B-Roll from B-Station

A little distraction as we are awaiting further confirmation on the participants in the next season of BS, and while we are coming down from the protests and discussions of the weekend! @mooseturds on Twitter has found something I had not seen before: B-roll from the BS press kit.



I love those glimpses behind the scenes. Not that they add much more to what we already know about film-making. There are waiting times to be filled while filming – during which *gasp* the actors behave like normal people and talk and joke. 😉 Or concentrate on doing their job. But any new angle from which to see Daniel Miller, is welcome.

Hence I am leaving a few more links here. First up, three short clips of RA talking about BS, Daniel Miller, and Hector de Jean.

To be honest, I don’t know whether I have seen this before. I do remember RA discussing BS in this set-up but I don’t know if it is exactly these clips. As always, a pleasure to listen and watch, especially since there are some flattering references to the Berlin crew. I also found it interesting how RA plays along with the “official” storyline and peddles the story that Daniel has been sent to Berlin from a ten-year stint as a desk analyst (rather than as field officer in Panama).

I was also interested to come across another little clip – no words, just pretty pictures, literally, in this short video of RA posing for photographers at the Hollywood premiere of BS. (Can’t embed, therefore a link to Getty Images:)


Lovely to discover these – it always cheers me up to find something I had previously missed.Happens all too rarely. Did you know the clips?


20 thoughts on “B-Roll from B-Station

  1. I’ve seen @mooseturds tweet, but the clip from Getty Images is new to me and it’s definitely a treat. How can he be so handsome? Also, I have the impression that he enjoys himself, and he’s so cute when he salutes that guy! Love, love, love, thanks for the find, you don’t know how much I needed this today, lots of stress around until Friday.

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    • I find it hard to keep on top of things, sometimes. So I wasn’t sure whether Servetus or Perry had already posted the Getty Images clip. They – and Twitter – are usually the places where I see the new stuff. Today I was searching for something work-related on Getty, and boom, what comes up… a treat!
      Hope you are getting through the stress!!! End of January is near. Can’t wait for this month gone!


  2. Haven’t seen press kit before, but have 3 other clips. And I did not mind seeing them one more time 😀
    Is it just me (my laptop or something) or are the Getty pics very small?


  3. Always good to see the ‘pineapple’ tie again. I saw the short clips on YT I thought they were new and wondered why they were posted now.


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  5. All 3 clips seem new to me. RA praising his collegues again!! Very nice and very welcome! Besides the little Getty Richie featurette! Have seen that one before, but as one cannot download it…. 🙂


  6. Truthfully, it’s been so long that I’m not sure. They seem new, but would need to watch original releases to know for sure. Either way, enjoyable. Thanks


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