2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

I’m frustrated. It all started last week when the bathroom light bulb gave out. Mr Guylty replaced it with a new bulb. So far, so good. But the new bulb is much brighter than the old one, and suddenly the bathroom looks so grimy and dirty, something needs to be done. So I was on my knees today, scrubbing the floor, washing down the walls, cleaning sink and toilet. And tbh, it looks worse than before. The bathroom needs a major overhaul. Or maybe I just need to get a new but dim lightbulb 😂? Well, at least I have ticked the first point off my to do list. Let’s go to #2, the round-up.

  1. Is this how Richard manages his IG account? A thought by astrovian
  2. Middleearthpixie’s Modern!AU Playing with Fire goes to chapter 23
  3. Since the trailer for TMFR has vanished again, here is a link to a download via astrovian
  4. And for concentrating on Quarty only, riepu10 has a set of gifs here
  5. Important questions that need to be asked. I think the answer is ‘yes’. Posted by astrovian
  6. Some honest words by fizzyxcustard on the question whether RA is fly. Discuss?
  7. For a change, here is a bit of intense Lucas, courtesy of riepu10
  8. And just to give Porter a bit of love (sort of), here is RA BTS on the set of SB, giffed by riepu10
  9. LOL, yes, that’s my favourite part of TH as well. Post by kaleidemaran
  10. And a gif set (part 2) by richardarmitagefanpage from the TMFR trailer

*erks*, not that much to link to this week. Does that mean I have to return to cleaning now? 😖 Maybe I should because the faster I get that done, the sooner I get back to my desk and do some creative stuff. That red Damage photo from yesterday has given me ideas…

Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend!

Sonja ❤️

PS: This gif can never be posted too often.



26 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

  1. Quality summary. Tumblr may lure me back with posts like these if Twitter devolves under EM.
    Check to see if Mr. Guylty installed a cool or a warm bulb and the lumens. LEDs take less wattage than conventional, so may be brighter than old. Try a warm bulb.


    • I think that is what happened – it’s a bright LED light. I actually quite like that it gives so much light. (I just wish my bathroom was cleaner 😂)


  2. The round-up is good. Stop cleaning 😉 May is too beautiful and too short 😊
    Yes, Guylty, I know I have to exercise 😂


    • I agree. Although he is sending mixed messages. Sometimes he is a mega humble pie, other times he declares that he “knows what he is selling”… But well, it all adds to the mystery… 😂


    • Great tip. I just did it and had a look. I see the big lens of a camera beside him there. (Arri is a well-known film camera maker from Germany.) So I guess this is him taking a quick selfie while he is shooting a scene inside a car.


  3. You must be aging well. The last thing I would notice with new bulb is dingy bathroom. I would look in mirror and be horrified by all the new wrinkles I have , not to mention brown spots and assorted imperfections. Can living in Ireland is better for your skin than living in Southern California. Ya think?


    • Oh, don’t worry, Kathy. I am usually absolutely repulsed by the horrible, wrinkly hag I see in my bathroom mirror – even when the light is dim. But I have brought a technique to perfection by which I avoid looking at my reflection in the mirror 😂. Instead I look at the floor 😱


  4. Re no. 5: My answer would be a clear “NO”, I think one can see the chest hair in your wonderful gif, that really can’t be posted often enough 😀 (tbh, that was the first I looked at as well…. chest hair, that is. Right after the shadowy opening at the top of his pants. Hrm.)


  5. I have nothing new to add to comments about the roundup as others have already said that (#5) there is absolutely a shadow in the gif where his small patch of chest hair lives, and (#7) always enjoy watching him talk with his hands. Perhaps, like me, his ancestry includes some Italian.
    Baking. Much more rewarding — and tasty — than cleaning. 😂


  6. I have been struggling recently with lightbulbs, the choice seems to be either piercingly bright interrogation light or depressing Stygian gloom.
    Thanks for the great round-up, Guylty,
    6) RA is effortlessly cool when he wants but big enough to be silly too.
    7) there is always more to discover with shots of lovely Lucas.


  7. LOL that’s why I LOVE sunshine but not when it shows too well that I haven’t dusted a room for far too long…BTW, that part of TH from point 9 is my new favourite too


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