RA Pocket Shrine 193/? – Hero

If there’s nothing on, it’s time for a shrine post. In anticipation of the birthday auctions I have made a few shrines that are ready to auction. So it is time to show yet another one of them. It will probably be part of a Hobbit fan package…

Aw, the dwarves… This tin was gifted to me by CraMERRY, iirc. Considering that CraMERRY has been inactive in the fandom for quite a while at this point, I must have hoarded this tin for a long time… Side note: Happy coincidence – I am going to visit CraMERRY this weekend, hooray!

So, a Hobbit tin. That means…

… the most gorgeous of dwarf kings. He’s got his Arkenstone right there.

What do you think about this crown design? Better than the raven crown?

There it is. Small and compact. With a lid too pretty to make a hole in for the candle.

This will go into the auction – with some Hobbit paraphernalia (I think…).

Hope someone will like it.



27 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 193/? – Hero

  1. Love the 👑 except it looks like he is wearing pearl earrings. Actually, Thorin loves jewelry, so he could rock this look. Lovely shrine in all respects.

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  2. It’s so unique- I love it! The raven crown is fine for battle gear but I could totally see Thorin wearing this majestic bling to flaunt his wealth. You’re making it hard to choose what to bid on 😊


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