2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #36

Do you sometimes think that you have to pay for every good day with a bad day? That’s a rather pessimistic way of looking at things, I guess, and probably caused by the “bad day” I am having today. The good day was yesterday. First a friend gifted me an Eileen Gray side table – a piece that I have always wanted because I love Bauhaus-style design and Eileen Gray was an Irish designer who created some remarkable pieces. Later in the day our friend cooked dinner for us (roast pheasant with black spuds and black carrots) and then spoilt us with oysters. It was the first time I ever had an oyster, and I admit I wasn’t really enthusiastic about slurping it down. But I am glad I did. I might eat oysters again… As for the bad day – Mr Guylty had a very bad night, and I am very worried. He has no energy, has trouble breathing. We took a Covid test and thankfully that is negative. But yeah, bad days seem to be payment for good days…

Sorry for the morose start. And just as I am writing this, I am just noticing a beautiful rainbow outside my window. That’s got to be a good sign 🌈. Not the prettiest of views out the back of my house, but the rainbow elevates even the ugliest of sights.

Here’s this week’s round-up.

  1. Newer fans: If you haven’t read up on Richard’s attendance many years ago at the 24 hour plays in the Old Vic, check out mezzmerizedbyrichard’s post!
  2. Chapter 28 of middleearthpixie’s After the Fire
  3. Richardarmitagefanpage has a new photo of Father Quart
  4. Also from richardarmitagefanpage, this interview snippet about Richard, latest Iberophile
  5. Customary Guy-gif by riepu10
  6. Had to snort at the meme reposted by wineandthrandy, originally by lotrstolkien
  7. Lots of screenshots of Father Quart by richardarmitagefanpage
  8. Olya-dwarf puts lots of Quart close-ups into an edit
  9. Also from olya-dwarf, lots of Quart in a fun slide-show
  10. I always love linasofia’s fan-fic accompanying headers. This one is *chefskiss*
  11. A Ray Levine fan fic by fizzyxcustard called So Close, garnished with a nice gif
  12. Strange how the brown eyes immediately make this gif set by riepu10 of James from MZ look weird…
  13. Hehe, Guy is quite the frustration solver. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

13, lucky number? 😉

Hope your day is going well!

Sonja ❤️


40 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #36

  1. I know the feeling you describe re good and bad days… but I sincerely hope Mr Guylty feels better! Hardly bearable if you cannot really help in the 1st place.
    Thanks for the links – I even had the time to read some of the tumblr posts you mention, quarantined in my room under the rooftop…
    Best wishes for a less stressful weekend!


  2. I hope mr Guylty’s health can improve soon. Best wishes and love from me and all mini Nottingham, hoping that you’ll have only good days from now on ❤


  3. Good and healing thoughts with you! I wake up feeling dread at times; the Round-up today made me smile and thanks for that. Enjoying reading abt your language classes the museum, your travels, and all things RA always!


  4. I’m sorr to hear Mr.G is going through a bad patch but hopefully he will improve soon. Any news from the medics ?. Love and hugs🫂❤️❤️.


    • Thank you Deirdre. We are currently waiting to hear about a further test that he is supposed to go to hospital for. They said they wanted to do it “within the next couple of weeks”. But that was 3 weeks ago. Sigh…


  5. Best wishes for a good weekend after a bad start. A rainbow is always a good sign. Greetings to Mr Guylty
    I think Father Q has a lot of Daniel from BS in the pictures. And I don’t like his brown eyes.
    On the side note: why get I a lot of advertisement for appartments in Portugal on your side?


  6. Please don’t apologize, no wonder you’re worried. I hope that Mr. Guylty can breathe more freely after he has rested a bit during the day and that he feels a little better now. I hope that despite the fact that the night and morning hours were so difficult for both of you, the evening will be calmer and better.
    #1 Thank you for linking to this beautiful story. I would love to see this show! And on the bus, I with my broken English, would have to remain silent for 15 minutes to maintain my dignity. Well, maybe apart from saying: hi, great show, bye. A disaster, but well, I would be pleased to be silent for 15 minutes in such company, and Richard could rest. Simone had a very nice adventure. But there is no need to be afraid of embarrassing us with my English, taking into account how much fortune likes me, it would be a miracle if this play took place at all.
    #12 I love brown eyes, for reasons, since dark, tall, with brown eyes is exactly my type. But you are right, in nature that eye color looks better and Richard’s natural eye color is beautiful and amazing, and suits him much better, even if he looks great with brown eyes too. The brown eye color he needed due to the plot of the film. In this scene, he was supposed to look nervous. So I like this GIFs. Even if I’m probably one of the few people who is glad he played in this movie. Well, Julie based the idea of the film on a talk with Kieślowski, and some of his films impressed me too. Richard played really great, simply stunning. It‘s a pity that this movie was not appreciated more.
    But the most important thing is that Mr. Guylty should feel a little better and that you don’t have to worry so much. Big hug.


