Favourite Objectification Facilitators

Quite honestly, I have been looking for an excuse to blog today. Just because I am in a great mood. I got up at 5am this morning, to daylight, sending my daughter off on a short holiday in Scotland. She’ll be visiting her great-uncle and -aunt on the Isle of Skye – I wish I could go, too.

The view from Uncle J___’s terrace

Mind you, my own view today is pretty good, too. At 8am in the morning, I was already sitting at my freshly tidied up desk, the window wide open. With 20°C and sunshine, I had to cover myself in sunscreen and wear my sunglasses to work. Love it. And I am mentioning that just to balance out my usual nagging re. Irish weather. No, when the sun shines, this country, this city, is glorious.

The view from Aunt Guylty’s desk

Thirdly, let’s follow Servetus’ lead and do some objectifying right now. She has posted a few images already whose subject stimulates the objectifier. Her latest one – a sweeping blow in the shape of *that* scene in SB – has something for everyone. Guns, pecs, raspberries. Guylty has already outed herself as a member of the ArmPitage Army, but for some safe-for-work objectifying, I thought I’d dig through my archive and repost a couple of lesser known examples of prime objectification opportunities, called neck and mole.

Neckitage game is strong here

Strong mole game with bonus cowlick objectification opportunity


What’s your favourite objectification prompt?

Oh, and good news from Redbubble! Here’s your chance to get some cool exclusive fan items with a 20% discount (click image to get there):

Happy Monday, all!

36 thoughts on “Favourite Objectification Facilitators

  1. Siiiiiiiiiigh… Where do I start? I certainly have a thing for his neck. It does things to me. It makes me want to do things to..it. Not fair. Oh. And there are the eyelashes. Again, not fair. And the little scars on his forehead. His hands. Gorgeous elegant hands. His writs strong yet somehow slender. Fuzzy forearms. 0OK. I’ll stop here. *slaps self*


  2. That neck of his is quite lovely & I’d love to kiss the base of it, just under his Adam’s apple.
    And I know I’m going to out myself as odd, but I love the shots where he’s barefoot.


    • I am not a particular fan of his feet (although I am not a hater, either), but I like barefoot shots in the sense that they denote being relaxed, in private, comfortable…


    • That view is pretty amazing, isn’t it? And particularly when the weather is clear and sunny like it was that day. The midges were not bad, either, so it was the best that Scotland can offer…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, the joys and sorrows of having a water view. I wanted a house with a water view, but the LSH pointed out that standing water breeds insects and increases the chances of a wet basement. And you pay a lot more for the privilege. We ended up with a bathtub-sized “pond”–but I enjoy it all the same!


  3. Thighs, peaches, eyelashes, jawline, curls at the base of his neck when his hair is long enough. Too bad his voice and smile don’t count as body parts! 😉


  4. I think it’s the whole RA package. Each drool-worthy part working in lovely harmony with the rest of him. His eyes are most remarkable, but everthing else is far superior as well: legs, chest, shoulders, you name it.


  5. I am with Kathy – especially on eyes and legs (thighs <3).

    And thanks for RB note – just ordered a RA mug ❤ (the clock was ticking dangerously 😛 )


  6. After years of intensive scrutiny I have yet to find one square inch on that man that isn’t worthy of objectification. From head to toe (and all parts in between) he is flawless.
    Thanks for sharing your windows with a view…just lovely ❤️


  7. Without a doubt this man has a lot of which is objectification worthy. I like his hands and I have had his hands in detail as a wallpaper screen on my mobile but unfortunately I have cancelled the photo.


    • I am a firm believer in the theory that work is easier when you do it in a beautiful place. The decision to plant my window boxes was the best one I have made this year. It’s only silly flowers, but I can’t even express how happy the sight of the colourful flowers makes me every day.


  8. Beautiful scenery — and the views from Skye and Dublin are great too. 😉

    Belated thanks for all the recent posts — I’ve read with enjoyment but not had chance to comment.


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