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Remember same time last year? It was exactly around this time that the first two episodes of BS dropped in our laps without warning. I was in London attending my annual company event. As luck would have it, I am again in London (for the aforementioned annual company event), and yet another BS foretaste is posted. The producers of BS have always been really good at trailers – I loved BS‘s season 1 trailer, and season 2 is also exciting to watch. Visually and stylistically it reminds me of the second BS trailer – fast cuts of different scenes over industrial music with a fast beat.

It looks good – as does Mr Miller, although his time in Berlin seems to have taken its toll. Am I imagining it or does he look a bit scraggy? However, even if it takes a beer connoisseur or native of Bremen to notice, Daniel has still great taste in beer.

So, Beck’s is still your favourite beer? – Touché. Cf. last year 

Anyhow, Berlin Station 2 looks more German than ever, no doubt due to the whole German right-wing problem that is being addressed in the show. After mild disappointment with season 1, I am giving season 2 a clean slate to start from. Upon first impressions I am delighted that Esther Krug is back working with Daniel, and that there seems to be a good bit of action happening. The facial hair arrangements are not quite up my street, but it’s all for a good cause, I guess…

Apropos ‘good cause’ – today’s RAPS post is a reaction to other people’s donations to a good cause. Nice coincidence that Mr A tweeted a big thank you post today, just as I was planning to present the first of a series of thank you RAPSes, too. In recognition of a donation in kind to our birthday auction, I passed on a little something to one generous giver whose identity I am discreetly keeping secret here but she is welcome to disclose her identity in the comments herself.

Yes, this is the outside/lid of the RAPS, and that is unusual because this RAPS makes no attempt at concealing its contents… Better brace yourselves, this is going to be bling overload…

Yep, for this RAPS, I really dug deep into my glitter stash… Totally deliberately. And I’ve given the deleecious Lee some angel wings… although I’m not sure if he deserves them.

Neither am I sure whether the RL actor behind the character deserves angel wings, either. As he once hinted at himself, he doesn’t want to be adored. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find him adorable…

Since this is a thank you shrine, the message contained therein is directed at the new owner – who receives my adoration simply for her generosity. So here’s the full works:

But wait, there is one last secret to be revealed in relation to this RAPS. You may have noticed that this shrine doesn’t come with candles. That’s because the lid is unusual. The kumquatitage is actually placed behind a little window. So here’s the key feature: The image can be removed – and then the little mint tin truly transforms into a reliquary worthy of a relic…

There. For some extra irony, I probably should have placed Raybo de Merville in this particular shrine, but well, at least Lee gives us a Venus pose, emerging from the shimmering depths of the shrine like the goddess of love and sexuality from the spray of the Cretan shores… Now there’s an image to think of…





35 thoughts on “BS2 Trailer Dropped + RA Pocket Shrine 141/? – Deleecious

  1. Loscht Manner Durst LOL…. seine vieleeeicht, meine wohl kaum, besonders nach dem Anschauen des Schreins! OMG it’s soooo adorable!!! i want to kiss it or lick it , well, you get the idea :-))) No way that photo is comin of though! His modesty shall be preserved! (yeah, right… ;-))) And i love the cheeky blue eyed look! I actually so so so love everything about it, thank you so very very much! It’s just totally perfect and makes me not just smile but laugh 🙂
    (He’s like a little naughty fairy with those wings :-p)
    And the trailer is just fab, i love it too and am ready to give it a fresh chance. I don’t mind the beard 😉 i love the colour. That touche…just deadly and good to see Mina back too.
    PS Glad Raymond stayed out of the shrine! make love not war and all that 🙂 :-****

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  2. WOW! Me likee 😉 Being one of those who love the beard I think he looks pretty hot! His face does look a bit thinner but in the golf shirt he looks quite buff. That “Touche” clip is rather delicious too! Am I gushing a bit?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes you are gushing, but you are excused. We all are *hehe*. Apart from the “touché” my favourite part of the clip is the scene at the gate. Intense – and whoa, that shirt is wide open… 👍🏻

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  3. Reading this post has made my night. After stressing out so much over the possibility of my family in Puerto Rico being in grave danger from Hurricane Irma, I can now happily report they are all safe. This has been a hell of a week. I’m grateful for all of you, and Richard! xo


  4. Glad to hear that, Violet, and stay safe Zee & Spawn.

    Great trailer! And that RAPS really has me smiling 😊 I never thought of that Lee shot as being the Venus pose but of course it is 😂 Lucky girl Hariclea 😀 Though I don’t know what you have against my lovely Sir Raymond. He has class, which is more than you can say of Lee 😉

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    • It’s weird with that creative streak – it sometimes wanes, and then it comes back at full force… or with full bling…
      Scraggy – IDK, he just looks so pale, so beardy-bushy, yet thin… I’m just not into the whole beard scenario.

      Liked by 1 person

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