2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #15

The week was really busy for me. Lots of work came in, and I was finally back to writing original pieces for my fashion blog. (It’s way more work but also way more rewarding.) I now know everything there is to know about the best sneakers to expect and invest in in 2022 😂. Yesterday I went back to volunteering in MoLI and had some really extensive and interesting conversations with visitors. There was an American visitor with whom I ended up chatting (about much more than only the museum, James Joyce and literature) for all of an hour! 😱 I made a super short clip of one of the exhibits that has gained some traction over on Twitter. Here you can see the immersive experience the museum provides.

There are no plans for the weekend, which means I will finally have time to get back to the crafting table. With all the new playthings I picked up in Germany, I can’t wait to get crafty. But before that, the weekly round-up.


  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard brings us Richard as James in MZ. A neat little set, reminding me of Richard’s statement that he would’ve liked to be an architect
  2. An iconic scene from RH, giffed by riepu10. “Fetch!”
  3. Astrovian did a digital painting of RA as sweaty Disco-Daniel. We never got to see that scene in BS, what a pity
  4. Photographer porn courtesy of Ray resp. riepu10
  5. Astrovian says what we all think. Where is Richard? Not even an Easter greeting from him 😉
  6. Not a post for readers with strong Christian beliefs, but here’s an Easter egg from thefrankshow
  7. I haven’t read this fan fic, but rangerofthewestt pairs RA with an OC for “War of Hearts”
  8. Fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North fan fic “Covert Eyes” goes to chapter 9
  9. Guy and his pants in What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  10. Huh? In the Vatican??? Do they have a TH fan shop there? Post by hobbitsoupbowl
  11. Not quite sure what a tumblr sleepover entails, but I like lathalea’s illustration to her post
  12. A sweet Bagginshield drawing by wheezingcrow

That’s a short one for today, but all the more time for you to enjoy the spring (autumn) weather 😉

Happy weekend,

Sonja ❤️


22 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #15

  1. I hadn’t even thought about an Easter message but my thoughts did turn to RA when I was reading about Prime Videos new show “Ten Percent “
    Managing an actors career might sound like a glamorous job, etc etc
    How we would all love to be secretly party to the chats between RA and his agents!
    Often I haven’t thought they have earned their ‘10 percent’

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    • Always an interesting thought to imagine what it would be like to work with RA. What kind of co-worker/boss is he? How does he work under pressure?
      Haven’t heard of that show, btw. Is it good?


  2. I have just bought a pair of sketchers as I find them more comfortable than many others. But having very fussy feet that seem to hurt with anything I wear I could very much do with advise on sneakers 😉 On a completely different note, your video reminded me of the interactive Van Gogh exibition I saw in Edinburgh, I think they are brilliant ideas to attract people that like art but are not too keen on just traditional museums.


    • I own several pairs of sketchers, too. I came across them when a friend let me try hers. Walking in them felt like stepping onto a really soft, thick carpet.
      It’s so difficult to make a museum about literature interesting in terms of exhibits. By nature, they are all about the written word. And so I appreciate it even more that the MoLI exhibits try to provide some other sensory experiences, too.

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  3. 5. Ah yes, that’s the reason, thank you for reminding me. By the way, I watched the Jeremy Irons version of that movie, and…wasn’t terribly impressed. With the whole story. The writing, mostly. But have faith. If there is ANYONE who can “make something” of a not-much-provided angsty, emotionally repressed male character, it is RA! Thornton, I’m looking at you. RA is going to redefine and OWN that character. I do really hope, however, they tone down the tragic accident at the end.


    • I saw the movie way back when, and it was clearly a story of its time… I’m sure they will update it somewhat. Angst – oh yes, RA can do that so well. My worry is more how they will handle the sex 😬.


    • It’s a pretty obvious one, but yeah, I would’ve shied away from it myself, just because I wouldn’t want to upset anyone with strong Christian beliefs…


  4. #2 He is so malevolent in that scene, even I have a hard time liking him. Great acting by Ricky.
    #4 Lovely. Ray is 🤤
    #9 *insert gif of that scene from Spooks* hashtag boiler suit


  5. I’m glad you have lots of work coming in (hope that’s a good thing!). The poetry interactive is great; i do admire the creativity of museum professionals in getting people to engage.
    Thanks for the round-up. 3) Disco Daniel LOL! Where are those missing scenes? We must see them! 5) And yes, RA has been quiet.


    • There is another cool element to that poetry visualisation: On the little tables that the visitor stands at, are lots of printed postcards with the text that is quoted. If you like one of the pieces, you can tear off the postcard from the pad and take it home as a souvenir.
      3) They really robbed us of those disco scenes…


  6. I feel your pain on the busy girl! 🌷 Even tho this post is a few months back, I hope you’ve gotten some renew, (enjoy life) time to yourself.
    I’m behind reading, posting, (try to have WAGW scheduled beforehand as I never know how held up at work I’ll be) laundry, vacuuming, etc. Still the hubs expects me to have dinner w/him every night. (!?!) Like he forgot who he hooked up with when we were uni-students. Men! 😆 Haha, I can’t make it too easy for him, or any other man for that matter. But I digress, instead of rambling on an on, I have comments on a couple of your selections.

    [6] Damn, that celebrity Jesus is one I’ll have to share with a few women I know.

    [ 7 & 8] I hope to check out these fanfics soon. They sound like the distraction I need too.

    [9] thank you for finding humor, (or whatever catches your interest/eye 👁) in WAGW goodies and including me in your lineup. Must thank the man w/the long yummy legs too. (sigh . . . damn his distracting tall ass!)

    I look forward to your list every week and apologize I don’t seem to ever stay current. Being called back to work again. Hope to be back here soon. 😁


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