Happy Birthday, Richard!

In all the preparations for the big birthday bash I have forgotten one thing: my birthday post for Richard. So I am leaving the packing station for a moment to compose a few words to Richard, on his birthday. But before I do so – did you watch Richard’s hilarious birthday video? The good man – he has given *us* a gift on *his* birthday. Watch closely and watch til the end. Here it comes.

So, our birthday present has already been received. By Richard, that is, not LOROS (as payment will only process over the next few days).

Before you get too excited as the number is bigger than what I let on – Richard has kindly also included his own contribution in that number, and may also be acknowledging separate donations to LOROS in this impressive sum. But well, we definitely have a chunk in that, and once the funds are in my account and the postage costs have been identified, I will give you the full total.

But now – back to birthday boy. I am sending this message out into the universe to him:

Dear Richard,

it is hard to believe that you are turning 50 today. And that says it all! Age – just a number. It doesn’t say much about *who* you are and *what* you are. You are defined not by your date of birth, but by your achievements. From the successful career you have built, the talent you have honed, the experiences you have had in your life, the opinions you have formed, the friendships you have made, the people you have reached, the person you have become. I see a caring, funny, kind, humble, decent, articulate, talented, fascinating man with a hunger for artistic growth and expression.

Your birthday video – first production by White Boar Films? – resonated with me on many levels. I so agree with you that birthdays really should be celebrating the people who brought us into the world. Let’s face it, *they* had much more work on that occasion than ourselves. Especially our mothers. Also, like you, I missed a parent on *my* 50th birthday, something I had never expected. (My dad also died at the age of 74, like your mum.) However, our late parents are always with us, thanks be to DNA 😉.

But leaving sadness behind, your birthday is a reason to celebrate. Hope you have had a good day today – and many more such to come. I wish you all the best. May your next project always be your favourite, may you only have good encounters, and may that curiosity never run out. And now that you are fifty – heck, go wild, Richard. Now is the time to get that tattoo, dye your hair purple, blast gangsta rap from your car with the windows rolled down, learn how to sky-dive, wear those orange jeans, and generally behave as old as you *feel*, not as you are. *You* will never be old! 

Go easy on the cup cakes, and I hope you gave Orcrist a good wipe-down.

Lots of love,

Sonja ❤️



46 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Richard!

  1. What a wonderful message. 🥰 Especially this part:

    “May your next project always be your favourite, may you only have good encounters, and may that curiosity never run out.”

    I hope we have many, many years left to admire him and to collaborate on fun things in this fandom. ❤️

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    • This part is wonderful. Kate, you letter is also very lovely. And thank you for the Pompon Tag in elegant Guy’s black. How could you ever think that we will not want your creations? I wish you had seen Mr. Grazas expression then *his* British Spy Tag disappeared from the basket.

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      • Aww, thank you Garza. I’m happy you found something you liked. And I’m sorry your husband missed out on “his” spy guy. I’m delighted to know he watched the sales with you. ❤️


    • Thank you…
      And yeah, what is there to wish someone, except positive experiences. Ha, I should’ve said “next role” – because here is hoping he will continue his visible work and not switch behind the camera… Selfish wish…


    • Came for Richard, stayed for his fans. Well, also stayed for Richard, but the nice people I met play a huge part in keeping engaged in this fandom. Thanks, Suzanne!


  2. This is such a wonderful message, thank you for expressing things so beautifully, I agree completely with what you said. Here´s to more fun to come 🥂💗😊🎉🎂.

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    • Let’s hope he gives us more roles in front of the camera. I mean, I wish him all the best for *any* project, but selfishly I’d also like him to continue his acting career 😉


  3. I’m sorry you didn’t have your Dad there for your 50th. I’m sure it’s been a mixed blessing day for Richard today, without his Mum – the kindest person he knew.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get to the post office tomorrow but it takes a few days. I think this year must be a big year in number of parcels? Don’t rush it. 👏😘❤️


  4. I forgot to say, how clever that he tweaked his video at the end. So looks like he’s matching the jacket price, which is what he said he’d do. I wonder if he figured it would go for that much? J never did! 😱😎🥰😂


  5. Your birthday tribute is just wonderful. Your words capture beautifully what is difficult (for me) to express to RA who is so greatly admired. It was a thoughtful, funny and lovely video he shared. I look forward to seeing what his curiosity inspires next. You deserve massive thanks for your hard work on his auction and the impressive shipping activity currently going on at Guylty’s RApid Distribution Inc 😉❤️


    • Thank you Donna 🥰. His video was great. Nicely shot, as well – did he have his producer hat on? 😉 I liked his musings – and amusing script.
      Shipping activity in Guylty Towers nearly concluded. Last check-up now (checking contents against packing slips) then taping up. Possibly also buying online postage. Then a trip to the post office. Or three. 😁


  6. Thanks for sharing Richards birthday video. 50 is a big birthday and sad when can’t share with one or both parents. Both mine are gone for sometime now.


  7. What fun! It’s so lovely to come here and see all this positive energy and happiness. Good works for charity, Richard’s sweet, funny video, happy wishes, and one very special cupcake!


  8. Such lovely messages – from both you and RA. He is showcasing some film making skills there! It is wonderful that he acknowledged the auction at the end of his video. I wonder how he knew about the amount.


    • Thank you – yes, I really thought he had scripted (?) and planned it very well, and he did it really nicely. It looked the right amount of spontaneous – and was funny, too.
      As for amount… well….

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