Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #10

So, have you recovered from the onslaught that was the whole Anglophile steamroll interview? It’s been covered extensively on all channels of Social Media communication, so I am going to ignore the ripples it left on tumblr – we’ve seen it all, I suppose. Instead I am going to hit you with Armitage beaaaaaaaaaaaauty courtesy of Getty….
Embed from Getty Images

Yeah, I love the casual Armitage!! Ok, and with that, let’s get into the weekly round-up of all things mentionable and unmentionable on tumblr.

new round up header

  1. Is anyone else thinking of Lordi (not Lorde!)? I love this and I say hail, hail Rock’n’Roll
  2. A post from an original piece of art on deviantart. But can you really blame me? This is so hothothot…
  3. Careful, Richard, I think this “Bungate” is going to haunt you forever now  (by gimmesherlock)
  4. Ok, John Porter is hardly new. But look at gif #4. That is so unbelievably real looking, I can hardly believe it is acted. Congrats, RA – you are a master actor. (Gifs by armistone)
  5. This didn’t take wewillburntogether long… and thank goodness it’s only taken the master’s quote literally… One blushes when one things of figurative speech!
  6. This blast from the past is always re-blog-worthy – Lego, Thorin, chest-hairitage (hello AwkCeleb!!! *ggg*), visibly moved Armitage, possibly some other -tage, if you believe the comment of the creator of this gif set… say no more!
  7. Those melons are killers, I am telling you… I laughed so hard at this picture by kenjina …
  8. Love love love this instrument…hate hate hate that shoot (nearly prevented me from including this as a link in here…), by Jollytr
  9. Hair porn? Yes! Concentration on the essentials – again. by Hanni and Canni
  10. Cool gif technology makes old images look good. Love this one by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  11. If you like Lego, you’ll love this – is this actually real???
  12. In need of a printable calendar for the month of March? r-armitage-characters-home has one (or more) for all needs
  13. Guy’s texts from last night never fail to amuse me. But granted, my humour is rather pubescent
  14. Size totally matters!

Right, that’s it for this week. Hope you have found something you like. I can’t resist one thing, though – well, you can’t have enough sleek and streamlined Armitage. So here we go – just don’t forget to breathe, girls, those legs are endless – your puff of breath isn’t…
Embed from Getty Images


17 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #10

  1. Great selection. I look forward to much more from Armitaaaaaage. Those jeans he’s wearing in your long legs photo gotta have some spandex in them I have a hysterical visual in my head of him getting his feet into them – I’ve struggled with that many times ( not in his pants, of course).


    • Glad I can still provide some entertainment to my tumblr friends 🙂
      Can’t access my site right now, but will try and set the last link right asap. Thanks for that, Zee!!


  2. You can include VI. in every round-up and I won’t complain one bit. X. is hard to stop looking at, isn’t it? The last one says “not found”, and I refuse to believe it’s due to size issues! 😀


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