Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Final Breakthrough Has Been Made #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

O-M-G! I can’t believe it!

You have reacted beautifully to my post from last night. No sooner had I posted, and the top-ups came pouring in. We have made it!!!

Thanks and congratulations to all of you. You deserve that kiss!


And confession: I got my calculations wrong last night (not an accountant, as I said…) and had not taken all deductions into account when I suggested that we were only €100 off the mark 😬. Massive apologies. However, the additional 31 contributions to the tune of €550 did the trick, not even counting my future “even number top-up”. We have most definitely breached the €5,000 mark. (And if the donations hadn’t done it, I would’ve paid up myself.)

Anyway, you are absolutely amazing!

I can’t thank you enough. As it stands, all funds from eBay and Etsy have already arrived in my account. I have initiated the transfer of monies from Paypal and expect the money to be in my account on Monday. That means that I am planning to make our final donation to LOROS via muchloved on Richard’s birthday, fingers crossed. The projected final proceeds at this moment (11am, Friday morning) are in excess of €5,100. What a fitting sum, considering that Richard will be turning 51! 😉 Also, I have heard that (some of) the UK-based fans have been very clever and have donated directly – which means that their donations will accrue the UK government gift aid. That is extra money – for free – for the charity, and so donating directly makes a lot of sense. Thank you to those donors, also!

As promised, I will conduct the raffle for the mini RAPS and the RAngel among the money donors. I am planning to do so on Sunday. So tune in then.

Final accounts will be made public on Monday when I have transferred the donation. I will notify you here once our donation has been made.

I also would like to say that I have read all your messages via Paypal, Twitter, comments and apologise for not having been able to acknowledge receipt. There are simply too many to reply to everyone via platforms or via e-mail. Please forgive me for that. But once again thank you to all donors – as well as all contributors, bidders and supporters. I did not think we’d reach this far, but you have proven once again that there is simply no predicting how our fundraisers turn out. It is hugely appreciated. Much love and gratitude to all! ❤️


42 thoughts on “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Final Breakthrough Has Been Made #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

  1. Woohoo!! Fantastic result, and huge thanks to all involved, especially to you Guylty for all your hard work and organisation. I can’t say it too often, you are a treasure xx
    PS converted to AUD proceeds are $7446

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  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks for that kiss, one big for you too 💗. I can’t stop smiling looking at this GIF. Does he say: Oh, wow! 😊 Thanks to all for all the joy.😘


  3. Brilliant. Absolutely a•ma•zing! I’m overjoyed and incredulous. I didn’t think the 5 would be in reach, but this FUNdraiser really is the (not so) little project that could.

    Massive thanks to you, Sonja, for bringing us all together. This is what community is all about.


  4. I’d be jumping up and down if I could. This wonderful result fills my heart with joy and has made given me the moral boost I needed to ignore my current physical pain and feel energized. Thanks, RArmy! We truly get things done when it’s needed. Happy Weekend, everyone! xo


  5. This is such an amazing result, I´m so happy, thanks again to all who took part in this and to you for organising it 💗😊🎉.


  6. Some permutation of 51 would have been eye-catching for sure. But the more the merrier for LOROS. Here’s hoping Richard is as blown away as we are. Can’t thank you enough for all you do on behalf of the fandom, Sonja.


    • I’ve been calculating all kinds of things – from how many days in 51 years to proceeds divided by 51 😂. But in the end it doesn’t matter. We’ve generated an amazing sum for LOROS, and I look forward to presenting the donation as our gift to RA.


  7. I’m sure RA will appreciate the birthday gift as much as LOROS will appreciate the donation. This is the first year I’ve managed to organize myself to participate so great work getting it all organized!


  8. Wow! Just an amazing amount raised for LOROS. 😀

    Sonja, I know you always say the auctions are a group effort, and they are, but the fact remains that the bulk of the work always falls to you, so massive thanks for being the facilitator extraordinaire of all auction business. You’re a star. *hugs* xx


    • Aw, thank you. I do feel very much appreciated, so all is good. It makes me happy to put my skills to work, and it also makes me happy to see my fellow fans enjoy all the fun items we get to create and make and share this way.


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  10. What a fantastic result!! Thank you all for making this another memorable Birthday Celebration!! And to you especially Guylty and the other hard workers for making it all possible! Blessings on you all!


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