Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/38

Phew, what a morning. I got up at 6 am this morning – only to find out it was actually 5 am: My alarm clock was still on summer time. I was up early because I had to take my mum to the airport at 6am. As I went back to bed to snooze another hour before the *right* time, my area had a power outage. The old house I live in – a 200 year old Georgian number that stretches four storeys over basement – was eerie and dark, and difficult to navigate for my mum as the bathroom is two levels away from the guest room. We made it to the airport in time, though. The power cut lasted four hours, though, hence the delay in posting this week’s round-up.

Usually I compile the round-up on Friday nights, but yesterday I had a reason not to sit at the computer. It was my birthday, and we had a lovely home-cooked dinner with my mum and my children. I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the good wishes I received from you – via snail mail, in parcels, by e-mail and on Twitter. Much appreciated, although the new number still upsets me. It’s only downhill from now on.

Adding to the slight whiff of depression was another piece of news I read yesterday. After eleven years at the helm of RAnet, Ali will not be able to maintain the site anymore.
This is mainly due to the fact that the software RAnet is build on, is now outdated and will soon not be supported anymore. It’s a blow for my activities as a blogger, as I still use RAnet as a resource for my posts. I wonder whether there will be any alternative. I am very grateful to Ali for all the hard work she has put into making RAnet a wonderful platform and resource for fans all over the world. If you can, please do give her some love 😊

And now, the round-up.

  1. Let’s start with James, giffed by riepu10 from the latest My Zoe trailer
  2. Richard’s chaRActers drinking… perfect gif set for birthday toasts, btw 😉. I think this is an older set, posted by hiddlespeare
  3. Controversial: I find bare feet in shoes irresistibly sexy. Thank you to RA-of-light for enabling my kink with this set of pictures
  4. The Conor McPherson adaptation of Uncle Vanya has been announced as paperback. I think it’s not available yet, but richardarmitagefanpage has posted the info
  5. Also from richardarmitagefanpage, a compilation of some photos from the God’s Love We Deliver event in NY last week where Richard can be spotted in the background
  6. A few more screen caps of James looking distraught, caught by deepestfirefun
  7. This set, also by deepestfirefun, could be come a fan favourite. Includes major thumb porn!
  8. A gorgeous piece of Thorin fan art by maddsaa. I love the colours in this, like a winter sunrise sky 
  9. A couple of fan selfies with Richard, taken at TIFF, and reposted by richardarmitagefanpage
  10. Note how uncooperative ex James turns into loving daddy!James in this gif set by riepu10
  11. I don’t think I have seen this scene from O8 giffed yet. Gets a special mention thanks to the comment meme added to the post by waller-bridge
  12. Thorin as an advisor? Seems to work in interesting ways, as stabmejagger says
  13. Lily-sb checks out the face behind the voice… I think I would’ve looked for Guy rather than Daniel
  14. LOL. This is how love works. Put together by tommyshelbe
  15. Reblogging this post by charlesanthonybruno was a must
  16. Is it hot in here or am I just menopausal? *fans herself* An oldie by riepu, but… reasons
  17. Riepu10 has a thing for Trevor, it seems. Which one do you like best?

There we go. Hope this was worth the wait ☺️

Happy weekend!

Guylty ❤️

PS: Have you entered the raffle for the latest RAPS? Halloween may be over, but the raffle is still open until tomorrow (Sunday) 12 noon GMT. Ordinary time, that is, *not* summer time 😂


20 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/38

  1. Did anyone else notice that when Ms Ocean divests poor Claude of that button, it is black, but when she gives it to Lou in the next scene, it is white? Tut, tut, poor continuity. But I do love me some delicious Claude!
    A very happy belated birthday to you! I’m glad that your mum was there for your family dinner. 💜💜

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  2. Don’t worry about the number G, it’s all about how you feel. I don’t remember how old I am and I’m keeping it that way. haha Happy Birthday! Sorry, I never remember them so please don’t be offended if I don’t say anything next year. 🍰🍾🥂

    RE: Your 11 is one that totally cracked me up in Oceans 8, could watch it again now if I didn’t have a bunch of work ahead of me. Have to also take Moby to the groomer today and all my printers are out of ink, so there is that chore I’m not looking forward to.

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  3. You make Saturday my favorite day of the week 😎 thanks for doing these.
    Sorry to hear about RAnet. Her site was a valuable source of RA information when I was new to the fandom and she will surely be missed. I wish there was some way to transfer all that wonderful content to another platform.
    Happy Belated Birthday, S. May the coming year be happy and healthy. Having your Mum visiting made both your birthdays all the more special ❤️ family time is everything 🥰

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  4. Alles, alles Liebe nachträglich 🥳! Wie schön, dass ihr die letzten Tage zusammen in Familie verbringen konntet. Und wie praktisch, dass deine Mutter und du so nah beeinander Geburtstag habt, ist ja dann quasi ein Aufwasch 😉.
    #3: Ich find nackte Männerfüsse in Schuhen tatsächlich 😱. Das erste Bild in der Reihe ist grad noch so ertragbar, weil da soviel Leckeres von den Knöcheln ablenkt. Über die übrigen Bilder breite ich lieber den Mantel des Schweigens 🙊.
    #7: Im Trailer fand ich gerade diese Szene irgendwie irritierend. Gestik und Mimik von James wirken auf mich widersprüchlich. Liegt vielleicht auch nur am Schnitt.


  5. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday with your mum and your children.
    #11 has been around for a while but it never gets tired, I love it.
    The news about Ali shutting down RANet got me over to Twitter for one of my very rare check ins. It will be sad to see it disappear, especially after all the years of work she put into it. I hope there’s a way to save even just some of it. When I was desperate for information about this wonderful new actor I’d discovered, it was one of the very first I browsed through, and it has been a great reference for my Tumblr posts since then as well.

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  6. Happy birthday Guylty. And if it is the birthday I think it is, welcome, it’s not so bad over here. But what a fantastic thing you have done to celebrate. I have been brooding all weekend about the seemingly irretrievable loss of Ali’s archive – it’s not just the images, but the links, newspapers cuttings etc. It’s an invaluable resource to RA fans and you have marvellously stepped into the breach. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, e.g. are there costs in maintaining the site?
    Thanks for the round-up and your’re right about James and his thumbs, it’s already a favourite of mine. Quite wrongly I like the way his hands curve around Delpy’s neck and his glowering expression.
    Hope the power is behaving itself now.

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  7. blimey, hope it wasn’t too stressful getting your Mum back to the airport and well done on doing a round up when you’re so busy!


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