Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/26

It’s nice to come home after a long absence. Does three weeks count as ‘long’? The comfort of familiar surroundings is reassuring. My home, my bed, my regular workspace. And my blog. It’s almost as if I am looking at something entirely new, browsing my own blog, looking at photos I took myself, and yet seeing things with a bit more distance, noticing stuff as if for the first time. The recurring colour splashes of red and pink on my blog yeah, I am a girl…, the regularity of alternating shrine posts and round-ups, the obvious need to update my round-up header with a new picture, cos frankly, the old one makes me yawn… And funny coincidences such as the “Guylty’s finest posts” widgets on my front page displaying three + three of the same round-up posts’ headers. A look at my stats tells me that – despite my absence – the viewing figures spiked every Saturday. I take it that visitors came to in the hope of reading the regular weekend round-up – and in the absence of new material clicked on old round-ups instead. That is a nice thought – I am glad to think that a) old material got another airing, and b) there is a regular readership who checks on my blog every weekend. Thank you for your loyalty!

That is actually what motivates me to blog and to participate in this fandom, cos frankly, the fandom drama in the past week really put me off. The fandom experience for me is so much more connected to real, existing inter-fan communication than the vague (illusion of) interaction with Mr A, and when there is major faction fighting going on, it simply stops being fun for me. I don’t mind differences in opinion, but I dislike when debate turns into polemics or preaching. I followed much of the brouhaha via Twitter and blogs from my holidays, and while it didn’t ruin my holidays as such (priorities, people!), I certainly spent a few hours following the whole thing, to the point of feeling equally relieved as well as dismayed at being absent. Relieved because my absence made participation in discussion largely impossible, and dismayed because my absence made participation in discussion largely impossible. I feel as if an important turning point was reached in the latest Tweet/DeleteGate, something that I would like to record and process for myself, yet I don’t want to flog a dead horse, either. We’ll see.

I’ll go for a time-delay tactic and post the weekly round-up instead. Complete with new header image. Apologies if some of the links are older than one week – I had to dig a bit in the Richard Armitage tag to assemble the round-up. Enjoy!

header 4

  1. Shortly after I had posted the last round-up, I came across this post by non6ix. Not sure if it is too late now, and apologies for the free advertising but since non6ix’s mini-Thorin is on of my favourite pieces of fan art and the post includes many illustrations, I am adding this link for pre-ordering non6ix’s book here
  2. Circusgifs’ series of gif sets of “First and Last Appearance”, Series edition, is so clever. Really love this, particularly Harry… Who’s your favourite?
  3. I am not *quite* sure what “Zuko” in Sinnaminie’s Zuko Richie refers to… Danny Zuko from Grease? Whatever, he’s cute and quite “Richard-y”
  4. Eh, does anyone *not* mean business when it comes to snuggling up to Guy of Gisborne??? From the “What a Guy wants” series by nfcomics
  5. In the unlikely event that you are *not* on Twitter, here is a tumblr post by richard-crispin-armitage which embeds Urban director Candida Brady’s request for suggestions on extras for the film – sounds as if she may be looking at private distribution or crowd-funding or some sort of packaging of the film
  6. I know this bts shot of Richard on the Hannibal set is not new, but somehow it fascinated me. Posted by aniarafan2
  7. Sooo. Love, Love, Love is really on, and fans have bought tickets. Here is a fan who has a couple of tickets to sell. Not sure if they are still going, but just in case, you can contact doubleoncall
  8. I haven’t seen Richard’s latest stint as a king, but I nonetheless second weshouldfondue’s call for a petition. Do you?
  9. I think this is a digital manip, but I really like the idea of actually making a 3D piece of fan art like this one by mar-omana-love. The simplicity of it is so cute. It’s kind of a plainer, classier picture version of one of my shrines
  10. A Guy edition of hands by totallyradioactive15
  11. I do remember that a few years ago, Richard’s Hobbit memorabilia was allegedly stolen, but I had never seen this picture evidence as posted by hobbitjt
  12. Loved this artwork of John Thornton and Margaret Hale. By loliwobbles
  13. Reflections173 has put together a tribute post for Francis Dolarhyde. Here are quotes (and gifs) from 3×09
  14. And as a titillating end, a bit of Guy, captured by Circusgifs. What a question… Darling, I already did…

That’s it for this week, I’m afraid. That’s what happens when you are not checking tumblr regularly 😉. Hope you enjoyed it, though.

To make up for the lack of material, how about a few little candid snaps of Pop!Thorin fooling around on holidays? The moody monarch was actually in top form, swimming like a brick and diving like a cork. He graciously posed for a few pics.

Have a nice weekend, and thank you for returning to read!

Guylty ❤


45 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/26

    • Thanks Mezz 🙂 – yes, we had a great time, even though Thorin stayed indoors most of the time. Said he felt too hot in his armour. (But he insisted he did not want to strip off… Suit himself…)


  1. Here we go again…..
    Der Header ist prima. Und der Gesichtsausdruck so schön schnappschüssig.
    Von deiner kleinen Zusammenstellung gefällt mir Mr. Handman am Besten. Es geht doch nichts über eine gezielte Ausschnittsbetrachtung.