    • Thank you, Graza. And yes, Mr Guylty felt much better yesterday. We eventually discovered that there had been a leak in the tubing of his oxygen machine. That will have accounted for him feeling so out-of-breath. And I was also wondering whether one of the 2 oysters he had, may have been off – or he might have had an allergic reaction to it. Anyhow, the rest was good, but he felt well enough to get up again today.
      The story of RA at the 24 hour plays is really fun, right? And it is somewhat hidden away in inactive blogs, so not that easy to find when you are a newer fan. I thought the whole story of that play was hilarious – the husband being “reborn” as Richard Armitage 😂.


      • It’s so good to hear Mr. Guylty is feeling better! And that this problem could have been caused by a leak in the tubing of his oxygen machine, so mainly in technical matters. You had a brilliant idea to check it out. I have never eaten oysters, but you are right, they are not recommended for everyone. Most importantly, that Mr. Guylty feels a little better.
        I would never find this story of the 24 hour plays myself, thanks again. Haha, the whole story of that play is soooo hilarious 😂 (poor Richard, how he managed to play it not giggling all the time or that he wasn’t pissed that they’d come up with something like that 😂). To play himself it couldn’t be easy, I’d never heard of anything like that. And he even danced. What a fun for the audience. And we weren’t there, what a historical injustice. It must have been so much fun 😊
        Have a nice Sunday. ❤️


        • Historical injustice is right!
          I’m sure Richard was all blushes and embarrassment that he had to play himself… 😉 Not really his thing, I’d say. But he is always a good sport.


  7. Sending good thoughts your way for Mr. Guylty. I also catch myself thinking that “my number is up” as it were occasionally. Damned brains. 😔

    Thank you for the roundup, once again lovely Guy stuff. I also like that mood board for the padre. And I’m with you about the brown eyes. I don’t dislike brown eyes in general. There are gorgeous people with gorgeous brown eyes. Either he simply doesn’t suit them or the fact that it’s contacts and not natural brown eyes might be the problem. They look a bit dead to me. He has an expressive face, so this look is jarring.


    • The brain is really sometimes a hindrance rather than a help 😂
      Brown eyes are actually really beautiful imo. However, having RA known with blue eyes only, the brown eyes really stand out. And not in a good way. It’s interesting how much difference such a detail can make.


    • After I discovered RA I made it my mission to read through the back log of posts on your blog and Calorexa’s! Holes in my memory these days but IIRC there was a photo of Calorexa dressed up ready for her evening out, and I remember her decision regarding her “line in the sand.” Reading Simone’s account of her gala evening was such a thrill, and I reread it this weekend with the same joy as all those years ago.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah — I think she wrote about it on her own blog?

        It was a total uproar — we were so thrilled! At the time I was sad that I couldn’t go (to London for a weekend — yeesh!) but in retrospect, I was suffering from such severe Armitagemania at the time that it’s just as well. I wouldn’t have been able to hold my s*** together and she must have had amazing self-control. I remember vaguely that she did get get to have a real conversation with him at one of the Hobbit premieres, maybe the NYC one where they were selling tables at a benefit?


  8. Sending positive vibes that Mr G’s current respiratory issues are only a momentary blimp and that he’ll stabilize and feel more energetic soon.
    Totally get the good day/bad day mindset. I thought it was the Jew in me. 😂 Guess it’s a universal condition. Wishing you more good days ahead.


    • Hehe, no, I have always had this irrational and stupid mindset that you have to “pay” for all the good things with some challenges…
      Mr Guylty started feeling better and is up on his feet again. Thank you!


  9. thank you very much for the 24hour link – it was the first time that I read about it!
    and all the best to Mr Guylty! I hope he feels better! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞


  10. Thank you for my inclusion in the roundup. I’ve edited my post for the correct date – it was 2010 not 2011! I’d worked out 2011 was the year I was in the early throes of my crush and it must’ve stuck *eyeroll*
    I’ve always loved first hand fan accounts of seeing/meeting RA and for me this one of Simone’s is particularly special. Lucky gala audience. I still need to see him dance – that scene in Uncle Vanya was just a tantalising taste!
    Hugs to you and wishing Mr Guylty all the very best.


    • It’s such a lovely story, and a massive thank you for resurrecting it from the past. Those days will never come back, I’d say. (Just can’t imagine RA sitting on a bus with “the plebs” 😉 right now.)
      The first-hand fan accounts of encounters are always fun. I’m trying to remember whether one of the major fan sites used to have a section dedicated to that? That would be a happy place to go to whenever one needed a bit of cheering up…


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