He’s Alive and Well

Um, ok, maybe “alive” is not quite the right word for a shrine and a log book. So the point is that his whereabouts are known and all is in order: Flat Richie has been located!

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Here’s a little, discreet update for you: After visiting Monica about four weeks ago, Flat Richie was sent on his way from Tennessee to an undisclosed location further West. He did arrive safe and sound, but due to unforeseen circumstances he had a little rest. However, his current host has been alerted and has promised to make choices, replace them, and send Flat Richie on his way to the next recipient. Westward Ho!, is all I can say.

Current host has promised to take some pictures and be in touch soon. Meanwhile, she also requested a quick refresher re. the rules such as permitted number of items to take/replace, suggested turnaround time etc.

Reminder: These rules can also be found in the Flat Richie log book. I have printed and slipped them into a tuck spot inside the cover, iirc. But thanks for your patience re. Flat Richie. The tour will continue, soon!

Right, this is a short post, sorry. Here, this will make it worth-while for you:

Super old out-take from even older RH. It’s quite funny. The method actor in full swing 😂

PS: Quick question to all WordPress users: I seem to have lost my spell check? You too?


49 thoughts on “He’s Alive and Well

  1. That’s a relief about Mr Flats! The video is so funny, I wish there were more out-takes and bloopers. I’m still amazed that Keith Allen got away with ‘kiss my ring’!
    I wasn’t aware of the spell checker either, on WordPress, although my mispellings (i e English not American spellings) are underlined in red.

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    • No, as far as I know we heard from everyone. But two or three of the ‘show & tells’ were actually not written on my blog but on the participants’ own blogs, maybe that’s why?

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  2. I got a 404 error for the Reward for the Re-watch post which lasted for several hours, then it appeared. I thought you’d pulled it for some reason then reposted, but now it sounds like the internet was playing up.
    Thank you for the update on Flat Richie.😊


  3. I don’t suppose there’s any way to get in on the end of the Flat Richie list?? I do so wish that I had signed up! Sounds like such fun!

    You know, that video has always made me really uncomfortable. Even though Richard maintains his composure until just as Keith is seemingly about to kiss him, the look of disgust on Richard’s face and the speed with which he jumps up and away make me think that he was not at all comfortable with this. Yes, he is gracious enough to laugh as he says “cut” (is that him?), but then Keith feels compelled to say, “I’m not suggesting …” I don’t think Richard liked the suggestion that “he” might enjoy Keith’s attentions at all. Hmm. Just my opinion. (And I know that Richard has said that he found Keith hilarious, but still…)

    And yes I’d heard that the spellchecker button is gone. I just checked and it does seem to have disappeared.

    Oh, and also, I got a 404 on the Reward for the Re-watch at first as well.

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    • Re. Flat Richie – ah, tricky… I normally would have said yes and simply squeezed you in in front of me (I am the terminus), but the penultimate participant had specifically asked to be inserted between me and the person before her… So I’m not sure I can facilitate that this time without reworking the sequence. But that might upset some participants if the waiting time became even longer for them.
      I don’t want to be unfair – but I don’t want to exclude anyone, either. Rock – me – hard place… I’d like to think that we will do another round of the parcel fun, though, so hopefully you can take part then?
      As for the video – I was wondering the same… But then I was wondering whether I was reading something into it, because I made assumptions? (One of my assumptions being that Keith Allen is a rather annoying, rude guy whom I wouldn’t like to have around, either *hehe*)
      That 404 message is mystifying me…

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      • You’re not the only one who’s made that assumption. Keith Allen always struck me as being annoying and somewhat arrogant, he’s not someone I’d like to have to work with.


        • Yep, exactly… As I said, I am being unfair with prejudices, and I am mistaking Allen with the role he plays, but when I see him I just always think of a nasty bully…


          • I simply must say that Keith Allen was a life model on a TV show recently when celebrities took part in a painting competition he was naked ! The guy certainly has some front lol I felt sorry for Jane Seymour lol


      • Oh well. Not to worry. I should have signed up at the beginning. I just figured it would probably arrive at a time when I would be so swamped that I couldn’t deal with it quickly enough. Probably true. Hopefully, as you say, there will be another opportunity.

        As for the video, I wondered if Keith Allen suspected or “knew” that Richard was gay and that this could almost be construed as sexual harassment. Or, as you say, are we reading too much into it.


  4. I’m glad you posted the Flat Richie rules. I somehow missed the original post and never understood what was going on. Years ago my nieces and nephews had a school project when each was in 3rd grade to make a Flat Stanley and give it to someone who travelled to take pictures of Stanley. My sister told me I had to write a narrative of his trip also. Only later did I learn that I was the only one who did that. Obviously my sister was hoping that would get her kids extra credit. But I had a great time the year I took Stanley to Egypt with me and put together a 29 page travel tale with photos.
    I realize Flat Richie isn’t the same but now I’m sorry I didn’t know about this in time to sign up. Perhaps there’ll be a next time?


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