I Called – You Delivered Landmark #4 – #2020RABirthdayAuctions


The storm has passed and apart from a bit of breakage in our garden, it has also blown in the message I was hoping for. Over night, the auctions have moved further and you kindly and generously answered my call. Thanks to further bidding, the auction total has

passed the 2,000 Euro mark.

Hooray hooray, that is a wonderful development, and once again many thanks to the bidders, followers and cheering-onners of the auctions.

This is a new record in terms of auction results! In the five years of conducting the charity fundraiser, the donation total has more or less risen year by year. Our first fundraiser in 2016 resulted in a total of 1,088 Euro from eleven items auctioned on eBay. The following year we reached 1,322 Euro in our 14 eBay auctions. 2018  generated 1,746 Euro from 17 individual auctions. Last year we auctioned 28 items for proceeds of 1,640 Euro on eBay. It is no wonder that the 2020 eBay auctions – thanks to their large number of 40 in total – have now pushed us over the 2,000 Euro mark.

However, the 2020 number is provisional, in that the auctions haven’t finished yet and we may see some more movement, but it also does not yet take the fees for eBay and Paypal into account. We are looking at a provisional cost of between 250 and 300 Euro in fees. We also have donations via Paypal, currently to the tune of about 260 Euro. So the final total of the fundraiser is currently and probably still under the magic 2,000 Euro mark.

The upshot of my financial wrangling here: Can we push the bids a bit further to tide us over the 2,000 Euro final mark???

I know, I am asking a lot. But no pressure. Bidders, please remember to only bid as much as is comfortable for you and be aware of how bids on multiple items will add up should you win all your bids! The following items, however, are still within budgets, I think. They are all currently below the 40 Euro mark, some even below 20 Euro. Here’s your chance of getting something back for a reasonable donation of 20, 30 or 40 Euro. Each photo is linked to the auction on eBay.

















(Sorry about awkward layout – individual linking does not work in the more sightly gallery view.)

Also, I’d be thrilled if bidders who were outbid at the last moment might consider putting some of their designated bidding budget into the donations pot. You can donate via the button in the right side bar or by going straight to Paypal and sending money to the account address provided in previous years (It’s the address that looks like s….k….@yahoo.de). The latter option will incur fewer fees as the donation button for which Paypal takes 2.9% of the donated sum plus a €0.30 transaction fee. So for 10 Euro donated, the fund only receives 9.21 Euro! *meh* Do the maths… I certainly will not use the donation button again next year!

Otherwise – only 7 hours until bidding will end. If you want to take part in the excitement and fun, join me in watching the auction countdown live. If you are one of the high bidders, I’d already like to ask you for a tiny bit of patience. Since the auctions will all be ending over a period of 2 hours but within 3 to 5 minutes of each other, I may not *immediately* be able to click the button in eBay to send you the invoice. However, I will try to be as fast as I can, you *will* receive the invoice today and I would be mega grateful if you could pay for your won item at your earliest convenience for a swift transfer of the final donation to LOROS.

Final push… let’s do it!




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