NOW LIVE: 2022 #DecemberFundRAiser

The time has finally come. Welcome to the 2022 December Fundraiser.

The auctions have now gone live on eBay. You can access the individual auctions by clicking the “CLICK HERE” link for the respective item. They are grouped in chronological order of auction start. I will later update this post with the exact end time of each auction (all times are GMT and refer to Wednesday, 30 November).  The auctions are set to run three days, concluding onWednesday, 30th November. This time we have 28 auctions for you to bid on. Besides “traditional” fan items such as DVDs or memorabilia we also have hand-crafted, one-off items that have been lovingly created by our fan sisters. I’d like to take the opportunity to especially welcome the new donors this year. It is wonderful that the fundraiser project continues to draw new supporters. While I personally enjoy getting to know new people through our communication for receiving the donations, it also means that the pool of items is continually refreshed with exciting, new pieces. This year we have contributors from 11 different countries! They range from Finland in the North to Cyprus in the South, and span the globe from Ireland to Australia! To my amazement it has even been possible for our Russian fan sisters to send donations. So my thanks go to this year’s auction contributors, who have all been credited in the listings below. Your support drives these fundraisers. Thank you so much!

The proceeds of the auctions and fixed-price sale are to benefit the hospice care charity LOROS, in lieu of Christmas presents for Richard. The donation will be made after all auctions and the fixed-price sale have ended. I will notify you here on blog once that is done.

As in previous years, I am again offering the opportunity to contribute to the fundraiser with a donation. You can do so via the link to my Paypal account. Your donation will be added to the final sum and go to LOROS in its entirety. A click on the donation image below will take you to my Paypal site where you can donate a sum of your choice. Note: The donation button is linked with my Paypal account in order to collect all proceeds/donation in one place. Please label your donation “December Fundraiser” and click on “gift/for friends”. That way we can avoid transaction fees. (I have also left a donation button towards the top of the right sidebar on the blog.)

Here are this year’s offerings:

Have Mr Thornton at the ready with your own copy of the North & South mini series! This is a used copy of the 2004 classic, starring Richard as Mr Thornton.  Donated by Pam K. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:04

A set for fans of Lucas North – with a picture of season 7 Lucas, fresh from Russia with tats, as well as a framed print of Urizen by William Blake. Donor Graza has also paired these two items with a beautiful set of amber jewelry in the shape of drop earrings and a charm. The frames contain plexi glas, so won’t break in transit. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:05

Since VoD seems to have vanished from YT, we suggest you invest in a copy of the DVD. This is a DVD with the 2 VoD episodes that feature RA – The Handsome Stranger and Vicar in White. The DVD is used but in good condition and plays PAL region 2. 1 DVD. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:07

Mr Price is pretty hot. And that’s what it says in this little pocket shrine. Written in German, this may be something for the German-speakers among the fans. Although Mr Price’s hotness transcends all languages… The pocket shrine is a mixed media collage contained in a small mint tin. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:09

Would you like to see my stamp collection? Well, this would be a highlight: A genuine NZ Post stamp set of the Hobbit stamps. That includes Thorin Oakenshield. The set is untouched, unstamped. Rare! Donated by Velvet. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:10

Let Guy keep your treasures for you. This hand-decorated trinket drawer chest has been embellished with images of Guy and wooden letters. The drawer chest measures 35×35 in total and has 25 small drawers. Ideal for an advent calendar with a little gift every day? The drawers measure  5 x 5 x 5 each. Donated by Ania. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:11

SUPER RARE!!! Your chance to get your hands on one of the beautiful posters of the 2014 Old Vic production of The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage as lead. The poster is  new, has never been hung on a wall, and was bought at the theatre during the play’s run in 2014. The back of the poster has a number scribbled on (from theatre shop) but otherwise no tears, rips or folds. Size: 32 x 50cm. Donated by SAhRA. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:12

