Thanks for the Latest Happy Mail

and apologies for taking days, if not weeks, to finally say thank you. I actually do have an excuse. You see, I have lately become distracted by Youtube and thought I could make a happy mail video which I would then embed in a post on my blog. Well, I tried three times, and every time I literally talked for ten minutes only to find that the camera had stopped filming after about 2. Let me tell you, that is as frustrating as losing a blog post before you have published it. So I have returned to good old photography for the happy mail thanks.

This package came from Rachel and contained lots of bits for another steampunk RAPS in that round tin. But have a close look. Have you noticed the narrow, curved little thing above the camera badge? That is actually a badge, too. “Porter lives” – I love it. Rachel’s OH made it, as well as those wooden laser-cuts in the bag below. I suspect OH could make a roaring trade in Armitage related badges. Just sayin… Thank you, Rachel!!! Guy’s coat of arms is right here by my side!

And this shipment from Donna reached me last week, too:

What you see there are lots of “Project Life” cards in various sizes. No, they don’t really have anything to do with RA, but with my junk journaling hobby, and Donna saw these, thought of me and picked them up. The designs are exactly what I love at the moment – vintage, whimsical, slightly grungy. They will find their way into my junk journals. (In fact I had already started using them by the time I took this photo…) Oh, and that coaster is already in use, too. Thank you, Donna xxx

Lastly, Helen has struck again ⚡️. A big shoebox full of fantastic crafting materials turned up at my house last week. Lots of ribbons, beads of all sizes, colours and materials, laces, fabrics and those absolutely gorgeous tissue papers.

All of this will get used in my junk journals. My stash and my hoard are so big at this stage, I can hardly move in my craft room 😂. But I love all these pieces, and I always think that presents like these parcels from Rachel, Donna and Helen, are so much more inspirational in terms of creativity than going out and choosing things myself…

To all of you – many thanks for enabling my expression of creativity. It’s what keeps me going!



17 thoughts on “Thanks for the Latest Happy Mail

  1. No worries, we got all the watch parts form a friend for nothing so happy to send on to be used. And the badges, well it’s nice to be able to make personalised stuff based on people’s fave characters!
    And felt…I’m a bit obsessed! Lol

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    • Obsession is good. It’s fun to have something that you feel excited about – whether it’s a cause, a person or a hobby. Especially if it benefits your friends 😉


  2. Oh, what nice things. The collage-y arrangements of them in the photos make them look like they are already finished projects!


    • Now, that’s a really interesting thought, Besotted!!!! I mean, I make a lot of collages anyway, but hadn’t thought of using the cards that way. I may have to experiment with that now.


  3. Your creativity is the seed that inspires and sends out mutual tendrils of inspiration in response. The bloom is all you, G. Happy to hear everything arrived safely. ❤️

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  4. Glad you like the bits and pieces 😊 I must say when I saw those tissue papers I thought of you, especially the grungy looking ones like the maps. And by the way the folded tracing paper with the anemone flower pattern on it is from probably the 1950s or 60s – I have a piece of half finished embroidery from it, with the pattern traced on to the fabric 🙂 My mother started it and one of these days I’ll finish it (maybe!)

    Love all the other things from Rachel & Donna! You certainly do have quite a stash to work through 😂


    • The tissue papers are gorgeous. I knew immediately that they were perfect for some collages.
      The tracing paper is a true antique then! I had a suspicion it was something for hand stitching. What a special story. Thank you!!!
      The stash keeps getting bigger. I am feeling really rather reluctant to leave Ireland and go to Germany in the summer 😦


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