  2. Du bist wieder da. Wie schön!
    Bevor ich mich nun äußerst genüsslich durch all deine Fundstücke klicken werde,möchte ich klarstellen, dass drei Wochen definitiv eine lange Zeit sein können… 😉
    Ich habe festgestellt, dass du zu einem festen Bestandteil meiner Wochenendrituale geworden bist. Zu einem Bestandteil, auf den ich nur sehr ungern verzichte(t habe).
    Aus deiner langen Abwesenheit schließe ich, dass mit deiner Mutter und dir soweit alles gut war?


    • Och, das finde ich aber schön – danke, das ist ein sehr schönes Kompliment, Elanor. Mich freut es sehr zu wissen, dass ich irgendwie im Wochenendablauf meiner Blogfreunde vorkomme.
      Und ja, 3 Wochen sind ziemlich lang. Und ich mag es ja kaum sagen, aber nächsten Sonnabend bin ich schon wieder weg. Schottland steht an. Aber ich werde wohl den Round-up vorbereiten und trotzdem raushauen. Soll ja nicht zur Gewohnheit werden, dass das Wochenende meiner Leser sound-up-los wird…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, lovely to see wee Thorin enjoying his vacation by the sea. Who could resist Thorin on the half shell? The Thorin memorabilia heist incident was interesting too. Glad to hear that Mr. A. got his stuff back.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So much of this I haven’t seen, but I’ve been… busy.

    As always, LOVE the Guy shots, the plushie, my favorite first and last is Harry, of course. Strangely enough, while I am NOT a Bagginshield fan, I do love the coffee art by Non6ix.

    My POP!Thorin refused to go on vacay with me this last go round. Said it was too hot and besides, That Man was going to be there and His Majesty isn’t caring too much for the competition. I assure him there IS no competition and That Man was very accepting of Him…

    He said it was the beach and it didn’t matter. You’ve seen one beach, you’ve seen them all. He’s such a cranky puss….

    Welcome back, hope you had a good time and there was drama???? I missed it?????


    • Oh-oh, I can just imagine Pop!Thorin getting his armour in a twist over a rival for your attention. And yeah, I remember his trip to the beach with you. Wasn’t there some unsavoury incident where he fell over in the water? No wonder he does not want a repeat…
      Hehe. Drama…

      Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve learned – the hard way – that it’s best to sit back and think about what you’re going to say and typically, by the time you decide, it’s long gone and over with so why dredge up worms?

            That would include the little chickie that says she doesn’t bother people who don’t think like she does, when the truth is she uses her tags to bully and intimidate.

            Not that I would know about these things…

            I’ll shut up now. I need to pester my son to edit and convert more vacay pics. He took over 400 of them and did them in RAW formatting, which you can’t USE to post anywhere…


            • Yep, I think it’s all water under the bridge, so I probably won’t get into it again…
              As for RAW – here’s a confession from a (supposed) pro photographer: I do not bother with RAW. Yes, it contains more information than JPEG, but it also takes up loooooads of space on the flash card and it is a lengthy conversion process that I simply do not want to bother with. I would most definitely not shoot RAW when it comes to my holiday shots. Let’s face it – those shots are for private use only, hence they do not need to be of massive size and retain all info at highest quality. If anything, they’ll be used in a printed photo book which will not exceed A3 size, so no need for extra data. But well, it’s a decision that every photographer has to decide for themselves…

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  5. Welcome home! Very jealous of your lovely holiday! So you didn’t persuade Thorin into Speedos, then? 😉 You could have shown him Circusgif’s First and Lasts… 😂


    • Lol – that would’ve infuriated him, I am sure… Or maybe it would’ve motivated him? Hm. Must download those gifs and keep them on my phone for the next trip 😉


  6. I loved the photo of Thorin on the half shell. Kind of like Venus rising from the waves. Still with Mimi at ComicCon. No Thorins around, but lots of Jon Snows. The poor things must be roasting. Winter is not coming to San Diego anytime soon.

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  7. Glad you and Thorin and your family had such a great vacation!

    I would be interested to know what you think about the last episode of tweet/delete. I’m still angry about it, I’m afraid, but perhaps not for the same reasons you were nonplussed.


    • Vacation was great, and coming home, too 😉
      I am not even sure whether I am nonplussed about the tweet/delete drama. Actually – no, I am not nonplussed. I have a clear opinion. I don’t like him deleting his tweets. Maybe I’ll get to write about that tomorrow… thanks for the encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Welcome back, looks like a lovely holiday with sunshine, which is sorely lacking here at the moment (yes I am wingeing) hope you had a great time and thanks for the pics and round-up.
    I didn’t know Rich had some Hobbit stuff stolen, glad it was returned. xx.


    • Thank you Austoz – and what? no sunshine down under? Ok, I understand, it is winter, but Australia…???? You definitely have an excuse to whinge!!!


  9. Pop enjoying himself under the sun is great! Maybe he got a bit hot under the collar though with all that fur? Those are some beautiful shells! Oh , and isn’t that just the shrine idea? a mock up of Aphrodite coming out of the sea, except it is RA… my mind merges those tightie-blackie images from Hannibal with a sunny, watery environment… like a pearl in a shell 🙂 Me thinks this would be perfect 🙂

    And that Guy! all talk and no action :-p Though i really love those knuckles on his hands… sigh.
    Welcome back, you were much missed and never ye mind the drama lama, comes and goes as the tide.


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