Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/15

SalteesYou are reading this while I am on the road. Or on a teeny tiny island off the East coast of Ireland. It’s so tiny, you wouldn’t even see the speck of land in George’s Channel, had I not marked it on the map (open in new window to see large). We’re going for a picnic. That’s what my in-laws like to do. 20 people, a bottle of Guinness and an apple. Well, maybe not this time – it’s my mil and fil’s 50th wedding anniversary, and the clan has gathered to spend the weekend celebrating them. We have taken over a whole country house for the occasion, and hopefully the weather will hold.

I have had to compile this week’s round-up Friday afternoon as I had to spend the evening baking a cake. German pastry products always get a good response abroad… Tumblr this week was dominated by all the imagery from #BerlinStation filming in Fuerteventura. I am including them – it’s nice to have them handy.

Round-up v2

  1. Ok, let’s start off with some picture collections of screen caps of the Fuerteventura filming. You can never have too many of those, right? Here’s one by armitagefan
  2. And another by jassy2101
  3. And clematis70 gives us the full length
  4. Oh, and I have always wanted this. At least gif 1 in this set of four by ghisborne. Richard Armitage breathing. Could watch this for hours. Ok, well, for a minute
  5. I have always been a huge RARA fan. With Ascroft’s slightly different b/w “grid shot” of RA turning up, this small collection of two colour pics by Ascroft had me transfixed for a few minutes. Not new – but I am glad richardcfarmitage reposted these
  6. Another well-known photograph (Dunn), but in combination with the quote provided by mzperx0506universe, I can only say RA is all sweet ingnoRAnce…
  7. LOL – not sure whether I have seen this “motivational poster” by melisandetumnus before
  8. Thursday throws back clematis70 to baby!Richard as Ian Macalwain in Ultimate Force
  9. Did you follow the Hannibal prop auctions? Here’s one example – the Belstaff jacket went for… well, click the link to hannibal-auction-closing-bids and find out
  10. An anonymous poses a particular question at worldofarmitage. What do you think? Discuss
  11.  Victorian love – a photo set by b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d that will have Johnlock up in arms
  12. Interesting richardarmitagequotes. Did they cut that scene???? 
  13. For those of you not on Twitter: Sinnaminie has made another semi-nude plushie (now, if that doesn’t get your attention…)
  14. Playazindaback has a Twitter timeline that quips funny comments 
  15. A richardarmitageconfession that has me teetering between a resounding yes – and a “I quite like my freedom, though”…
  16. Nfcomics and another naughty What a Guy Wants
  17. Clematis70 takes the “guess the chaRActer” game audio. Listen and identify
  18. I’m with and-then-theres-that. I don’t think that is a weird search at all!!!

Well, and look what I found at the end of the internet tumblr:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 17.14.22

Really? That’s it for Richard? No way!

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies! I’ll enjoy mine.

Guylty ❤

PS: Here’s another cleaned-up RA Leeds picture. I really like this one – check the phone case…

RA Leeds clean 3

57 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/15

  1. Have a great weekend, Guylty! Sounds wonderful as long as you don’t get snowed in!

    Mmm, #4, #5, and #6 just about finishes me off. 😍
    I love how in the first gif of #4 it’s not just breathing, but also relaxing his shoulders.

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    • Just back from the trip – no snow but sunburn! I always forget about that in Ireland. When the sun comes out (and you are on an island) you quickly get burnt. It was absolutely stunning! We were so lucky with the weather…
      I think I’ll have to check that gif in #4 again 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • The country house was really lovely. Very comfy rooms, and we had the run of it because we basically had booked all the available rooms. When we got back to the hotel after an early dinner last night, we put on a show for the grandparents with poems, songs and dance, and finished the evening off with charades. A lovely family weekend…

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  2. Save some cake for me. Country house on a little island sounds lovely. Right now I am on a ship approaching the Panama canal. Guatemala tomorrow. Thank Goodness for the roundup keeping me up to date.


  3. Ein wunderbares Wochenende mit entsprechendem Wetter wünsche ich dir. Die Voraussetzungen für eine schöne Feier scheinen ja schon mal gegeben zu sein. Ich hoffe, du hast Spaß!
    Deine kleine Sammlung bringt jedenfalls Spaß in mein sehr gewöhnliches Wochenende. 🙂


    • Das war auch für mich ein außergewöhnliches Wochenende, und der Wettergott war uns hold. So sehr, sogar, dass wir uns alle gestern die Nase verbrannt haben, als wir auf dem Inselchen waren. Das Gesicht spannt ein wenig jetzt, aber das war es wert.


