RA Pocket Shrine 185/? – Dream On

It’s two weeks since I revealed the last pocket shrine, and there are still two shrines burning a hole in my pocket. Let’s start the weekend with a raffle. I need to make space for all those new tins that I have been given. – With Claude Monet just being discussed in the re-watch, I really wish I had a Monet RAPS to reveal. Interestingly, I have not yet made a shrine for Monet. Which is strange, after all he is such a smily, happy, shrine-worthy character. All good and happy, so talented and loving – and a real person that is worthy of our admiration in his own right. Well, I am convincing myself – I *shall* make a Monet RAPS at some stage. But not today. Today is for another RL person.

I bet you can’t tell from this lid who the chaRActer enshrined in this tin, is. To be honest with you, the chaRActer was really determined by the unusual shape of this tin. It was sent to me, if I remember correctly, by D___ aka widoedm, and it came with a tiny strip of fold-out paper. It’s about 8 x 3.5 cm in dimension – very narrow. So in order to use this tin, I needed a picture of Richard lying down… (My favourite one of those was actually already used in a tin a long time ago. Check it HERE. The image in that early RAPS was actually taken on the set of TI – so we have come full circle here 😉.)

He just about fits into this bed of red velvet… The grey outfit is not really my favourite, but well, you can take that off him in your dreams…

There he is, it’s Daddy!Richard… Ok, it’s Tom Cahalan in the brain film, but never mind that and continue dreaming. About Richard turning his puppy eyes on you.

Sorry ’bout what looks like to unsightly holes. That’s where the candles sit.

So, this is just a small and plain little shrine, but if anyone is interested in it, leave me a comment and you are in the raffle. Comments for the raffle are open until midnight (GMT+1) Sunday, 28 April 2019. I’ll ship this anywhere in the world, no cost for the winner. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and now that we have done episode 1 of The Impressionists, let’s move on to part 2. How about we give ourselves another week to watch that? I’ll try and write about it next week.




41 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 185/? – Dream On

  1. It looks like our long tall drink of water barely fit into your shrine. One of our favorite fathers needed a shrine. If it wants to find a home in Georgia, I’d be most welcoming.

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  2. Love that case. When I saw the arrow,I immediately thought of Thorin. Daddy Richard is fitting, I could picture him on my sofa!!!!


  3. Not an entry …just here to comment. I can totally picture Richard doing this as a RL dad. Great picture choice. Ever the thoughtful guy, he even bent his knees so you could fit him in the space. 😉
    I’m so happy that you transformed this tin into such a “dreamy” little shrine. Nice work ❤️


  4. Ode to Reclining

    There once was a guy lying recumbent,
    With charms extremely abundant.
    Looking rather sublime
    While posing supine.
    On a velvet couch of red.

    But I think he’s too tall,
    Or the couch is too small,
    For I can sadly see,
    There’s no room left for me.
    We’re gonna need a bed.

    Kathy Jones

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  5. @Kathy, you got a point!
    @guylty, it’s really a lovely shrine. It seems also quite discreet, perfect for married and/or shy fangirls 😝


  6. Oh man, so sorry I’m only reading this now and am too late for the raffle! Such a lovely lovely shrine I wouldn’t have minded owning… 🙂


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