General Update Number 2 #2019RABirthdayAuctions

Did I say somewhere that there were going to be twice-daily updates???? 🤔 Forgive me, I was momentarily distracted by a floppy fringe and 80s revival glasses…

It’s a little bit too early to already talk about the last 24 hours. Yet we also have already passed the half-way mark in the Birthday Auctions. In fact, most of the auctions will run another 27 hours from now (= time of posting). I celebrated a little earlier over on Twitter that we had passed the 1,000 Pounds mark, too. But for another milepost post on blog, I have a different dream… I’d love to push the auctions towards a 1,500 € total. Ambitious!? I’ll give you an overview of the latest stats.

  • First of all: *taraaah* ALL 29 eBay auctions will now sell as The Convenient Marriage Audio Book has found a bidder, too. Currently at 15.50 €. Many thanks to the bidder!
  • We have a new leader in terms of highest bid received: Currently in front is the autographed Castlevania disc, now running for 106 €. Stunning!!!
  • The most bids are still gathered around the “Moody Anti-Socialite” badge. 23 bids have been received, and the price is currently 36.50 €
  • Judging by the number of views, the North & South Fan Package is the most popular item on auction. 150 views – current highest bid is 70.50 €.
  • And official bidding update on the custom RAPS: The current highest bid for that is 75 €. If you would like to bid on the custom shrine, send me an e-mail with your bid to

The current total takes us to over 1,100 €! Hooray, confetti, trumpets, cakes and champagne 😉. BUT with my “greed for good”, I am wondering whether there’s more possible. For your consideration – there are a few modestly priced items on offer that might be in your price range.

Items for 10 Euro and less

You can get an original magazine with an article about BS for less than 10 €, or a cool, one-of-a-kind badge for a clean tenner (current bidding). If you are a fan of clean-chin RA, that could be one for you.

Hand-made Items

There are also a number of hand-made items available – for instance the Guy Jewellery Box, a complete steal at a current bid of 26 €!

Items that have been touched by RA himself

The ultimate fan experience! Available from a current high bid of 36.50 € in the shape of an authentic autograph. Also signed by Richard: The Castlevania disc. Slightly more expensive, though 😉


Just a little fun… I am thrilled already with where we are with the auctions. You are all great, bidders and supporters! Thank you!

I’ll be back with another update before I turn in for the night.


7 thoughts on “General Update Number 2 #2019RABirthdayAuctions

  1. A peeping John! Tsk tsk tsk naughty boy ( sorry for bringing down the respectable auction tone!). Bad influence from himself as very last thing i did before finishing to pack ul and sadly loosing everything on my sky box ( and that is strike back, spooks, n&s, into the storm, the hobbit. The lot which i had handily recorded for keeps in time 😣😣) was to watch the Inspector lynley ep with the debauched bankrupt priory owner turned sex object.


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