Give Richard Armitage the Lead in a RomCom!

We interrupt our… omg, what was I going to say? I can’t think straight because I have just seen the sun rise:

Seriously – a laughing Richard – isn’t that a simply gorgeous sight?????

Who was it who said that he had a face that mainly suited evil characters????????

Hello Hollywood! Give this man the lead in a romantic comedy! 

ETA: Jeepers, are they trying to kill us?????

I now know why I could not look him in the eye. Because I instinctively knew I would have fainted, had he looked at me like that while chatting over his autographs…


110 thoughts on “Give Richard Armitage the Lead in a RomCom!

  1. Guylty, My heart skipped a beat. I feverishly looked online for breaking news! But now of course this gorgeous pic of him sitting spread eagle in those delightful second skin black jeans chatting away is all I need this morning!!


  2. Ah! Doesn’t that suit him?! Up there as my favourite looks..I mean I love a sexy brooding Armitage but literally nothing beats him looking happy and relaxed 😍

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  3. “Wie? Was? Fan fic mit älterer Frau und marginal jüngerem chaRActer???”
    Ich bin nicht sicher, ob es eine wirkliche Fanfiction war, ob sie von RA inspiriert war oder ob einfach jemand aus RA-Kreisen einen Roman geschrieben hat, aber ich meine mich an sowas zu erinnern. Muss mal auf meinem Kindle nachforschen…


  4. But soft, what light from yonder laptop breaks? It is the east, and RA is the sun…. 😂😂😂

    I’d love something light and frivolous for a change. Richard Curtis should get his thinking cap on — he did him proud before. *cough* Is he on Twitter? *cough*


  5. Er sieht sooo gut aus und ganz definitiv stimme ich all den oben genannten Wünschen ans Universum ausdrücklich zu.
    Wir sollten eine gemeinsame Wünschanstrengung unternehmen, denn man weiß ja von einigen Damen hier, dass das bei früheren Gelegenheiten schon geklappt hat. Was Romantisches, was Heiteres, was Intelligentes, was Britisches… “träum”

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  7. What I find so appealing about those signing photos is that you can see his eyes in such detail, which is unusual with indoor lighting which is usually from above (and casts wicked shadows below the brow line). Question for the photographer. Is it because the white table cloth is reflecting light up at his face from below?

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    • Very good point, Besotted. We can see his eyes even though he is not looking at the camera. And yes, the white table cloth reflecting light back up definitely helps.


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