RA Fools Around on IG

😂 That’s the kind of silliness I like. Yep, that says something about my level of humour. I’m djerman, sorry *grins*.

Two pictures, so make sure you click through.

I like it when he doesn’t take himself seriously. That spy look over the lapel is so much better than any selfie.

Effective cover.

But best of all – sounds as if there was a whole proper shoot. That means new PHOTOS!!!!!!! Can’t wait. It’s been quite a while since a big shoot (not counting event photography). Off we go, checking out Mr Gotts’ oeuvre…

Editing to add a tweet by fellow fan Ella because she has got the other corresponding beard pics neatly compiled in her tweet:

And just to say that Rachel’s comment on Twitter rings too true – he’s hiding his massive Astrov moustache behind that collar.!!! Arrrrrgh 😱


33 thoughts on “RA Fools Around on IG

  1. ah, i didn’t think about the Berlin Station pc! i showed my BF and he’s convinced there’s a philosopher who did a famous picture with a similar pose


  2. Cool. I liked the 2013 hair, but whatever he’s got in it looks so oily… doesn’t make me want to run my fingers through it! It’ll be fun to see new photos, though,


  3. Ooh, his hair *drools* It’s been a long time since he had a proper photoshoot, lots to look forward to! If it’s anything like the Leslie Hassler shoot when he had the longer hair I’m in serious trouble lol. I think he’s hiding a beard, probably too soon to reveal The Moustache (I’ll be happy to be proven wrong!) but I do love the way he’s playing with us.

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    • Oh yes, the hair is nearing Leslie Hassler shoot length. I can’t wait to see what Gotts made of the shoot. Mind you – his pictures are pretty much “warts and all” – particularly when it comes to male sitters.


      • “Warts and all” I do like the sound of that! I wonder what Richard will make of the resulting photos though, filter lover that he is.


  4. Alles, aber bitte keinen Pornobalken 😱🤦‍♀️😭!!! Ich will heiße Träume, keine Albträume. Haare lang oder kurz, natur oder gefärbt, Vollbart, Dreitagebart, glattrasiert – ist mir alles egal, aber bitte, bitte, bitte keinen Schnäuzer 🥺.


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