RA Pocket Shrine 182/? – Super Strong Manly

The RAPS reveals are coming fast and hard these days. I probably should stretch them out a bit in order to avoid devaluing the currency. Or add some extra value to the posts. So today’s RAPS reveal is preceded by a shout-out to Maggie aka puppers26 on Twitter. Maggie has been part of the Richie swaps (organised by sinnamin) for as long as I can remember. I don’t think we have an Easter swap going this year, but I just received a fantastic hand-made Easter card from her. And the best thing is the fridge magnet she enclosed.

Did you see that? “Chick magnet”???? On that egg? And then who peeks out? 😂*muhahahaha* That is just so good… The whole idea of hiding RA (in one of my favourite shoots *and* with a massive smile on his face) in an Easter egg – I love it. Thank you, Maggie!!! And damn! I wish I had thought of that pun for an Easter RAPS!!!! Or do you think it’s permissible to steal the pun?

And now let’s get on to the shrine.

Super Strong. Who could *that* be?


” It was like bumping into a tree. He was much heavier, more solid than she would have judged from his voice and his footfalls. Solid and light on his feet. ”

Francis Dolarhyde, ladies and gentlemen…

Here he is, and we don’t know whether it is vulnerability, danger or a threat in his eyes…

Maybe it was a promise… we wish…

It was, in any case, a small little souvenir shrine made for Armidreamer, in return for sacrificing her Armitage autograph at RDC for the Flat Richie log. Such a great idea! It was also lovely to meet yet another fellow fan at an event – it just makes for happier fangirling when you have actually met the people with whom you share comments, jokes and pithy remarks on a daily basis *hehe*. Thank you Armidreamer – we must meet again!


48 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 182/? – Super Strong Manly

  1. Ah the shrine is another stellar masterpiece and Jane will probably be on cloud nine!! That saying is so spot on!! FD !!!👍👏👏🤣 well done!!
    The chick magnet is brilliant so kudos to Maggie for her wit and kindness!!
    Nice Friday surprise!!


  2. Not only a chick magnet but a good egg as well is our RA. That’s a really sweet Easter surprise. And it really is lovely to witness the exchange of tokens of friendship and goodwill in the fandom. It always brightens my day. I’m loving these reveals. ❤️

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  3. Love the chick magnet and I LOVE my shrine (and the reverse of the tin is hilarious!). It was such a lovely surprise and I thank the clever creative Guylty. The funny thing is that you/she thought I didn’t like Dolarhyde and apologised for sending it as a memento of RDC5, when in fact he is one of my favourite RA characters. Thanks again Guylty it is a wonderful memento of the con,

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