Hints of BS3 with Daniel Miller? + Miscellaneous


Not to get ahead of myself with the RA Fan A to Z, question Q, but my attention was caught by a little conversation on Twitter.

Screenshot (in order to catch the reply). Click HERE for the thread on Twitter

I’ll forego my opinion on whether I would *like* RA in BS3 until I finally get to Q, but just to say that from Steinhauer’s response I get the impression that there will be *some* participation of RA in the third season of BS. That impression is also based on the tweet by Maske Berlin’s IG post in which Andrea Mayr refers to moving on to the next project and mentions BS in the hashtags, as well as some superb fan sleuthing courtesy of mooseturds.

There’s no knowing whether Daniel’s family history will be uncovered/investigated by Daniel himself in season 3, or whether it is merely the basis on which the plot rests that sees the station move their sphere of activity to Budapest. (In terms of story that could easily make sense – with some 1980s cold war spy action involving Sarah (?) Miller.) I have to say that I would definitely like to see the show delve into that part of the storyline. That plot has been waiting to be explored since season 1. We’ll see.

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And while I am online now, I’ll just add a couple of miscellaneous items. Remember my latest Guy shrine? It was made in a creative exchange with fellow fan Jacqueline on Twitter. During my holidays, Jacqueline got busy, and when I returned home, a package was waiting for me. Unboxing:

A good start, I can only say. Beautiful handiwork! And Jacqueline’s creative work was a massive surprise – something I had never seen before and which made me grin as well as fan myself.

She has covered the letters in images from seasons 1 to 3 of RH. The individual letters have hand-crafted details such as leather ties and buckles, there are quotes by RA on the edges of the letters, and both front and back of the letters are collaged. (So at least with the letters U and Y you can alternate between two versions and still make sense of the word they combine into.) It’s a stunning piece of fan art.

It fits perfectly into my fan corner – as if Jacqueline *knew* that there was an old, unused nail waiting for this piece to be hung from.

Definitely developing into a kind of “Guy’s Corner”… The framed pencil drawing is by @racheburn on Twitter

ETA: Forgot to mention there were a couple more pressies in the package, and they are just too good to ignore.

Touché when it comes to the chocolate. And the mirror and Guyliner? I laughed out loud when I discovered them.

So, a massive thank you to Jacqueline for a one-of-a-kind piece of fan art. What a great idea, and really perfectly executed with the references to leather as well as the actor who’s breathed life into our favourite knight. It’s up on the wall, and I am awaiting Mr Guylty’s comments *hehe*.

⇢ ⚔ ⇠

Another package waiting for my return, came from my favourite online postcard printers, Moo. It had been time to restock on my postcards. I took the opportunity to refresh the stash with some new designs. Kept a few old favourites, too.

As Moo says, “some to keep, some to share, and one to catch spiders with”. If anybody wants to receive a postcard, let me know in the comments and I’ll send some lettered love to you!


33 thoughts on “Hints of BS3 with Daniel Miller? + Miscellaneous

      • Well, we’ll have to wait and see if they f*** it up again or if the story telling will be better this time.
        Yes, and so clever, I LOVE the leather and the buckle and all the pics ❤


        • It could be a really fascinating storyline, with interesting possibilities in terms of flashbacks etc. Is it still the same writing team? If so, we can only hope that they won’t be as convoluted as in the past.
          The leather details are just the business – and the mustard/gold string is reminiscent of Guy’s “scarf of evil” in season 1 😂


  1. I’m still waiting for BS season 2 DVD. wolverine in Oct. On ITunes and hopefully Chop on DVD. tatooist finally on pre order!!! oceans 8 on pre order. loved Their Lost daughters, pre ordered the next 2. Guylty, I would really like a postcard from Ireland, Thorin , please..Pushy, aren’t I..!!!!! glad your safely back from vacation.


  2. That Guy sign really is a stunning piece of fan art! Well done Jacqueline! (I’m thinking she may be Dutch due to the HEMA eyeliner and the text in the heart box sort of gives away from where in NL. My sister used to live in that town till last year 😉 )
    The cards look lovely!


      • I’ve got an allergy about editing backwards photos since the whole incident with the girl who visited the Hobbit set. And badgering creatives for information crosses a line for me. Neither of these things are immoral or illegal so I keep my peace, fan-wise, but I try to stay away from witnessing this sort of behavior.

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  3. I know it’s not easy to remember to do, but is there any way you could mark a post like this with “potential spoiler” or something along those lines?


    • Sorry. Will do. But it honestly did not occur to me that a reference to Daniel’s backstory (without details) would be considered a spoiler. After all it was already mentioned in season 1. Or what were you referring to?


      • It certainly reveals an important element of the plot for the season, doesn’t it? These are two tweeps that I avoid reading on purpose because they often generate information like this.


        • I take your point re. plot element. But again, since there were no further details mentioned, *I* did not find this spoilerish at all. Personally, any confirmation that BS might delve into DM’s background would actually be a major motivation for me to continue watching the show.


          • Given that there was no discussion of his past at all in season 2 and the show appeared to have abandoned that theme, I don’t see how this *isn’t* a spoiler. How I feel about the spoiler is entirely independent of that. I agree it’s a positive development; I just don’t want to know about it in advance.


        • I guess it could be considered a spoiler at this point but I bet Armitage mentions it in promo interviews – if it’s true. The big question to me is, what are they waiting for the announce his participation in Series 3? I’ll bet he’s off to film now that Zoe is finished. I will say – it’s the type of tweet I dislike – telling a writer what you want him to write.


          • Promo interviews for this series are months off at this point, if I am not mistaken. At that point, it might no longer be a spoiler, in that it becomes publicity, but since nothing is known about this season now, it is a spoiler now. Also, promo interviews are clearly marked as such and the reader can decide what to consume of those (if anything). I’m not asking that no one discuss spoiler information now or at any other time, just that it be marked as such so that those of us who don’t want to know six months ahead of air time what the series is about can maintain our ignorance.


            • Feel free to discuss it. Just mark it spoilers so I don’t have to see it. I want to keep reading your blog, but not if it’s not going to be a safe read. This is pretty standard procedure, the fandom has operated this way for years, so I don’t think I made an unreasonable request. However, I’m now unsubscribing from comments for this strand and I will be very careful in future before reading your posts.


      • At least if the title says “spoilers” i have a choice about whether I want to read it or not. You don’t usually publish this kind of thing so I tend to think of you as a “safe” read.


  4. I hope he is working on BS 3 right now. I don’t love the series, but I will take RA where I find him. As for a possible back story, Daniel would have to appear somewhat prominently To merit a back story. Wouldn’t he?


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