      • Sonnenbrand im April?? Man lernt nie aus.
        Jetzt weiß ich, dass ich bei einer (unwahrscheinlichen) Reise auf eine irische Insel auch so früh im Jahr schon Sonnencreme benutzen muss – da muss das Schätzelchen auf La Palma auch dran denken – na ja, da wird wahrscheinlich für ihn dran gedacht…
        Ein Agent mit sich pellender Nase würde nicht sooo gut wirken 🙂


  4. love the Hannibal Closing Bids blog! aside from curbing my curiosity about what the items finally went for, I like the no-nonsense approach (and the “get help” button in the sidebar. LOL)


    • It was interesting to see where it all ended up, yes. Good to know that some fans have won items that will remind them of their favourite show. Quite a good idea, I think, an auction like that!

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      • I found the results really interesting. the things I thought would go for a lot of money didn’t, and the things I thought no one would even want, ended up getting sold for a lot! but as was said in one of the posts on the blog, it’s all about what it means to *you*. I may not be able to fathom paying large sums of money for some of those props but that’s b/c that particular prop had no connection to me personally. just like I wouldn’t buy Richard’s jacket but if I had the money I definitely would have liked to buy Dolarhyde’s lock & key. b/c that scene meant something to me, that key symbolized something for me. so, diff’t strokes for diff’t folks and all that, but it was neat to see what everything ended up going for in the end 🙂


        • I liked the fan service aspect of the blog. The comments were rather vitriolic, but well… I had no personal interest in bidding for or owning one of those items. It would mean nothing to me. But I do understand that others feel differently. And while 900$ may be a lot of money to me, it might be less to the person who forked it out for the jacket. Or it may be the same, but he/she felt it was worth it. If it makes him/her happy, it was definitely worth it.


          • vitriol aside, I did like the opinions on whether the bidder got a good deal or not. I would have no idea what a high end dress coat or suit goes for, or a silk shirt or designer glasses, etc. and then the point about the break away glass and how the tea cups will end up melting if they’re not stored properly,etc. I tend to take what I need from sites like that and brush the rest off to the side. it’s just the same old song and dance about fans being fanatics; it’s old news. I laughed at the “get help” button for the pure audacity of it. the way I see it is, if I paid large amounts of money for movie props, yeah some might think I’m crazy but that’s their problem not mine. I would be happy with my purchases, and that’s all that matters in the end 🙂

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            • I think everyone draws lines for thresholds of disagreements. To me this blog is basically encouraging ad hominem, and that’s a kind of disagreement that I won’t have in my personal space. (Obvs this is someone else’s blog and as I said, my fault for looking at this more closely.) I personally think it’s destructive to fandoms when people write this stuff. But naturally, it is their right to do so.


              • it’s a shame that we can’t be secure enough in pursing our own joys that we need to tarnish the joys of others but, unfortunately, there will always be those who do so. all we can really do, as you say, is just try to keep them out of our space :/


                • I have to say, I am more or less beyond the point where I care what someone else thinks about my particular way of fangirling. Especially when criticism comes from another fan, I always think “you are sitting in a glasshouse, and you are throwing stones…”

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              • Well, I wasn’t even sure whether this was written by a fan as such. With the “expertise” in it, it reminded me of an autograph hunter who is in it for the saleability of the items, not for the sentimental value that a fan would attach to them…


                • I take the distinction, but I’d argue that in this case the autograph hunter is in the same category as the fan — collecting something that can be said to lack intrinsic value. In the end, an autograph only can have value because the signer is in some way famous — isn’t the collector thus also a “fan” of celebrity? Otherwise why not simply collect random autographs from all people.


  5. hope you had fun!

    Thanks for posting that Hannibal Closing Bids thing — I did want to know what that jacket went for — but I’m sorry that I looked more closely at the blog. My fault. The fan shame squad tires the h*** out of me.


    • I have to admit I never looked at the whole blog, but only that one link – otherwise I probably would have added a word of caution. I checked it out after I read your comment, and I was a bit taken aback by the tone. Especially as I took from one of the post, that the blog owner is also in the business of buying fan items. Th comments in the posts seemed either incongruous or bad-loser-ish to me, but well, whatever. I just hope that the people who won the auctions, are happy with their purchase. That’s all that counts.

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  6. IKR? Plus the whole question of what something is worth is so highly objective (based on your income, the other priorities you have, what the object means to you, why it has the meaning it does, etc.). They were measuring everyone else’s choices by their own priorities. Like you, I hope that everyone enjoys what they were purchased.

    I read the whole thing because I wanted to see what the only item I was interested in (the outfit with the Ecco boots) went for, but no dice.


