Small Print and Auction Procedure #2019RABirthdayAuctions

The day has come. Today the eBay auctions will go live later this afternoon. Until then I still have a bit of work ahead of me – the individual auctions have to be set on eBay. That means a lot of clicking, uploading of photos and copy/pasting of text. Especially since we have the record number of 29 items in the auction this year!! I expect that the first auctions will go live this afternoon from around 5 pm. Once all of the auctions are live, I will post a summary post with links to *all* individual auctions.

The Procedure

I have received a few questions by DM from fandom members for whom this year’s auction is the first such. First of all – don’t worry if one of my previously posted links to my eBay account has taken you to a German language page. The descriptions will all be in English, and if you access eBay via your country’s marketplace, the language should be your own local language. Depending on settings, prices will also be converted into your local currency. I am posting the individual auctions in English via and in Euro.

With the auctions I have made an effort to include coveted items that fetch a higher price, as well as some smaller items that are more suited for a smaller budget. Of course, the objective remains to make as much money as we can, in order to benefit Shelter in their fight against homelessness. So please do not be disappointed if you are out-bid. The auctions are a bit like the Olympic Games. It’s not about winning, but it’s about participating. And even if you are out-bid, your early bid may have given the auction the push it needed to rise to higher amounts. I appreciate *any* participation in the fundraiser – from donating items, to bidding, to cheering on the bidders, to discussing the auctions on social media to attract attention, to winning auctions. This is a community effort, and *any* participation counts.

And now the small print

All my auctions – on eBay and via e-mail – are private and non-commercial, a fundraiser for charity. Items go to the highest bidders, upon payment. I would appreciate it if winners could pay as soon as possible in order for the final sum to be ready for transfer on Richard’s birthday.

Please be aware that we are auctioning, hand-made, second-hand and pre-loved items! There may be little scuffs, imperfections or signs of wear and tear. Since these are all fundraising items, we are charging no postage fees. The items will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail anywhere in the world. In some cases, the items will be despatched directly by the donor and not me. The buyers will receive a tracking number to track the progress of their parcel. No returns possible, I am afraid, as this is a charity project. Some of the proceeds will be deducted to pay for the eBay listing fees. Paypal fees will be paid by me. The final sum will be posted here on blog, and I will notify you via blog when the donation has been made. 

I will try and update you on the progress of the auctions as we go along. The best way to follow the auctions is to either put individual auctions on your “watchlist” on eBay – or to follow me on Twitter where I can update more frequently and easily than on this blog. In previous years I have written daily updates on the progress of the auctions – or milestone posts when particular numbers have been reached on the auctions – here on the blog, too. You can keep up to date if you subscribe to the comments of a blog post.

All proceeds of these auctions will go to Shelter via Richard’s JustGiving page. If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, you can donate to this fundraiser. Unfortunately the Paypal powered donation button that I used in previous years, is not available anymore. Send me an e-mail at for the Paypal account in case you want to give money.

Finally a reminder that this auction fundraiser is not endorsed by Richard and there is no obligation for fans to take part in this. We are simply a group of like-minded fans who are conducting the auctions for our own fun, in honour of the man we all admire – and to benefit a good cause. Please do also consider donating in honour of Richard’s birthday through his supported charities on JustGiving.

Other than that: please check out the auctions! Bidding is open for all, anywhere in the world – electronically on eBay, and via e-mail for the custom RAPS. Let’s make this another fundraiser to remember!

5 thoughts on “Small Print and Auction Procedure #2019RABirthdayAuctions

    • It’s not just me, it’s all of us together. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t know that I had so many people behind me or donating and helping otherwise.
      Now that the listings are live, I can relax *phew*. And PARTY!!!

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