OT: cRAfty Update

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Scissors & Smiles.

Nah, of course it isn’t. *I* am Scissors & Smiles, and I am not paying myself to write this post, haha. But well, I do admit I feel a bit odd about advertising on my own behalf. However, Sue from Imfeelingthis Blog had asked me whether I was planning to upload the latest RA fabric onto Redbubble as she needed a new phone case. So I spent yesterday updating the Redbubble store. The phone cases are actually HERE. I was quite amused by the thought of that pattern in the bath – or on a comforter. How very literal! 😂

Anyway, as you can see I am listening to suggestions from readers. And hence I also spent this morning tinkering with some crafty stuff after Jackie had commented on my Instagram. I had been playing with mini books again and this time experimented with earrings. The first batch were mini books that are simply covered in colourful origami paper. When I posted them on my IG, Jackie pointed out that I might have opened a can of worms – for requests of mini books with actual book covers. I didn’t think it was possible, but I tried it nonetheless. Turns out – it *does* work.


That’s the earrings with the matching mini book, just for the sake of sizing

The earrings are about a quarter of the size of the book pins. Quite fiddly, but it actually worked quite neatly with the Hobbit. I was disappointed, though, with the North & South earrings – I somehow made the cover too big, so I didn’t even attach them to an earring. Back to the drawing board it is.

Too much white because the cover is too wide. Meh

Some of the others – unrelated to RA’s oeuvre – turned out nice, though.

Now I am hoping that my reordered fabric will arrive sometime this week so I can sew a few more masks…

By the way – if anyone has suggestions of book classics that would lend themselves for those brooches, please tell me. I am looking for books that are out of copyright and that are well-loved classics….



42 thoughts on “OT: cRAfty Update

    • The earrings are definitely fun – but wow, Helen, I get a completely new appreciation of the work you create! To say it is fiddly to attach the little jumprings, is an understatement. Mind you, you probably have the proper tools for the job. I need to get myself a couple of little pliers. And a magnifying glass 😂
      The shower curtain and bedding really appealed to me, too. 😁 However, we have a shower cubicle with doors, and Mr Guylty would probably draw the line at sleeping on RA’s profile 😬

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  1. Thanks for the link. I had actually been searching for your Etsy shop, but a search for Guylty doesn’t work now that you are under your crafty name. It’s not listed on your blog front page either. (I did finally find it, though.) I love the little books.

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  2. Peter Pan! 😉 (dare I make a suggestion, even though I don’t wear earrings or brooches and so I fear I won’t ever order a set…? but maybe someday as a gift for someone…)


    • Aw, thanks, Nix. I love whimsical little things like that, especially when they are an expression of personal interests. (Have put them into Etsy now, so must make more for myself ;-))


  3. May I ask a basic question that’s off topic? How do you get those photos of shower curtains and bedspreads with your pattern on them? Does someone (the Etsy site?) provide a “template” file of those shots with blank surfaces, and then a “filter” magically drops in your art?


    • Aw thanks, J – hehe, talented at wasting time *grins*.
      You know, if I wasn’t sharing my bed with Mr Guylty, I’d be all over that bedding. Or under, as you said 😉
      Clarissa (or some of the Heyers) is a great suggestion. Noted!

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  4. Say it with me: I do not need a shower curtain. I do not need a shower curtain. I do not need a shower curtain.

    *whispers* I really want that shower curtain.


  5. too cute for words, really love them and doesn’t that shower curtain look goooodd… too bad i have a cubcle as well so can’t have that. but the books can be endless fun! Though not making i imagine, gosh don’t even know how you manage to get the hooks in!
    but well done you, i envy your craftiness 🙂 x


    • The hooks are truly fiddly. Although that really is because I haven’t got the proper tools, so I could make it easier for myself if I wanted to. In a way, I am astounded myself that I have so much patience with this. I always considered myself very impatient. But there is a great sense of achievement once I get these things made, so maybe that’s what I am craving right now 😊


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