RA Pocket Shrine 162/? – Just in Case

Lunchtime. Do I go for a walk in 26°C or do I blog before I go back to working?

Seems a shame to waste the sunshine, but then I just can’t wait to present the latest shrine. The latest bling input courtesy of LL got the creative juices flowing *big time*. And with the question re. birthday fundraiser now settled, it was time to start thinking about some auction goodies. Here we go.

So far, so good. Does the styling already hint at the chaRActer which is contained within the shrine?


The one and only Guy of Gisborne, of course, strutting the fields outside his castle. What’s he saying?

Oh yes, days and knights go together like… Guy and liner. – But wait, that’s a bit plain for a shrine… There should be more!

Lest we forget whose name it is that we worship in the shrine. But wait, this looks like a double whammy. This is not just a little blackboard with a name. This is… a shrine in a shrine! An extra slim tin that is fitted into the mint tin with little magnets to be removable. Beware when you open because you might die…


And now it gets naughty. Look away if you are easily offended.

That’s right, every knight needs the key to his castle by his bedside and a pair of handcuffs near in case he should be surprised by ruffians in the night.

Honestly, with those bedroom eyes on him, I don’t even mind that Guy is fully dressed in his dainty, flower-linen bed. Especially with those paraphernalia at hand.

And yes, I know that you are dying to lift the covers. So, let’s peek… [spoiler warning]

Or maybe the key and cuffs are for other purposes? And aren’t you just dying to tickle that tantalising glimpse of flesh under his tunic with the feather?

So, two-in-one pocket shrine, to cover day and night. Just in case. Literally.

So, this one is going to go into the auctions. Hopefully it will find a taker, because it is… well, a bit naughty. But it is a world first – the first time I have put a shrine in a shrine, so double the fun. And including tactile interactivity. Because every day needs a knight. And every night needs a Guy.



144 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 162/? – Just in Case

  1. So brilliant! Tactile interactivity love it and what an ending “every night needs a Guy” absolutely true! He wears eyeliner better than some women do! 😛great job

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  2. This two-for-one shrine is amazing. And so are you. Love the detail and the bondage vibe. Any Guy who is so into black leather probably has a few toys hanging around the bedroom.

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    • LOL. Well, RH was a family show. Supposedly. But the way they characterised Guy and dressed him in all that leather… I think there was some sort of subtext. Possibly involving bondage.

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      • “Subtext?” No such subtlety required. Once the producers realized what they had in hand with the casting of RA, that show was aimed squarely at us: his fangirls. In the same way that those Cbeebie stories are not just for the wee ones. Ha ha ha!!!

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        • Agree. I think they very quickly copped on – and played it for what it was worth. (I rewatched that scene of Gizzy being woken up by the Sheriff on their way to the Holy Land. Gee, the words fail me.)
          Cbeebies definitely made bedtime stories attractive. Not just for kids.

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  3. Um…er…oh my. Not succeeding in catching my breath here! I know how talented you are but never did I imagine how well you would use those saucy little handcuffs!! You are a crafting genius and have truly outdone yourself with this one.
    *Quickly checks bank account to see how much is available for the auction*.

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    • Well, LL, glad this shrine finds your approval! I have to admit I was sniggering while I was putting it together. You have part of the blame here, choosing those cuffs in the craft store. Ha! I was merely the executor of the scheme.
      PS: There are still 3 pairs of cuffs left in my stash…

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      • I’m tickled pink that you were so entertained whilst working your magic. That makes it even more fun for the lucky winner of the auction. And I am always glad to contribute to the delinquency of any fellow RA admirer. See how far you (and Guy) have brought me along in such a short time?! From a shy lurker to a happy-go-lucky contributor to global naughtiness.

        Ooooh, 3 pairs of cuffs left! My tiny mind boggles at the possibilities. I couldn’t remember how many were in the packet and was all set to dash back to the craft store this afternoon to see if they had more in stock. (Urgh…Guy in the stocks…must stop this naughty daydreaming and get to work.)

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        • Oh, there is definitely a piece of me – and a bit of my fun in that shrine. Hopefully the mirth will transfer to the new owner, too 😊. And hooray for successfully delurking and throwing yourself into the ‘global naughtiness’. May it last a long time!
          Hehe, and no, still equipped with cuffs. There’s plenty of scope yet for a constrained Claude or a trapped Thorin…

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          • I did see O8 for a third time after you created this lovely shrine, so the thought of a pair of cuffs remaining for our lovely but slippery Claude is a delicious thought indeed. He needs to be punished, that naughty man.

            On a somewhat related note, I was disappointed by the lack of continuity concerning the button that is cut from C’s shirt. In the actual cutting scene, it’s a black button, but when it’s shown later, it’s a white button (trying not to give away too many spoilers). Certainly a minor thing, but any detail concerning RA must be examined closely. Especially as concerns any possible removal of clothing.


            • Hehe, so I am reserving a pair of handcuffs for Claude then 😉
              I have only watched the film once, so I don’t even remember that there was a scene where a button was cut off his shirt. When was that?


              • When Sandra saw Claude at his gallery and took a knife and cut off his button. I didn’t even notice the button color had changed when she showed it to Cate I was so mesmerized by Claude’s wardrobe among other things…


  4. Oh please! The temperature here is already pretty unbearable, then you go and post these rather marvellous lovelies and the mercury just gears up to a whole new level. There are only so many cold flannels I can apply in one go. Guy. Leather. Bed. Bondage. Feather to tickle someone’s fancy 😮
    I ❤ Bob Hermitage 🙂

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    • *turns on a fan and faces it to the East* Sorry. Not sorry. Hehe. But you are making a valid point. Maybe this shrine is better used in winter time? Might keep the heating costs down.
      Bob Hermitage is an old favourite of mine. He’s a bit of a sour puss, though, always complaining about this other actor chap who allegedly is stealing all his gigs…


  5. Oh my! This shrine is simply Gizzylicious!! Talk about fueling some fantasies 🔥 So much to play with and then as a bonus you get to tuck him in at night. Will definitely be high on my auction wish list.❤️


  6. Guylty, you have outdone yourself. This is the loudest I have laughed out loud at my computer screen in ages. And I may have to reconsider my dislike of auctions, because…that rhinestone drop earring has me going….


    • *giggles* Hooray, someone has noticed (and commented) on my silly addition. In all honesty, it was an after-thought because I just wanted to add some bling to that part of the shrine, and I happened to have that little off-cut from the lid decorations. But hey, *that* Guyliner really needed a dangly earring.
      Hehe, and if this makes you reconsider your auction reluctance, then my dastardly plan may have worked 😉😘

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    • Hehe, the shrine is already serving multiple purposes – as an advertisement for upcoming auctions no less :-).
      I hope I can keep up the development of shrine concepts. Mind you, with all that material at my hands (both in terms of bling and in terms of attractive pictures), there’s hope for more funny shrines in the future.


  7. I believe the RAPS bar has just been set higher, it’s brilliant!! I can’t quite get over the fact that you can buy packets of tiny handcuffs! Great find by LL 😊

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