#FlatRichie Tourin’ in the USA

Hello hello hello! I’m back from London and delighted that I can bring you an update on Flat Richie.

Since Flat Richie’s long Hollywood holiday with LoLo he has actually stopped in New York. It came at a slightly inopportune time for Armitagebesotted who was currently busy organising an exhibition, but hopefully she will let us know – even if delayed – what she chose from the Flat Richie parcel. However, Armitagebesotted was adamant that Flat Richie quickly move on to the next person in the parcel chain, and so he has made it to Monica in Tennessee.

Monica sent me a lovely e-mail with pictures and explanations, so the following words and images are hers:

My black Lab Misha was very intrigued with Flat Richie


FR and I toured historic Collierville, site of a Civil War battle; a huge train robbery; and winner of “America’s Best Town Square 2015″

FR wasn’t too happy that I shoved him into the lovely white azaleas along the azalea trail…

So I made it up to him by treating him to a Route 44 (44oz) Arnold Palmer (1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade) at Sonic Drive-In. He really wanted an ice cream cone, but those traveling clothes need to stay nice and clean…

No trip to Collierville would be complete without a sample of the award-winning, family-owned Captain John’s BBQ…Flat Richie tried to sneak all the hushpuppies!

But before we could taste the BBQ, we caught Sir Guy and Thorin sneaking into the Easter candy, days before Easter!

Flat Richie and friends have now been tucked in and packed off to their next destination, and should arrive within a few days.
There were wonderful gifties in the box, it was difficult to choose, but I decided on the UK wine charms, since I’m such an Anglophile, and the RA keychain. I contributed an RA-licious item and a ‘generic’ item to the box for future recipients to enjoy.

I think the best part of this fun for me was reading the Flat Richie journal! Most people wrote very enjoyable, interesting notes that reflect the flavor of their homelands, as well as their RA fandom.

What a fun tour through Collierville! Thank you to Monica for her photos and report! It is great to see Flat Richie still going strong! We are still not even half-way through the list, btw. Here is an overview so far:

<iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1TACGfsDMbBH6N6Gl-ZArVsE2MNxWvq4F&#8221; width=”640″ height=”480″>

PS: So sorry I missed the round-up on Saturday. But you know – London… 😉I will try and catch up tomorrow!





21 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Tourin’ in the USA

  1. Thank you so much Monica for your delightful tour of Collierville. I love hushpuppies! Miss them a lot! Glad you found some great goodies there. Big hug to Misha as well!!

    Besotted: looking forward to your tale and what you chose as well. Hope you both are well.

    Guylty: hope London was a blast and more!
    Thanks for the updates!!


  2. Monica gave flat Richie so many goodies he might not remain flat too much longer. Looks like he had a wonderful time visiting some beautiful places. I hope he can swing by Besottted’s place again so he can enjoy the pleasure of her company a little longer.


  3. My black lab Carlo says hi to Misha! What’s a hushpuppie? In the UK it’s a brand of shoes… not very tasty 😉

    Lovely to see the next stage of Flat Richie’s journey 😊

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    • Helen a hushpuppy is that round circle you see next to her bbq meat there. It’s like fried dough very Southern US and very tasty IMO. Zee will have to chime in here though. Hush Puppy are also a brand of shoe in the US as well. My Sascha, Max and Eddie say hello to your Carlo as well and to Misha of course!!

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  4. ah cute story from Monica, it’s interesting to see al these different places and foods,etc that I normally would have no clue about too


    • Rachel, Sonic are fast food places littered in the South a lot of them in Texas where my parents and sister live. They are modeled after drive thrus where you pull your car up to a stand and a server comes out to take your order. The servers used to be on roller skates but I think that has been done away with now. Lot of burgers, shakes, onion rings, fries, chicken fingers very much American style comfort food. Monica’s grub is very Southern style coleslaw, bbq beef, beans and the hush puppies. I’m glad FR got to enjoy that!!

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  5. It’s really been fun to travel along with Guy and FR. Monica, how nice you gave the boys a little history tour plus they got to sample some local dishes. Nice choice of gifts too. I hope Besotted has the chance to post something about her special (if brief ) encounter as well. It looks as though Sir Guy and Flat Richie have really been getting the Royal treatment from all their gracious hosts. With long distances traveled, 11 stops, packing and unpacking and they still look in tip top shape. Amazing!


    • Guy and Flat Richie really have been living it up, visiting all those adoring ladies who are showering them with attention and love… No wonder they are still in good shape 😉


  6. Thank you Monica for the lovely pictures and account! It´s so interesting and enjoyable to see all these different places and read the entertaining stories (and without even having to leave the sofa).

    Ich freu mich jedes Mal, wenn es Neuigkeiten von den Weltenbummlern gibt. So gibts auch für uns andere neues zu entdecken und zu lernen. Allerdings wirds langsam Zeit, dass die Reise mal wieder in ein anderes Land geht, finde ich 😉.
    P.S: Gute Besserung für dich!


    • Ja, man reist irgendwie so gemeinsam mit FlatRichie um die Welt, nicht?
      Was ein anderes Land angeht, hat der Zufall es allerdings so gewollt, dass wir noch ein bisschen in USA bleiben…
      Geht heute übrigens endlich etwas besser, dem Manuca-Honig sei Dank 😉


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