RA Pocket Shrine 190/? – Rider

It’s Friday! Last Friday I posted a RAPS, I think I’ll keep the tradition (is it a tradition when you have only done it once before= *haha*) and post another today. This one is actually a little beauty that I am quite fond of.

It started with this tin. I bought this last year at a flea market on the Museum Island in Berlin. I know, I know. I keep saying that I have enough tins already, but this was just so gorgeous – the design, the scuffed antiqueness of it all. Irresistible. I only created a minimal “cover” design for the shrine because I actually liked the rustiness of it. If you look closely, you can see a hint in the swirly decoration. A golden letter R. That could stand for Richard… or for…?

Ricky Deeming. Our angel of speed. There he is. Can you spot the angel wings, too?

With an antique tin at hand, it had to be another steampunk design, not least because the steampunk aesthetic (as seen in a previous Thornton shrine) seemed to be quite popular among you all?! Also, I had a new shipment of steampunk-y bits and pieces from our fellow fan and steampunk pro Rachel, and I wanted to use them again. – The big dial, btw, is movable. It is no coincidence that the pointer is pointing right at the leather bummitage there… *coughs* Depending on your mood, you could move the dial to Ricky’s heart, or to his stubble?

And the bottom of the shrine. Ricky in leather glory. He is the epitome of cool.

I had to use a trick here in order to get a candle into the shrine. Rather than poke a hole into the tin (and thus destroy the original design of the lady on the jumping horse on the other side) I stuck another dial into the tin, topped with the pointer. Both came with a ready-made hole in them that perfectly fit a candle holder.

So yeah, ride on, Ricky. Or ride me.

This one, I think, is for the auctions – hoping that there is some interest in this particular chaRActer, style and design of the RAPS. Or what do you think? Less than 40 days to go…



47 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 190/? – Rider

  1. haha, ride me! *smirk*
    it’s a gorgeous tin and the design inside is impeccable! i think it should definitley be auctioned off!
    have you ever ridden pillion on a motorbike?
    when i did my CBT when i was 20 the instructor gave a lift back to the tube station on his bike..hells bells! it was terrifying and awesome at the same time 🙂
    now imagining holding tight onto Rickys waist..the smell and feel of the leather and pulling yourseif firmly into his back….. sigh!

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    • Yep – the riding was a given, just because of the tin…
      For the auction it is then…
      As for riding pillion (I had to look up the word – although I could guess the meaning…) – I only did so once, when a good friend of mine gave me a lift on his vespa. Loved it. (And was the starting point for my very own Portah fantasy – he strikes me as an occasional biker, too.)

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    • Oh, gawd, stop! I had a boyfriend once with a motorbike and riding behind him clutching his leathers was the most exciting thing ever. I can’t imagine how thrilling it would be behind Ricky D ( or RA).

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  2. *giggles* When I saw the horse on the front, I started running photos of our boy on different horses. What to my delight to find him on a “steel horse”.

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  3. Who could resist such a dangerous thrill ride? All that horsepower beneath you…hehe 😉
    The steampunk shrines are brilliant and I hope you do a whole series of them. I think there’s going to be a lot of bids for this one- it’s a beauty! 😍

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  4. Ode to Rust

    There once was a shrine slightly rusty,
    With a theme that was pretty steam punky.
    The leather -clad lad was so hunky,
    The ladies became rather lusty.

    Kathy Jones

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  5. Love the tin, a friend at the stables recently won a prize of a side saddle lesson , it looks an elegant form of riding but one I doubt any of Richard’s character would dare to try lol.
    I am now expecting a long dry spell……….


    • Hehe, side saddle – apparently harder than sitting astride a horse, I’ve been told. Are you a horsewoman, Yve?
      Dry spell – well, I’d say he’ll tweet as soon as he leaves Korea. And isn’t there yet another block of filming for The Stranger coming up?


    • Great – it’s good to get some feedback on this. I am now beginning to hold back some shrines for the auctions. There are plenty of other fan items already that will go in, but I also want a few shrines to be auctioned off.


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