2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #11

Waiting. Still waiting. Have another cup of tea. What’s happening on WordPress? Ah, no news. Surfing over to Twitter. Blablabla. Nothing to see. Damn. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d love another selfie now. Well. When did my expectations rise so high? Must have been that whole summer of love thing. Too bad that’s done. Tumblr? Ah, Tumblr is the place. Chuckles. Oh, new cartoons. Click. Another great contribution to the 31 Day Challenge. Click. Copy. Paste. Oh, and all the pictures. Seen them before, but not in this compilation. Great. Sated. Tumblr, old stalwart.

Here we go.round up header NZ 11

  1. I’ll always watch your back, too, Thorin. By radiorcrist
  2. In the absence of anything discernible from the Hannibal set, here is rdjpwns’ fanart that pictures Dolarhyde
  3. LOL – now that is what I call really intricate, artistic design by timozoe
  4. nfcomics puts Guy in a hairy situation
  5. Awwww – cute. I don’t think samsscentury is the artist, but she put together the post on the cute cartoon and the Lee fore- and Rich afterword
  6. OMG, this is brilliant. radiorcrist and ineffeblemess are more or less creating a comic contest between each other. Love the animated drawings of radiorcrist. Posting the comics here via yungarnet to keep them in context, but the artists are radiorcrist and ineffeblemess
  7. Jassy2101 posts an edit by Fernanda Matias on FB – stage door London, I take it? But nice
  8. Richard really rocks a scarf, as proven by Jahoe1960
  9. OMGHAHAHAHA – this video by thranduillie is priceless
  10. mzperx0506universe brings together a wonderful quote from Peter Jackson about Richard as Thorin and an edit
  11. Another compilation by jahoe1960 – not pointing the finger or anything…
  12. *snorts* *chuckles* THAT benign grin on the face of richardbirdwitharmsitage…
  13. I really enjoyed buajai’s answer to Day 25 of the 31DRAC – not least because of all gifs used effectively for illustration
  14. Looks like there is a new confession box out there. This is the first one for richardarmitage-confidential that I remember seeing?
  15. Not sure what the context here is, but I laughed at this one by solarjupiter
  16. gimmethehobbit has an interpretation of the Toronto airport pics
  17. And another one by shisanlv here
  18. notallwhowanderarelost2 shoes her favourite RA photo shoot with the appropriate final image
  19. And solarjupiter knows what Richard looks like under his clothes…
  20. richards-smile compiles all we need to know about Richard and socks
  21. keep-calm-and-support-richlee finds evidence that Richard is trying to look taller than he is *grins*
  22. thorinsburgular wants to start an Armitage Army Network
  23. NSFW! drabble of a very dreamboaty, sweet and rather hot John Porter by triple-r-porn
  24. *giggles* sweet. I’d love martinfreemansdollhands’ edit as an emoji

So yeah, got my fix on Tumblr this week. With a bit more of a fall-out for you. Hope you have enjoyed it.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone – I’ll be out and about today and tomorrow, so my replies to your comments will probably be a bit delayed.

Guylty ❤


13 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #11

  1. Great list of stuff as per usual. Hit the home tag of the new Confessional blog – they started posting last Tuesday and seems to be posting daily. Wank and drama free, so no I’ve nothing to do with it! LOL! I DON”T think I’d be welcome at the new AAN…and I NEEEEED to do the RA 31 day thingie. I started it and then went on sabattical…

    For those following (3 of you) The Shepherd has been updated (not the one you saw the roughdraft of, girlfriend!) and I’m hoping to update Nemo before I leave town tomorrow afternoon for a business trip through Tuesday. (This is an IMPORTANT business trip all prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated)

    A great round-up as usual! Has spring found its way to your corner of the world? We’ve reached the pollen/rain portion of our seasons. (Pollen/rain, Scorching hell, brown scorching hell,meh with a slight chance of OMGISTHATSNOWWE”REALLGONNADIE! aka spring, summer, fall, winter)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you like it.
      Yeah, some new stuff there. I don’t really know what the new network aims for. A safe place to congregate in? I suspect I wouldn’t be their target group, either, since I don’t post original stuff anymore. But maybe it’ll develop into a hub, so I thought it might interrst others…
      The RA31DC has completely fallen by my wayside. It just didn’t muster up the energy to do it on tumblr. I probably would be more motivated to do it here because the feedback is stronger here…
      Oooh, new Shepherd instalment? Just what I need tonight. On my pwn, so would appreciate some Guy love…
      As for spring – it has befn a most beautiful spring day in the place I am in. Sunshine all day, gorgeous. Too much wind for any pollen. I am very happy tonight. Hope the pollen is not going to have too much of an impact on you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The New31 has filled up my dash – they’re also doing it on one of the FB groups.

        I have too much drama surrounding me, not to mention someone blamed the Army for my Foot in Mouth Disease. (And not apologizing for it,) So DEFINITELY most likely not welcome.

        Yep, a new Shepherd and a new Nemo simply waiting for me to tag and post. I’ve got a business trip I’m leaving for in the afternoon and I’ll be gone until Tuesday. I’m taking the laptop so probably during downtime, I can get it posted, finished Roland part 4 (might be part 4 and 5 as it’s so big) and finished the html tagging and loading pictures for Hers. (14 chapters. Short, but 14 chapters!) I’d like to get Roland done, beta’d and posted before I start loading Hers. I usually post Big Bang chappies once a week, but I’m considering twice a week with this one. Nah. Once a week.

        POP! Thorin has been keeping track of my packing this afternoon. It’s been amusing…


  2. Ganz kurz: Danke ❤ fürs Sammeln, und weil ich derzeit nicht so in der Stimmung bin, nur drei Anmerkungen:

    Alles, was Humor sein sollte, war es auch, und das kam gerade richtig.

    Nr. 14: Ich hatte mich schon eine Weile gefragt, ob es bald bei den ursprünglichen Confessions mal übelst krachen würde, oder ob der Mod alles hinschmeißen würde oder so … – Die Möglichkeit, dass jemand eine neue Seite ins Leben rufen würde, war mir nicht eingefallen. Schön, dass jemand da weiter gedacht hat als ich! 🙂

    Nr. 23 muss dir ja gefallen: "Even his arm pits look strangely sexy to you." *gg*


    • Einerseits ja schön, dass es alternative Beichtmöglichkeiten gibt. Nur irgendwie auch wieder ein weiterer Schritt Richtung Zersitterung des Fandoms. Also zwar ligisch und als Faninitiative/fan expression immer unterstützenswert, aber auch schade, dass sowas nötig ist…


  3. Armitage auf Zehenspitzen (21). Da hat er wohl gedacht, dass keiner sein Rumgekasper in der letzten Reihe bemerkt. Tja, falsch gedacht Schatzi. Hier im Fandom ist immer irgendwo eine unterwegs, der das auffällt. So was macht man besser, wenn man nicht direkt neben Mr McT. steht, der ja mal mind. gleich groß, wenn nicht sogar größer ist. Also, obacht bei der strategischen Positionierung für das Gruppenbild.


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