Advanced stealth fangirling for tea and coffee drinkers: This unique mug looks innocently monochrome black when not in use. But fill it with hot tea or coffee, and suddenly pictures will appear. This colour-changing mug is new and unused (apart from one fill for the purpose of photographing it). Donated by Esther. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:14

The Strike Back DVD series 1 complete  (The Armitage years!) A must-have for all who are looking for a hero… This DVD is used but in good condition. PAL regions 2+4. Donated by Lou. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:16

A gem that slipped through the net in our previous fundraiser, this is a little set for Ray Levine fans, consisting of a notebook and an altered matchbox. The notebook has been hand-decorated with pictures of Ray. And Ray is also contained in the little matchbox. Made and donated by Poppy. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:17

Stickers are always fun, right? Here is a whole booklet of mini stickers to adorn your journal, letters or anything else with. Lots of pictures of RA in various roles from Guy via Portah to Thorin. Lots of sticker fun guaranteed, 60 stickers in total.. Donated by Sonja. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:19

Join Daniel in Berlin with this set of Berlin Station, season 1. The set is used but in good condition and  contains 4 DVDs.  The DVD set has a French cover but has English, French, German and Spanish soundtrack. Region 2. Donated by NF. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:20

An amazing hand-made fan object: This is a box made from and decorated with card stock. It is a sort of “explosion box” that will expand when you lift the lid. Suspended inside is Thorin’s buckle as a pendant. Donated by Janee. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:21

This amazing water colour portrait could have hung in Mrs Thornton’s (the younger) boudoir: This is a print of an original watercolour by @Kate_woodland of Mr Thornton. For display purposes I have photographed it in a frame, but note that the print will come unframed. It will be sent in a sturdy folder, to protect it on its journey. Donated by Lana. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:25

This is not *only* a DVD of the BBC drama Sparkhouse. No, this superhandy set actually comes with its own DVD player, ready to play the region 2 DVD. So ideal for US fans who may not already have a DVD player for European disks. Sparkhouse itself originally aired on BBC One from 1 to 8 September 2002. Written by Sally Wainwright, it is a modern take on Wuthering Heights. Richard plays John Standring, one of the best loved characters in RA’s oeuvre. Note: The DVD is region 2, Europe! CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:26

Let’s go full-on camouflage with this Porter Pack. This fan set consists of a grey keffiyeh – similar to the scarf worn by Porter in the first episode of Strike Back. Also contained in the set is a beautiful silver-and-amber scorpio charm, a reference to Porter’s tattoo. The items are new and unused and come in a handy string bag with camouflage print. Donated by Graza. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:28

A new addition for your RArchive: This is a new and unused copy of TV Choice magazine with an article about Stay Close, featuring RA. TV Choice magazine, 18 – 31 December 2021. Donated by Pam K. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:29

One of the lesser known roles of Richard is the scowling but pretty Philip Durrant in the Miss Marple episode “Ordeal by Innocence”. This is a new DVD, still in its original  wrapper. The DVD actually has 4 episodes in total. This is a region 2 DVD. While the box itself is a Scandinavian release, there is an English soundtrack on the DVD, as well as subtitles. Donated by Paula. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:30

For those who like to write AND to read, here is a Guy fan set. Guy of Gisborne fan pack with a handmade journal consisting of tea dyed paper, book pages, pockets, tags and envelopes and a used copy of Charlotte Hawkins’ “The Tempest”, a Guy of Gisborne story. The journal includes plenty of space for journalling, a separate envelope to hold photos and notes, and a laminated card to place under the pages for ease of writing. Closure is with either the leather tie or black lace.  Lots of fun to be had with this gorgeous, hand-made note book. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:31

What is in Dr Astrov’s stash? Take a sneaky look at his desk, and you’ll see his papers. And himself, contemplating the weight of the world. This little pocket shrine is housed in a mint-tin and comes with a couple of candles to illuminate the desk. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:32

