2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #11

It’s been a good long time, but yesterday I was back volunteering at MoLI for the first time. It was almost strange to be in there without a mask hiding half my face, and speaking to the visitors also felt way more personal. I got such a buzz out of chatting to a young American couple who were so delighted that I could give them some information about the Irish poet they were researching… In my absence (since before Christmas), exhibitions have changed, so I had to refamiliarise myself with the various expos. This is a new space in the Ivy Room where a couple of comfy sofas invite our visitors to sit and listen to music celebrating the Joyce family’s own deep love for music…

But now on to this week’s round-up! New header! Of course!!

  1. Thorin’s Royal Ask Box continues to be open. Lathalea writes for the King
  2. Astrovian’s response to the newly announced project
  3. Another one of riepu10’s fantastic “static over moving” gifs – Mr Thornton
  4. Sometimes the hashtags are better than the post content 😂. Posted by cinephiliaisnotadisease
  5. Armitangel-72 has put together a collage of sleeping RA. It makes me feel wide awake, though!
  6. For all those who are already worried about possible health (heart!) implications when watching the erotic thriller, I recommend some prophylactic viewing of these gifs by riepu10. Just for slow attuning to future onslaught
  7. Indeed, the contrast makes it extra special. Edit by thewarriorandtheking
  8. Full length RA from various events. I am looking at you, Kate! Posted by deepinthelight
  9. Damaged Goods by middleearthpixie is now on ch. 47!!!
  10. Jeepers. That Astrov chap could have filled a whole cardiac clinic with that devastatingly gorgeous hair… eh… smile. Gifs by riepu10
  11. A quote by Richard on a nice picture, put together by iviasha
  12. *sniggers* Now, that was unexpected. A What a Guy Wants quip by nfcomics

Ha, 8 days in a row! Take that, WordPress 😛

Everybody else – have a nice weekend!

Sonja ❤️


15 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #11

  1. Thorin’s royal ask box is soooo good – *almost* makes me create a tumbler account… but fortunately because of your great roundups I don’t have to! 😁 so thank you even more!


  2. I doubt we will ever see RA as muscular as John Proctor again and in this new role he is more likely to be slim as its more cerebral than action (well not that kind anyway)


  3. Lovely gif by Paula and the sleeping RA is very nice. Makes you want to snuggle right up to him. And Proctor… forever phwoar.
    I have saved some of the pictures you pointed out for my head-to-toe folder. Always good to have new RAw materials for RAngels.
    LOL on WAGW—one of the best ever, I’d say. 😂


  4. You took the words right out of my mouth re: the Proctor gifs. RA will likely never look quite that buff again. Still, Irons’ slender build didn’t prevent him from exuding passion out of every pore. I have no doubt RA will do likewise.

    We’ve reached the end of Damaged Goods, but I’ve consoled myself with Pixie’s tale of Thorin lost in NYC, titled Where I Belong. Ten chapters in, and an intriquing read thus far.


    • Buff is good, but not buff is also fit 😁. I’m sure RA will get his sexy on for this 😉
      Oh, I have to dip into Pixie’s Thorin tale. (But before that I have to catch up with Damaged Goods.)


  5. I was wondering how #6 is supposed to help 😂 only later I did read *for slow attuning*. Oh, there was one empty seat in the front row.


  6. Masks have become a sort of security blanket and it does feel weird not wearing them. I like the photograph of the Ivy Room, it has Edward Hopper vibes. Thanks for the round up Guylty and for trying to build up our resistance to Armitage eRoticA. I am not sure that it is working yet as I have been smirking at moving John talking to static John’s crotch in the last of Reipu’s gorgeous gifs!


    • I agree re. the masks. I am still wearing them when I go shopping (or last night when I went to a rap concert). I feel safer that way.
      LOL – John talking to the crotch 😂. I hadn’t noticed, but the irony…

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