Lost in Translation… Richard in Paris

I’m puzzled. For some reason I thought this 13eme RUE thing was happening on Wednesday… But here he is in a clip from a press viewing (?) today. Maybe the Q&A is tomorrow?


Here’s a Twitter Moment with tweets from the event today I have quickly thrown together:


In other news: Thanks to a lovely fan who has ordered some nice bits and pieces from my Redbubble store, I was able to donate the latest proceeds of €13.05 to one of Richard’s charities. It’s only a small amount, but any penny counts. This time I decided to donate to Anthony Nolan.



37 thoughts on “Lost in Translation… Richard in Paris

  1. Why did someone call him a “comedian”? He’d probably laugh to hear that description!

    …and I too thought the event was on Wednesday. Hum…


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  3. Well that’s interesting. In the clip from Richard Armitage TH, he says that because of the chemistry between himself and Mina Tander, the writers turned Daniel and Esther’s relationship into something that was never planned.

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    • Oh, I haven’t listened to that clip yet… Chemistry indeed. Interesting. And also points to the fact that the writers were slightly “spontaneous” in their approach. Or just making things up as they went along???

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  4. Violet, I’ll defer to our Francophone posters of course, but I think French uses the word in the sense of ‘actor’ — witness their most prestigious theatre company, the Comédie Française. So no shade thrown at our man. 🙂

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  5. Oh my gosh, he has hair again! Looks great from a distance. And no beard, yay! Very excited to see him like this. It’s been a while. Or at least it seems that way to me.

    Ode to Stubble

    Oh, how I feared,
    A permanent beard.
    How wonderful to see,
    His visage beard-free.
    And a little more hair,
    Atop his head so fair.
    Although I love RA’s Parisian look,
    Is there no closeup that anyone took?

    Kathy Jones

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  6. I know this was an industry audience but some looked very young to me lol
    And I did see a phone or two so perhaps there was a few fans,
    I know some people frown but I like to see the airport photos although for Paris he might use a regional airport!


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