RA Pocket Shrine 238/? – Astrov on Stage

My day was a bit mixed today. It started good with a letter that I had given up hope of receiving. During the whole pandemic panic prior to Christmas, some of my shipments went missing. I could only lodge an enquiry for the ones that had been sent registered. Seven months later I now received a refund for a package that I had sent on December 7. At over €50 it was actually a welcome sight…

It didn’t stay quite as pleasing and happy as that in the afternoon. More red tape and bureaucracy re. customs, which I will spare you the details of. Suffice to say that I am definitely not an expert exporter 😂.

So I am treating myself to a bit of soothing RA – in the shape of one of the three RAPS that went into the birthday auctions. Can’t say that Astrov as such is a dream boat for me. But he’s played by a dreamy player…

Oops, that’s what happens when you take pictures in a hurry. The RAPS came with a tester size vial of the Comme des Garçons scent Hinoki, and hence the little vial appears in the photo. It’s not fixed to the shrine, of course, but maybe it should be? Smell-o-vision finally has come real… that scent really is gorgeous, especially when you imagine it on the Doctor. Or on the actor, for that matter.

Not much to see here… Well, maybe you can guess the inspiration for this RAPS already?

Photo by Graham Michael – slightly resized by me 😉

What I wanted to do, was recreate the theatre curtain. At the time of seeing Michael’s photo for the first time, it struck shocked me how see-through the curtain was. Basically, if you are sitting in the front row, the actors could see your face 😱! Anyway, the photo was the inspiration for my shrine – I needed a see-through material, and what I eventually used is coffee-dyed cheese cloth. And it reveals…

… the stage with Dr Astrov (and some other bloke in the background 😂). So what *we* see when the curtain lifts, is the world as a stage.

And all the men are players. Or actors. Like this guy. Bit of a funky collage there, with scripts and hairy legs, and blokes in selfie mode 😂.

You can light a candle to him.

Or not 😉

Anyway, I was delighted that the Astrov RAPS found a buyer (thank you!) and a good home. I know that it has already arrived at its destination. The play may have had its run cut short by the pandemic – but the shrine will last forever. Well, or a few years, I hope 😉.

Thank you to all others as well who are posting or tweeting pictures of their shipments received, btw. It not only is a relief to me to know that the packages have safely arrived, but seeing the goodies also is a bit like window-shopping – it’s like unveiling the goods once again. So keep ‘em coming 😉


24 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 238/? – Astrov on Stage

  1. I have the play downloaded. I keep thinking – oh I have some time coming up, but then I find out, I don’t. But I have it for sometime in the future when I will have time!


  2. Yay for recouping some of your postage from the mail malfunction. Better than nothing.
    And the smell-o-vision comment. 😂😂
    It’s a lovely RAPS. They always are. That curtain idea is marvelous. ❤️


    • It’s the first time ever that I have heard back from the postal service re. a lost shipment. Frankly, I had given up any hope of recouping that money. I have another thing running at the moment (where a shipment was returned to me soaking wet – even though the address and everything was correct. They made me repack the package and then I had to shell out for the postage again 😡).

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  3. Lovely shrine although the curtain might be a fire hazard when candle is lit. Then again, RA would be hotter than ever.

    Ode To Bad Timing

    Never got to see the play.
    Couldn’t really get away.
    Thought I could catch it last summer,
    Not then either, what a bummer.
    Now it’s safe to see a play,
    Once again, can’t get away.
    Kathy Jones

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