If you appreciate artisan jewelry, this item is for you: Richard’s signature has been carved out of a piece of copper to form a beautiful pendant. Suspended from a cotton necklace, the piece can be fastened around your neck with a hook. The back of the pendant has been coated with a non-allergic coating, so as to allow direct contact with skin. Made by @vranaraven, donated by Lana. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:34

All I want for Christmas is Thornton… Here he comes, ready-wrapped in a fun Christmas string bag. The Thornton set consists of a new and unused North & South DVD still in original wrapper as well as a handmade Christmas ornament, featuring Mr Thornton (and Guy on the back for added fun). Donated by Graza. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:35

More amazing fan art in the shape of a portrait of John Proctor. It may look like a canvas painting, but it is a print on canvas of an original portrait by Marina Roschina. Photographed with a frame, but will be shipped unframed! For protection it will be packaged in a sturdy folder. Donated by Lana. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:36

Checking RA out has never been easier. The pocket shrine has some glorious check-shirt love. It comes with a couple of mini candles to light and admire the lumberjacked actor inside. This is a mixed-media collage contained in a mint tin. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:37

The discreet fangirl might want to cheer for RA the producer: This gorgeous set is White Boar-themed. Inside the hand-stitched, darling little pouch comes a silver boar pin. The pouch has been hand-made and donated by Janee. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:38

For all who like happy RA, Monet is your man. To celebrate the Impressionist, this is a fan set consisting of a hand-made round collage and a notebook with one of Monet’s famous water lily paintings on the cover. The notebook is new and unused. Made and donated by Kate. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:40

This is gorgeous art for your wrist: Adorn yourself with a beautiful, hand-made and individually designed beaded bracelet. The bracelet is made from teeny tiny seed beads and can be tied around your wrist – or even worn as a choker around your neck. Note: the bracelet is quite long, so those of slender wrist may not be able to wear it as a bracelet. Made by Selena and donated by Lana. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:41

Straight to Erebor with this fan set commemorating the King under the Mountain: This fan set will be sent in a beautiful string bag. It contains two handmade ornaments with photos of Thorin, as well as a magnetic Thorin bookmark (official Hobbit merchandise) and a metal bookmark with a Hobbit door charm. Donated by Graza. CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 16:42

ETA: Due to a technical glitch one item has been listed with a little delay. So last but not least:

A + A RA headerFans of RA and of Castlevania will love this super fan set, a handmade creation by Ani and Anne. It consists of a gorgeous brooch  made by Ani of Trevor Belmont with a delicate chain detail. The brooch is contained in a little see-through pocket on top of a photo folder with lots of pictures of RA. There are even a few pockets with little hidden goodies (stickers with original drawings). Handmade and perfect. The folder was made by Anne.  CLICK HERE

This auction ends on Wednesday, 17:10

Wait for it…

I now declare this bazaar open.

Have lots of fun – and please bid responsibly.


53 thoughts on “NOW LIVE: 2022 #DecemberFundRAiser

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  2. I’ve accessed the link. I’ve signed in. I can see all the items, but I have to click on View (top right) to see the description and to bid (more like a regular ebay page than our Auction), and I can’t see the other bids. The page looks different than it did for the last Auction. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


  3. There are so many amazing items, wow and thank you so much for organizing this and to all the donors and crafters, it will be so much fun… I hope the problems with bidding will be solved, it looks fine to me…


  4. Great start! Thanks to all the donors and creative persons there are again items of interest. I hope this auction will be amazing, too
    Thank you Guylty for all your hard work and spending so much time in organization


  5. Thank you to Guylty and all the donors and makers for the many wonderful items in the auction.

    With regards to technical issues, just to say that for me, the app is working OK on ios platform. When I open the app, I search for seller Guylty, and can see all the auction items.


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  7. I can’t bid on anything. Maybe because I’m in the U.S.? I can see the listings but there are no buttons to bid or for further information, like usual. I really want that beautiful Monet set so I hope that I can figure it out later on Monday, after a few hours kip!


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