  7. Good to read that you had such a brilliant WE…. Und als kleines Mitbringsel gibts eine extra glossy rote Nase im Gesicht! Well done, you!
    As to 12: The notorious/delicious (who knows?? 😔 ) table scene wasn’t in the final film. But they gave us a short glimpse of it on a photo used as a sort of blackmail (as far as I remember.. ☺ Still haven’t finished Series 9 (Hüstel!!) After all this years………..



  8. Leicht *husthust* verspätet: Besten Dank für die Zusammenstellung.

    #4 finde ich auch fesselnd, also, das erste Dings. Tief einatmen, geistig umschalten, zur anderen Person werden. – Man sieht’s. 🙂

    #2 gibt mir die Meldung, dass ich mich gefälligst bei tumblr anmelden soll, wenn ich das sehen will. – Schade, ich find’s immer interessant zu sehen, was andere eingefangen haben. (Aber nicht interessant genug, um mich bei noch einer Sache zu registrieren, die zu nutzen mir eh die Zeit und Lust fehlt.)

    Schön zu hören, dass das Wochenende so toll war! 🙂


    • Erstaunlich, wie interessant es ist, anderen beim Atmen zuzusehen, nech…?
      Und vergiss Nummer 2 – das waren nur screen caps von den Fuerte clips, das hat man also bereits gesehen. Sich dafür bei Tumblr anzumelden, lohnt wirklich nicht.


  9. Glad you had a nice family weekend, sounds like a nice and cheery bash 🙂 And the weather was as ordered then 🙂 Twice the reason to enjoy as apparently the next one winter will be back! On Shakespeare’s weekend no less, the weather has no shame!
    So what cake did you bake? 🙂

    Great line up… nice to have a bit of new material. the breathing/relaxing gif is great, how does he do that? Love the way he sort of breathes with his whole body. Though i was equally as fascinated with the move in his underarm muscle in gif 2 🙂
    NFcomics really made me laugh last week, a few gems in there to spice up everyday trudge.
    Love the way he holds the kid securely with his hand 🙂
    And hat would we do without RARA! I don’t have the full set and i love that they keep coming back often, i never get enough of looking at those photos. Oh to have another occasion for a great shoot like that…

    Hearing Thornton sigh…. sigh 🙂
    And i absolutely love his knees and all of his legs and i don’t even think that statement sounded weird LOL
    That Victorian love blog had me well entertained for a few minutes, not with any photo though, but with chasing the scattered falling flowers with my mouse to watch them transform into strawberries LOL cute!
    And what a weird coincidence, saw a Victorian setting production yesterday and because i wasn’t all that riveting my mind drifted right to another ‘Victorian’ fan fic scene that i felt the sudden impulse to find again 🙂


    • The weekend weather couldn’t have been better… (Thank goodness I am in none of the pictures – I am probably glowing in them…) The cake was a “Russischer Zupfkuchen”, i.e. a chocolate shortbread pie filled with a cheesecake filling. Resounding success.
      Yeah, HOW does he breathe? I mean, it’s just amazing how the man can breathe 😂
      I don’t have the full set of RARAs handy, either – but I wrote *ooof*s on quite a few of them. Have you seen them? They were before your time in the fandom. You can find the links to them in the “Guylty Images” tab under the section for Ascroft .

      Liked by 1 person

      • i am sure i read some, need to go back and catch up on older things while we are in the gap-period 🙂
        The Zupfkuchen sounds amazing! I really miss cake out here i have to say.
        We had a lovely weekend, though chilly and a great Sunday lunch yesterday which i hadn’t had in absolute ages. Still i wonder what is wrong with my planning, i never seem to have a single free weekend! needless to say next one is similar, busy ‘doing’ Shakespeare. We get a free screening of the McAvoy Macbeth in a museum and i can’t believe my luck that i will actually get to see it!


        • That is fantastic!!! I was thrilled last night when the Irish evening news had a section on the bard’s birthday… I have been looking out for events here, but have not seen anything. I should check whether there is any Theatre Live stuff planned, or other cinema broadcasts…

          Liked by 1 person

          • there must be something, here there is so much going on we had trouble deciding what to do! we knuckled down last week and decided because we were risking not getting any more tickets. oh have you seen this website
            And as far as i understand because it says ‘where-ever you are in the world’ it means that the content will be accessible world wide 🙂
            There is also the megashow from Statford on the 23rd which comes in cinemas but we’ve decided to go for live stuff and record that at home since we couldn’t be there.
            What should be interesting is the projection of the 10min films with famous actors reciting from Shakespeare along the Thames from the Globe to the Southbank. The bad thing about it is that the weather is due to be absolutely awful, wintery and rainy 😦


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