The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #DecemberFundRAiser

eBay auctions done (and not quite dusted yet), here we go with the fixed-price sale. Let’s jump right in.

No bidding, no waiting, in the Etsy sale you can buy items straight from the store. There are 9 different offerings, made or designed by fans, for fans. Multiples of the items are available – some more, some less. All prices are per 1 item, and include postage and packing. Note: Some items will be published in 2 batches. If you miss out on something that appears to be sold out, come back tomorrow morning when batch 2 goes live!

2022 Dec Fundraiser SealThe fundraiser items are clearly labelled in the store so you know that you are buying an item whose proceeds go into our donations pot. The listing thumbnails have December fundraiser logo (see right) visible and the listings will be preceded by note “THIS IS A #DecemberFundRAiser ITEM!!!!!”. Note: As this is my own Etsy shop, there will be other items visible that are *not* part of the fundraiser. So look out for the December hashtag. I aim to combine separate purchases by one buyer in *one* package to save on postage costs. If buyers have also won an auction item, the two purchases will be combined in one package.

These items are also fan-made, many of them hand-made and therefore vary in details. You can buy multiples of the same item (via the “quantity” button in the individual listing) – or put several different items into your shopping basket before you pay. That will make the shopping process easier and faster for both you and me 🙂. You don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy on Etsy! Processing times have been set to 3-5 business days, just to make sure that I have enough time for my “parcel tetris” before Etsy punishes me for going over the announced processing times.

And now without further ado – these are the fantastic items available. More info about them on the Etsy page. I will update this post with the links later on, but in order to give you all the same chance at snapping up some items, I’ll post without links. To go to my (Pattern by) Etsy page, click HERE. You will see the items listed with images there. The following items are part of the fundraiser: 

Esther set headerDecember FundRAiser Placemat

A placemat for all occasions. Especially when featuring Richard! These sets were specifically made for this fundraiser and feature a collage of RA pictures. The backing is monochrome white. Donated by Esther. 30 available.

Ania boxes header

Wooden Trinket Boxes

A place for your favourite little treasures: These trinket boxes are made of wood and have a hinged lid. Some of the boxes have a little fastener to keep it closed, some come without the closure. They have been hand-painted and decoupaged with a photo of Guy or Thorin. Choose your favourite via the options in check-out. Made and donated by Ania. Sold in 2 batches.

Janes baubles header

RA Baubles

Your Christmas tree has never been prettier. On offer are Guybles, Johnbles (Thornton)  and Quartbles (Bibles? Ho ho). Size: 8cm including loop. Each has a related charm dangling from it. And for those who like surprises, there is one customised bauble for the buyer’s favourite Richard character. Note: We can’t guarantee that the mystery bauble will arrive before Christmas as it will be custom-made. Made and donated by Jane. Sold in 2 batches.

Poppy matchboxes header

RA Altered Matchboxes

Handmade, funky matchboxes of Guy, Harry, Lucas, Thorin, Thornton and Porter. Tug at the lacy ribbon, and the matchbox opens to reveal a picture of your favourite chaRActer. Only one per chaRActer available!  Made and donated by Poppy. 6 available.

Mobile HeaderChaRActer Mobiles

Our favourite actor may be mesmeric – but so are these fun custom-designed mobiles. Available for Thorin, Thornton, Ray and Guy, the cut-out paper decorations depict the characters and items that are meaningful for the characters. Each mobile has 4 ornaments dangling from it. Made by moi. Sold in 2 batches.

Kate Tag batch 1 headerChaRActer Tags

A bestseller in every fundraiser, get your 2022December tag quick! These RA tags are one-of-a-kind. Each tag is entirely handmade, decorated front and back, and unique in its combination of image and decoration. Made and donated by Kate. Sold in 2 batches.

Kate header 1 copyVarious RAngels

Dream on with a piece of fan art that is unique, handmade and has been a hit since the last December fundraiser: The RAngels feature a cut-out photo of RA in front of a Gothic window. Looks good any time of year, not just for the holidays. Check your preferred option on check-out. Made and donated by Kate. Sold in 2 batches.

Cake Stand headerYellow Rose Cake Stand

A left-over from the birthday fundraiser, here are two cake stands with pretty yellow rose decor, reminiscent of the Helstone rose found and cherished by Mr Thornton. 2 available.

Rangel 13 only header

Special RAngel Multiples

One RAngel design, available in multiples: Instead of a standing angel, here we have RA in angelic white, but sitting in front of the trademark RAngel window. Beautifully hand-crafted, the RAngel will look good all year round. Made and donated by Kate. Sold in 2 batches.

I hope you will find something nice among this offering. My thanks go to all the contributors to this sale.

I expect a tornado and have hunkered down. Off you go!

PS: A little note regarding the item prices. They have all been set in such a way that they not only reflect the amount of work that has gone into them, but also take into account the shipping costs. That is why you won’t find any €5 items in this sale. Depending on the size and weight of the items, shipping will cost between €3 and €15. Prices individually reflect that, as well as the amount of work gone into creating them.


22 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #DecemberFundRAiser

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  2. Just a note that I tried to use your Paypal link to make a donation and nothing happened. Not sure why. Thanks for a great auction and sale.  Gayle 


  3. First 3 items went thru fine. Last order got held up with error message (“something went wrong”) so I’ll have to try again in the 2nd round.


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