntnut – this was a sweet little drabble, almost, about John Porter
  6. TBT UATSC in gif-format courtesy of acebodhi
  7. Riepu10 posted this on Twitter, too, but in case you haven’t seen it. Choose your quarantine house from these 7 options. I settled on #2 and ignored Sir Guy (because I couldn’t deal with *four* overbearning housemates)
  8. I really enjoyed this quote from the novel, illustrated with the screen caps from NS. Posted by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  9. Aninomori has posted a coloured version of her Little Dolly fan art. Too cute!
  10. Fizzyxcustard eulogises Thorin’s eyes
  11. “Thorin Oakenshield’s smile – Actual Weapon of Mass Destruction”. Truth. Post by darthstitch
  12. Real or fake? Do you agree with dabisburntnut?
  13. Sounds like Gizzy alright… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

Only one more day and I can finally eat some chocolate and crisps again. Not together, mind. Although there was a short period when they sold a novelty chocolate bar with cheese & onion crisps. Tasted as disgusting as it sounds. I tried. And regretted. But when last shopping, I planned ahead and bought a six pack of little bags of Pombear crisps. And Hari’s massive Easter egg shipment is also waiting for me… Are you all set?

Have a lovely Easter weekend – and continue to stay safe!

Sonja ❤

51 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

  1. And now that I can ‘chat’ (I was on the Ipad and I’ve discovered that typing on it isn’t fun.)

    Although House 4 is tempting (Gary and Harry – my favorite kind of sandwich) I’d prolly end up in House 7, even though I don’t know WHO would do the cooking. I don’t cook and might be accused of poisoning all of them. Maybe I should pick House #4…

    Our state has extended Stay at Home PLEASE until mid-May. My ‘spring break’ ends this weekend, so I’ll be back online jumping hoops to earn my paycheck. At least I’m getting one, too many aren’t.


  2. People who are getting sick *now* were infected up to two weeks ago. So that’s why the numbers keep rising. We’ve only been “safer at home” for two weeks just now, so hopefully the state numbers of new infections here at least will start to drop. But it’s horrible — 1,000 “additional deaths” from COVID 19 occurred in the US just while I was sleeping.


    • Well said! Sars-CoV-2 is a “devil”.
      Between 3 to 12 days of incubation, average 5 according to “Annals of internal medicine”. The incubation period is the time between becoming infected and the onset of the first symptoms. But during this period you are contagious without knowing it. Without symptoms, you can infect the persons you meet (average 3 confined at home or more outside). Recent studies also say that 1% patients go under doctors’ radars, despite quarantine and could potentially infect others after the containment period. This virus persists more easily in droplets than flu viruses, which means that an infection is possible even if the sick person has moved away.
      Knowing that, I think that I was contamined during my UV trip, in London (Februar 24-28). I went to China Town and Japan Markets 4 or 5 times, to take pictures, to find japanese goods for my son and to have lunch at restaurants. Harold Pinter Theater and my hostel were near those areas. I came back on Eurostar Train on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, I worked in great shape at the pharmacy. On Sunday afternoon, I was tired. On Monday with fever, chills, regors, headache and muscular pains… strange, after holidays! I was so tired I slept 1 or 2 hours on monday the afternoon. I contamined 1 employee too… but not Esther, Jane, Michele and Rachel. Thanks to you mister Richard Armitage and to you son, I spread the virus from England to France…!
      (Private comment to Zee: mortality from influenza this year would be 0.05%, that of coronavirus seems higher: between 1 and 2%)
      Great news, less pollution other the world!

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    • I forgot to recommend to wear a mask for 7 days after healing, in case of contact with a person at risk. Contagiousness continues, a few days after healing.
      ( Private comment to Esther: you are right I do have a creat my blog.)

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    • It just goes to show how too many people obviously thought they were either ‘safe’ from the virus, or didn’t know they were infected, yet. It is now almost 4 weeks of quarantine in Ireland, and the numbers are rising big time. The taoiseach just told us in an Easter speech that they believe the peak is yet to come, possibly at the end of the month.


      • To be fair to the honest brokers among the political leaders in this situation (luckily Varadkar is one of them — we don’t have that luxury in the US) they also are only responding to the advice of public health experts who are feeling their ways through the situation. I tend to be in the “better safe than sorry” camp, but I also think that the signs that this was going to be bad as soon as it left China were obvious and in the international news. So I hope people are at least taking it seriously now (though the squabbles over Easter services in the US this week suggest that many are not).


        • I join you in the ‘better safe than sorry’ camp. While I was mostly happy with the reactions to the crisis by our government here, I wouldn’t have minded if they had imposed restrictions a week earlier, around the time that I made my own personal decision to cancel my trip. (I’m quite angry at the way the government allowed travel for quite a while before everything was locked down).


          • I think, in a democracy, they have to wait to make rules until they sense people are ready for them. (Which is why it’s been such a disaster here — the president and his zombie mob having insisted there was no problem at all for so long means that even now there are people who are convinced there is no need for rules, and/or that they don’t have to follow any that were made).


  3. It had to be house #2 for Lucas and Porter! Even though I’m rewatching N&S so I’m love all over again… and I’m sure the sideburns were real. #4 is lovely too 😍 Thanks as ever, Guylty 😘 and Happy Easter! Enjoy the chocolate!


  4. The quarantine house game seems to be much harder than I thought it would be. I tried to use some logic when I grouped them and not just put all the favourites in one house. Maybe I should have put all the characters in one house


    • all chaRActers in one house sounds good as well! ;-D but from the given options I’d definitely choose House #2! (besides other things…cough…it’s a good backup plan in case the corona madness reaches next level – I’d just say “good luck” to the burglar who would try to break into that house *winks to Guylty* ;-))


    • LOL, if you had put them in *one* house, there would’ve been no challenge. No, your grouping was perfect. It still made it really hard to choose.
      Happy Easter!


  5. #4 house for me, sounds like it would be the most comfortable, normal place to be quarantined in, not to mention a most visually appealing one 😉
    Thank you for the roundup inclusion x


  6. Any house with John Porter would be my favourite although I fear it might be my fantasy version of the man, cough.
    Alec Track would be the sensible option he would go 110 percent to save his patients.


    • Hey, that fantasy version is fine. Especially during a quarantine!
      Dr Track wouldn’t even be at home but sleep at the hospital, I suspect, so you’d be left with scummy Dr Parker. Ugh. No, definitely not.


  7. Has it been a month? Crazy! What about chocolate fondue for dunking these marshmallows?
    Thanks for a smashing round-up:
    4) drldeboer just keeps giving – stunning images , even more scrolling down.
    7) I tweeted that I can’t choose between 2 and 7 but will put Ian in the freezer, lose Claude and smuggle in Guy and Raymond.
    11) Richard’s shy smile when he looks downwards slays me.
    12 Never wondered that before. I’m leaning leaning towards real because they follow the same line as Guy’s gorgeous sideburns, which were also triangular – ooph!


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